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Canada’s Greater Property Group Celebrates Milestone – Sells First Property Entirely in Bitcoin

first home in canada sold in bitcoin
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First Home in Canada Sold in Bitcoin!

15 January 2021 – Calgary, AB – Canadian real estate brokerage Greater PROPERTY Group has delivered on all promises, and is pleased to announce a major milestone – selling its first property entirely in Bitcoin! The transaction is one of the first of its kind, using digital currency as the primary source of funds.  

I believe we are currently the only brokerage in Canada that allows its Realtors and our clients to use digital currency to buy and sell houses, said Nathan Singh of Greater PROPERTY Group. 

Allowing sales and transactions with cryptocurrency gives massive flexibility to the clients of the brokerage, including access to otherwise excluded International buyers from around the world.

The properties thus receive greater exposure, creating higher demand and interest in the marketplace.  Additionally, this unique service that the brokerage offers is another tool that their agents can use to generate new clients and business.

On the official Greater PROPERTY Group website, the brokerage lists all of its properties in dollars as well as in Bitcoin (BTC). 

Greater PROPERTY Group is a trusted brokerage in Canada for its exclusive benefits and unique offers.  For instance, the Free Blanket Home Warranty program is unique in giving the option of a warranty to all GPG home buyers, who are covered for repairs and replacement of covered components and home appliances.

Yet another client-friendly offer is the 1-2 Free Program for a free appliance package or home improvement. 

From Victoria and Vancouver to Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, and Ottawa, Greater PROPERTY Group is the place to search, buy, lease or sell properties easily and online.  

The Greater PROPERTY Group has adopted digital or cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin through partnerships with digital currency trusts. Its clients can thus accept home offers in any currency of their choice, giving their home maximum exposure to more potential buyers.

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Nathan Singh

Nathan Singh, Greater Property Group's managing partner, offers expert insights into Canada's real estate, covering Toronto, BC, and Alberta. Fluent in English and French, his comprehensive articles go beyond typical sales pitches, highlighting his achievements in sales, management, and client service. Nathan's role as a trusted advisor and closer is evident, providing nuanced, practical advice for navigating Canada's diverse property market.

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