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Best Real Estate Training Schools in Toronto – How to Become a Realtor?

Welcome to The Greater PROPERTY Group (GPG) where our realtors are free to grow and excel within a supportive, success-driven ecosystem. We provide proprietary Real Estate training in Toronto that supports new agents making the transition into new real estate careers.

Plus, top local agents receive overwhelming support in every aspect of their real estate endeavors. In fact, our agents say we are the best Real Estate Broker to work for in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, and Connecticut coming soon.

Being the best means we understand what realtors need to be successful agents, and we’re constantly evolving with the ever-changing real estate markets to ensure our place at the top!


Who is the Greater Property Group Real Estate Brokerage?

The GPG is comprised of kind, energetic agents who are proud, trusted guides, throughout the homebuying and selling process. Our agents are like-minded people who care about being the best human beings possible.

Buyers and sellers aren’t interested in flashy agents with slick talk. On the contrary, when people work with GPG agents they become our clients for life because we’ve earned their trust by being trustworthy, authentic Realtors.


Why We are the Best Brokerage to Work for in Toronto?

Becoming a successful Real Estate agent takes more than simply getting licensed. There is much to do, and it may seem daunting at first.  However, working for the best brokerage in Vancouver, BC means that we have your back!

Our Real Estate training is second to none and will walk you through every aspect of buying and selling real estate successfully.

Plus, we arm our agents with the tools they need to make conversions. Everything, from how to properly speak with potential clients, to writing contracts, and handling closings with class.


We Offer the Best Real Estate Training in Toronto

The Greater PROPERTY Group provides the best Real Estate training in Toronto and the surrounding areas. In fact, once you learn how to become a successful Realtor with us, the training can be applied anywhere.


What is the GPG Realtor Course Scholarship Program?

Additionally, we offer Real Estate school scholarships through our cutting-edge program, designed to lessen the financial burden when starting out in Real Estate.

We know that everyone has profound talents, our goal is to help people discover them! We believe that investing in exceptional talent is the catalyst for greatness.

The key to building a culture of excellence begins and ends with people who are empowered with the knowledge of their potential.

Hence, why our Real Estate training program in Vancouver, Calgary, EdmontonToronto, and Connecticut exists!

We are looking for dedicated self-starters that have the dream of becoming a licensed real estate agent.  Enrolling in the real estate agent course and getting your real estate license is not free.

That is why we want to help subsidize the cost of your Realtor Course and put $1450 back in your pocket!

Don’t let your dream be just a dream…

Make it a reality!

You can apply for the GPG real estate scholarship today, become a licensed Realtor®, and hit the ground running in a matter of weeks.

Why Join the Best Toronto Real Estate Brokerage?

People who want a successful Real Estate career will love the Greater PROPERTY Group because our agents make us great. With this philosophy at the forefront, our agents consistently outperform competing brokers.

We provide our agents with the support they need, no matter where they are in their real estate careers.


We are THRILLED that you are interested in a Toronto real estate career!

This dynamic, desirable line of work is just steps away from being yours. Simply fill out the short form below and GPG will reach out quickly