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Choosing the Best Neighborhoods in Calgary [Guide] (Updated 2024)

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Choosing the best neighbourhoods in Calgary is more than just deciding on a particular neighbourhood as the best neighborhood in Calgary for an address and easy access. It’s about forging a lifestyle that aligns with the rhythm of your surroundings. From the minutiae of daily life to the broader sense of belonging, the right neighbourhood can shape your experience of it.

Calgary welcomes you to the heart of the city and its vibrant life – a patchwork of unique communities, and safest neighbourhoods, each with its personality and charm. This guide is your map to navigate the metropolitan maze of Calgary neighbourhoods, from the bustling city centre to tucked-away corners, all as unique as they are inviting. Whether you’re looking for Calgary homes for sale or exploring different neighborhoods, we’ve got you covered.

6 Best Calgary Neighbourhoods

Neighborhood Collage

When considering the best places to live in Calgary, it is important to examine various factors such as lifestyle preferences, proximity to amenities, average house prices, and community profiles. Calgary offers a variety of choices, each with its unique characteristics and charm. The decision ultimately depends on individual needs and circumstances.


Tucked amidst picturesque parks and instilled with communal warmth, Brentwood welcomes you to join its narrative. A popular choice for growing families, this locality presents a harmony of amenities that bring rhythm to everyday life.


Imagine a location that perfectly marries the buzz of inner city, life with the peacefulness of the outdoors. This is Varsity, a community that artfully combines the pulse of urban life with the calm of suburban living. Whether seeking academic advancement or a leisurely walk in the park, Varsity blends energetic inner-city vibes and comforting suburban tranquillity.

Crescent Heights

Crescent Heights serves as a tasteful response to the allure of downtown Calgary. This locale presents more than a captivating panorama of the downtown core; it is an entryway to Calgary’s vibrant entertainment, culinary, and cultural milieu. It beautifully balances the downtown recreational opportunities and the enchanting northeast charm, making Crescent Heights a perfect amalgamation of urban sophistication and community spirit.


Urban Lifestyle

Hillhurst presents a perfect blend of a bustling urban lifestyle, marked by its close proximity to the vibrant Kensington district and the warmth of a close-knit community. This neighbourhood is an ideal haven for families, offering plentiful opportunities for outdoor recreation. Hillhurst is a vibrant canvas where dreams of a family-friendly life are brought to vivid reality.


Envision residing in a community where the Bow River is an ever-present element of your daily life. Bowness guarantees an affordable home or an average price and an enriched lifestyle intertwined with nature. With year-round activities against stunning landscapes, Bowness transforms everyday living into a continuous exploration of nature’s wonders.


Nestled within the mature community of Acadia lies a haven of amenities and convenience. At the southeast quadrant and Leisure Centre, an embodiment of this convenience, is just one of the countless charms this place holds. Acadia is a welcoming sanctuary for families, with the best communities offering a blend of spacious environs, fantastic amenities and easy accessibility.

Best Neighborhoods in Calgary for Families

Family in a Park

Calgary’s northeast and west side boasts a mosaic of localities that perfectly fit families, each with its unique features and attractions. You will find large parks inviting children’s laughter and paths winding peacefully for those twilight walks. These communities, so welcoming to young families, truly epitomize the essence of family life.


Altadore, a harmonious blend of city conveniences and expansive green spaces, is an oasis for families. Nestled near Crowchild Trail, it offers abundant outdoor activities and easy accessibility. The joys of family life are accentuated here, with the vast Sandy Beach park providing an idyllic setting for creating treasured family moments. In Altadore, it’s not merely about inhabiting a space; it’s about weaving a tapestry of unforgettable family experiences.

The Appeal of Altadore for Families

The charm of Altadore extends beyond its beautiful streetscapes; it’s deeply rooted in the thriving community spirit that makes the area so attractive. The neighbourhood is characterized by its family-oriented atmosphere and diverse community events that create a sense of warmth and inclusion. Life in Altadore is a lively and welcoming portrayal of familial living.

Arbour Lake

Lakefront Living

Embrace the indulgence of lakeside living in Arbour Lake, a charming lake community tucked just a short drive away in the northwestern part of Calgary. The unique blend of community connections and water-based activities set this neighbourhood apart. When you call Arbour Lake your home, you’re not just choosing a great neighbourhood for a house but a lifestyle enriched by the neighbouring lake and its myriad opportunities for daily enjoyment.

The Appeal of Arbour Lake for Families

More than its glistening aquatic allure, what entices families to Arbour Lake is the robust sense of community it cultivates. The plethora of amenities designed with families in mind, quick access, and the opportunity to craft unforgettable moments framed by the scenic beauty of the lake further enhance its appeal.


Aspen is an upscale neighbourhood where grandeur and homeliness intertwine. The area is adorned with luxury estate homes, offering a lavish living experience that doesn’t sacrifice family-friendly attributes. With convenient and desirable amenities, Aspen provides an idyllic location for those who yearn for luxury in a family-centric environment.

The Appeal of Aspen for Families

Aspen is a perfect fusion of family-friendly amenities and high-end lifestyle. Its appeal is further heightened by top-notch educational facilities, nearby parks and community features, making it a highly desired location for those seeking luxury paired with a strong sense of community.


Brentwood shines once more, stealing the scene for its outstanding appeal to young families. The neighbourhood has beautiful parks, that inspire outdoor adventures and foster an all-encompassing sense of community and best neighbourhood. A great area, Brentwood, is ideal for families looking to establish a home.

The Appeal of Brentwood for Families

Brentwood’s long-standing appeal to families is far from coincidental. Its strong community spirit, family-oriented environment, and an array of shared activities contribute to a sense of unity among residents, instilling a strong sense of belonging.

Cougar Ridge

Cougar Ridge, nestled in southwest Calgary, warmly invites families with an affinity for the outdoors. The neighbourhood, acclaimed for its scenic views, is a playground for various outdoor activities and the neighbourhood boasts of a suburban charm. It serves as an idyllic stage for both single family homes and grand adventures.

The Appeal of Cougar Ridge for Families

In Cougar Ridge, communal harmony and nature-friendly amenities intertwine effortlessly. This neighbourhood is a safe environment, vibrant with community events, that portrays a community closely bonded together, where the joy of outdoor adventures forms the essence of daily life.

Discovery Ridge

Located south, positioned in the heart of the southwest quadrant of Calgary, beckons to families that appreciate the allure of the great outdoors. Adjacent to the picturesque Griffith Woods Park, this neighbourhood is a labyrinth of nature trails waiting to be explored. Here, family bonding and adventure are seamlessly intertwined.

The Appeal of Discovery Ridge for Families

Discovery Ridge isn’t just a locality—a launchpad into adventure. The close-knit community fabric, the abundance of family-friendly leisure activities, and the opportunity to weave memories against the exquisite canvas of nature make it a beloved destination for families.


Community Gathering

Edgemont captures the essence of suburban living, attracting families with its community-centric appeal. Nestled in the heart of northwest Calgary, Edgemont is a blend of educational institutions, inviting parks such as Nose Hill Park, and a vibrant community spirit, making it a charming neighbourhood that strikes the perfect chord between tranquillity and community engagement.

The Appeal of Edgemont for Families

Edgemont boasts a robust community life enriched with family-friendly amenities and a profound sense of togetherness. The presence of excellent schools and various community amenities make it a vibrant place where family life flourishes.


Evanston Outdoor Park and Playground is a magnet for families, creating an oasis brimming with family-focused activities. This community is not just about fun; it’s about affordable homes and a lifestyle that nurtures familial bonds. Here, a sense of belonging is not a luxury but a way of life, making Evanston a perfect choice for families seeking a fulfilling and budget-friendly life.

The Appeal of Evanston for Families

The allure of Evanston lies in its robust community spirit and its emphasis on family-oriented facilities. Its tight-knit community environment and the chances it provides for communal experiences make it a magnet for families.

Garrison Green

With its lush condo courtyard, Garrison Green epitomizes an urban village designed with families in mind. Its community atmosphere captures the essence of urban living, fostering a vibrant and familial ambiance that’s hard to find elsewhere.

The Appeal of Garrison Green for Families

Garrison Green’s appeal lies in the strong sense of belonging it fosters and the family-friendly amenities it offers. Families relish the chance to reside in an urban setting with a community-centric approach that puts their needs first.


Mahogany Lake offers a unique opportunity to experience waterfront living in Lakeside Estates, Backing onto Mahogany Lake. This lake community is not just about prime location though; it’s about a lifestyle where families thrive in a warm and inviting environment. The perfect blend of community and waterfront living, Mahogany sets the bar for lakeside residences.

The Appeal of Mahogany for Families

The allure of Mahogany is rooted in its emphasis on family-oriented amenities and the enticing appeal of life by the water. The strong community vibe and the many activities associated with the lake are significant draws for families.


Offering the perfect balance between city life and living, Sunnyside provides an enviable lifestyle. Its unique positioning offers stunning city views, capturing both the charm of Sunnyside and the bustling vibrancy of downtown. It’s a haven where families can relish the advantages of urban living without compromising on a nurturing environment.

The Appeal of Sunnyside for Families

The appeal of Sunnyside lies in its central location, its lively, vibrant community and the accessibility of urban amenities. It presents a unique fusion of big city life and a family-oriented atmosphere, making it an ideal place for families to flourish.


The vision from a prior listing in Tuscany presents more than just breathtaking mountain views. Living in this neighbourhood means immersing your young family, in an environment that cultivates relationships and mountain-inspired ambitions. Its natural beauty, family-friendly facilities, and robust sense of community make it a haven for family living.

The Appeal of Tuscany for Families

The allure of Tuscany is deeply rooted in its robust community spirit and the family-friendly amenities it provides. The striking equilibrium between opportunities for outdoor adventures and the strong sense of community makes Tuscany a beloved place for families.


Family Home

As we conclude our journey through Calgary’s diverse communities, the rich mosaic of unique communities becomes apparent. Whether it’s a lakeside residence or an urban retreat, each area of Calgary provides an unparalleled experience, appealing to families searching for the ideal home.

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