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Baby Point Real Estate Listings

Baby Point Homes for Sale are in demand and are known to be one of the most spectacular places in Toronto. Located on a peninsula overlooking The Humble River provides breathtaking views and lush landscapes.

The rich history of Baby Point dated to the early 1600s when it was a thriving Seneca Nation Village, and the old-world characteristics are still noticeable in the architecture of many properties.

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Types of Baby Point Homes

In fact, Baby Point Real Estate is comprised of Craftsman Style, Edwardian, English Cottage Style, Tudors, and Mansions in the west end.

People say there is no better way to experience the natural wonder and splendor of Toronto than from your Bay Point House!

Plus, the location promotes outdoor activities like swimming, kayaking, fly fishing, or just taking in all the natural beauty and fresh air.

Shopping is a breeze since many shops and restaurants are within walking distance including Bloor West Village, known for local foods, international cuisine, small shops, and large brand-name stores.

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