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Bitcoin Real Estate – Why Buy Homes with Cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin Real Estate
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Bitcoin Real Estate

The world is changing before our eyes and emerging technologies like cryptocurrencies are transforming the way we interact with each other, and pay for goods and services.

In fact, people are using Bitcoin to buy houses and real estate across the world, more than ever before in history. 

There are many beneficial reasons to use cryptocurrencies in real estate transactions which streamline the process and make it simple to send payments from anywhere on the globe.

Many people want to transact using crypto because it’s decentralized and can’t be blocked, or hacked by centralized authorities, or thieves.

However, there can be some risks associated with crypto as well which can be mitigated with proper education and working with Bitcoin-friendly real estate brokerages, who are experts in utilizing cryptocurrencies in real estate deals.

What are Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies?

Bitcoin is a decentralized blockchain that records every transaction on its public ledger that gets simultaneously updated via thousands of networked computers.

Similar to other currencies, Bitcoin can be used to pay for goods and services throughout the world and anyone can purchase and use Bitcoin without centralized oversight or controls.

But unlike traditional money, the Bitcoin network is secure and unhackable. Plus, there will only ever be 21 Million Bitcoins in existence, which can not be altered or inflated whatsoever.

Bitcoin is preprogrammed to go up in value over time and as of 2022, over 90% of all the Bitcoins have already been mined. 

Where To Buy Bitcoin?

The average person can utilize Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies via Metamask a decentralized WEB3 wallet for digital assets. 

Or, those who are brand new to the crypto space can use a centralized exchange like Coinbase, FTX, or Binance provide WEB 3 wallets that are easy to use and understand.

How To Buy Bitcoin?

If you search online you are sure to find a plethora of results about how to buy Bitcoin. Exactly how you end up buying Bitcoins will differ depending on your goals and game plan. 

Investors love to buy Bitcoin when the price is at its lowest, especially during bear markets so that when the price rises they make larger profits. Others HODL Bitcoin for their long-term financial goals and even retirement plans. 

How To Buy Real Estate With Bitcoin?

Understanding the fundamentals is cool, but not necessary to buy Real Estate with Bitcoin. All you need is the desire to do so and special Brokerages like Greater PROPERTY Group who specialize in buying homes with Bitcoin are there to help.

In fact, once you begin discovering the benefits of cryptocurrencies you will find that they all apply to real estate transactions too.

If you don’t already own Bitcoin and a WEB 3 wallet, then Greater PROPERTY Group’s agents will guide you through the process, step, by step, to ensure you learn more and remain safe during the sale.

First, identify the WEB 3 wallet address that contains the Bitcoin you want to use to make the payment for the property you are buying.

Then, GPG agents will connect you with the Bitcoin-friendly Title Company which will take your crypto payment and finalize the deal.

Why Buy Homes With Bitcoin?

People may have their own personal reason to use Bitcoin to buy their house. But there are some general benefits that will apply to almost anyone too, including…

  • The bitcoin blockchain is a safe & secure payment rail
  • If you buy low and the price goes up then you make profits
  • Payments are anonymous in the sense that your Bitcoin wallet address is all that gets recorded with the payment.
  • Cryptocurrencies are not regulated by centralized authorities or banks

What Are The Risks?

Unfortunately, there are still some risks associated with using Bitcoin and other crypto coins today. 

Since they are not regulated it can be a bit of the wild wild west and scammers are definitely taking advantage of the lack of rules.

People have lost their money due to fraud and scammers and you need to do your own research before thinking about buying Bitcoin or crypto in general.

Keep in mind that most fraud occurs from people’s lack of knowledge like giving away your WEB 3 wallet’s seed phrase, the keys to your crypto.

But again, these risks can be mostly mitigated through education and implementation of safety precautions and best practices. 


It has never been a better time to buy Real Estate with Bitcoin because the bear market has pushed the entire crypto market down and Bitcoin’s price hasn’t been this low for years.

People who can take advantage of the low Bitcoin price today can buy Real Estate with that Bitcoin down the road after the price goes much higher.

Moreover, buying homes with Bitcoin is a growing trend that is likely to continue well into the future in the United States, Canada, Europe, and around the world.

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