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Giselle is known for helping real estate professionals and entrepreneurs with personal branding, social media messaging and getting TF on video. She approaches marketing from the lens of personal development, humanizing the ways we show up in business, online and especially off, with time and energy setting tactics, captivating communication techniques and tangible boundary-setting tools.

Giselle has been recognized by Tok-Tok as one of the Top 100 Women to Watch. She’s also shared the stage with thought leaders like Brendon Burchard, Gary Vaynerchuk and others. Before becoming an online performance coach, Giselle was a LIVE television and radio host, writer and producer for the Today Show, E!, Entertainment Tonight, ESPNU and others.

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I’m excited about our guest speaker this week. Again, these Tuesdays are, do not miss. These Tuesdays are, do not miss the lineup Giselle so far. This year has been incredible. Bradley Forbes, Riley, Ryan Sirhan. Who else have we had? it just do not miss. These are phenomenal and I don’t know where else you’d be on a Tuesday, except for here.

Now I’m gonna set up Giselle here. I’ve heard Giselle speak. She’s fantastic. Really excited to talk to her. Giselle is known for helping real estate professionals and entrepreneurs with personal branding, social media messaging. And getting on video, getting on video, she approaches marketing from the lens of personal development.

Humanizing. The ways we show up in business online, and especially off with time and energy setting tactics, captivating communication techniques, and tangible boundary setting tools. Need to set your boundaries. just Giselle has been recognized by TikTok is one of the top 100 women to watch. She’s also showed stage thought leaders like Brenda Bouchard, Gary Vainer, Chuck and others.

Now before becoming an online performance coach Giselle was a live television and radio host. Not shocking when you hear her speak. she was also a writer and producer for the today. Show E entertainment tonight, ESPN, N U and others. Giselle. Welcome to the G master. Thank you so much for having me. Yes.

I’m really excited to be here. I just took my first sip of coffee. So, for, oh, hi Jen ma Bri. Good to see you. Please do me a favor just to let me know that you’re alive and introduce yourself in the chat. Let me know who you are. Let me know where you are and let me know what you do. I sure would appreciate it.

And then also if you pop in a little late, my whole thing is if I’m gonna be here, please turn your camera. Especially if we’re talking about video, this is where the learning begins. Okay. Especially if you haven’t gotten dressed yet. I mean, if you’re naked, then that would be an exception, but as long as you’re safely able to do so, please turn your camera on.

No green screens, no fake backgrounds, no blurred backgrounds. This is where the practice begins. We’ve been doing this for two years people. And honestly, if you, if you turn your camera. That right there. That’s a missed opportunity. If you have a fake background that right there, it’s like, are you hiding a dead body back there?

Like what’s going on? That could easily be an icebreaker, especially if you have laundry back there. If you have kids, like I guarantee you, it’s not as bad of a mess as you think. So this is where the tangible practice and our journey begin. So thank you for, for having me. And I’m excited to hang out with you.

what we’re gonna do, I have, we’re gonna do this Q and a style, which Giselle, I, if you have a specific question that we don’t cover and you wanna put it in the chat, then I’ll moderate this and make sure that we, get that asked, as time permits as time permits. So again, Giselle, I’m so glad you’re here.

 because we’ve been talking a lot about, personal branding, for the agents, what they should be doing, what they shouldn’t be doing, understanding that all social. Forms are moving to video first, as you mentioned. So it’ll be good to get your, your perspective on this. you are an expert, you are an expert, so let’s, let’s start here, you know, from a social media and short form video strategy.

 where does the average agent, the boots on the ground agent get started with all this? So put yourself in the shoes of a brand new agent who just got licensed yesterday and has no social media. What should you be doing? Well, if you have absolutely no social media, then you must have been hiding under a rock for a while because chances are you’ve used some social media.

Maybe you don’t have a profile specific to real estate. In which case I say don’t make a new one and start from zero start. Exactly where you’re at. So if you’re playing on Facebook. All right, great. Let’s start playing on Facebook. If you’re playing on Instagram. Great. Let’s start playing on Instagram. If you really enjoyed TikTok, let’s go to TikTok.

But I think a huge mistake is thinking that you need to create a brand new business profile. Start from zero. When Inu actuality, you already have a group of friends and family members. Maybe they’ve been following you for as long as Facebook has been around and they wanna support you. They. See you win.

Yes, of course. There are the haters that they wanna see you lose, but for the ones who wanna see you win, that’s the easiest way to start building your network. Proximity is absolutely power. The people who are already immediately in front of you, it would be like, I want you to think about social media, just like a real life friendship group.

Okay. If you’re a brand new real estate agent and you’re thinking about, all right, where am I gonna go first for my leads? All right. Where do you work out? Where do you get coffee in the morning? Where did you go to school? You’re gonna go to your immediate networks. So it’s the same thing when it comes to social media.

And I’m curious to know for you all, what is the social media that you’re playing on the most? Go ahead and type in the chat. Is it Facebook is Instagram. Is it LinkedIn? Is it, is it TikTok? Whatever, but you’re so right in that all of them are leaning video. And I just wanna, touch really quick there, going back on that if you are brand new, okay.

If you are brand new to real estate, or if you’re brand new to maybe you’re leveling up in your, you know, your cash category, or maybe you’re becoming more of a lead versus getting the transactions, again, share that story with. Especially if you’re new, there is this imposter syndrome that happens when you get into real estate where maybe you were in finance before, or hospitality or sales.

And you’re so good at talking about product, but you suck at talking about yourself. Like, we need to know that you are. So eager and enthusiastic. This is a new part of your journey. Like give us an announcement, show us what you’re doing. Show us the showing. Show us your mistake. Show us your teams because you might think, oh, I’m new.

Like who would trust me? I’m a rookie.  Let’s find out what makes that unique. Like, oh my God. You’re new. Your schedule is empty. You’re hungry. You’re gonna listen to everything I say, you have more time than anyone in the world. Like let’s use that and use the power of video in all of its different ways to show the people around you who already follow you, that you exist.

And in this capacity, Great advice. I see people typing in the chat there. It looks like it’s IG and Facebook. and I do wanna segment this out a little bit. So I wanna start with Instagram first. yeah. what agents should be doing specifically there? I was talking about this, with someone yesterday, IG has become almost like, you know, a digital.

Business card for agents now. Yeah. Right. We don’t use, you know, it is, it’s not like it is, it totally is. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. Right. So, what are your, you know, broad stroke thoughts, I guess on Instagram specifically. And, then we’ll get to the tactical stuff. Like how important is Instagram to an agent’s social media presence?

I feel like clients go there to check out their agent. Absolutely. So, I’ll tell you a little bit of something about me. So I bought my condo about a year and a half ago here in Minneapolis, and I turned this into my space. Like you can see behind me, this isn’t a, a fake background. Like I have wallpaper, like it is Giselle screaming, Giselle, every single corner of this condo.

I have made mine. I fully intended on staying here for a good while and then wanted to hold onto this as an investment property. When I move on to. It is because of Instagram and following someone that within a year and a half, I’m like, you know what, I’m gonna put my Kado up for sale and I’m gonna go look somewhere totally in a different place.

And I’m gonna go start looking at duplexes and fourplexes and vacation homes elsewhere. Okay. I had zero desire, barely even know this person, but because I follow him on Instagram, all of a sudden I am. Being transformed in this whole new mindset around real estate. So the reason for that is when it comes to Instagram, you get to see people in a variety of different mediums.

What do I mean by that? You log into Instagram and you have your traditional feed. Right. That feed is now static images. It is videos. Also. You might start to see, have you noticed how some of the people on your Instagram feed, aren’t just people who you follow anymore. Has anybody noticed that, like now you’re getting recommendations, not just ads.

Okay. We still see the ad content, but there’s like the. You know, the little follow bar of like, maybe you might like to follow this person. It’s a copy of TikTok, which we’ll get into later. But then on top of that at the top of the screen, you have stories. So you can go hit on stories, but then you go to someone’s actual feed.

You can see their stories, you can see their bio, you can see their reels. Everything’s categorized. Why is this important? So it used to be that when someone was making a buying decision, it would take five to seven touchpoints. Okay. Five to seven touch points, write down the word touchpoints. Okay.

Touchpoint is basically any point of contact that you have with somebody. It could be a phone call. It could be a commercial, it could be a TikTok, it could be a video. It could be someone texting your link to that person. But it’s just a matter of they’re seeing you in multiple ways, shapes and forms.

That’s getting them to wanna trust you. Do me a favor in the chat. I want you to take a guess in 2022, on average, how many touchpoints does it take for someone to make a buying decision? Give me a little guess of what you think it is in 2022 with all the different distractions that we have going on. All right.

Let’s see. Oh, hi, Jennifer Goodman, 22 18 7, 8 to twelve, ten eight, five twenty nine. All right, Jennifer Goodman, you were close. You win the cruise to Waikiki, 21 to 24 touchpoints on average for someone to make a buying decision. Write that down 21 to 24 touch points. So what does that mean? That means that they need to see you hear you feel, you touch you 21 to 24 times before they’re going to decide that, you know what, I’m going to reach out to them.

And by the way, if you’re using the power of video at that point, they already feel like they know you kind of like how I was invited to be here. Even though I have never squeezed David in person, I’m a hugger, by the way. That’s what I mean by squeezing. So. So, so 21 to 24 touchpoints, how awesome though, like that can be really daunting.

How awesome though that with the power of social media, we can create those 21 to 24 touchpoints. How do we do that? By consistently uploading content, but also creating a feed that’s that’s bingeable. So for example, maybe I post one thing to my feed and that’s a video that people love and someone hears, oh, you know what?

I need a, a coach to teach me all about video. Well, someone. Send that text. Chelsea might send that text to David. David sees the video and he goes, I like this video, but he doesn’t just stop there. He then goes to my profile. He watches my stories. He reads my bio. He goes through a few different reels. And then maybe at that point, He decides to follow me.

And then maybe in that moment he DMS me because he knows right away, this is all I’ve needed to see. I get it. She’s my girl. She’s no, , we’re good. Or he starts to follow me and I will continue to show up either because I’m uploading or because I’m recommending and I’m staying top of mind. So again, why is video important?

Well, I could go to your profile and see house throw up and anything that I would Google in my neighborhood and just see Canva templates with words and homes and blah, blah, blah, or the same template over and over and over with your headshot next to a house saying just listed or just sold. Or I see a lot of smiles cuz you’re like, oh my God, that’s me.

Or, oh my God. I know exactly what she’s talking about or oh my God. That’s exactly why I’m too afraid of post and it’s all good. so the hope is that your profile will give us a glimpse into what is it actually gonna be like to spend time with you write that down? What is it actually going to be like to spend time with you?

Notice how I’m not just saying, what is it going to be like to work with you? What kind of sales do you do? What kind of numbers do you do? It’s what’s it actually gonna be like, because let’s be real. You guys, I don’t, it doesn’t matter where you live right now in some way, shape or form. You are in a market that is bananas.

or you have been, or you’re about to be. And so when you are working with your client, like, let’s just be honest. You’re not just a broker or an agent. You are a therapist, you are an emotional support hamster. You are a cheerleader. Like you are a coach. You’re having to play a lot of different roles. Like it’s probably common that you see your client get upset.

Or cry or go through some type of season, cuz something’s always happening. Someone dies, someone gets sick, someone gets unexpected news. You know, someone doesn’t get just all the different things of disappointment can happen. And so what is the role that you’re gonna be playing with that person? And it’s important to acknowledge that each of you plays a different role.

So I want you to write that down. What role do I play for my client? What role do I play for my client? And I want you to be as specific as possible. Okay. I know I’m going on a journey here, David, but I think this is helpful. No, no, this is fantastic. Okay, cool. Keep it going. You, you got this stream of consciousness going and just keep going.

I’m trying to make this as easy on you as possible. No, I love it. Just, just role. So, so what role do I play? I think this is really important, because it goes along the lines of what playground do you play in, in terms of what your, what your sweet spot is for what you sell, you know, for you to just say, I help you buy and sell your home?

What the fuck does that mean? Or is that like a, is that like a family home? Is that a condo? Is that, you know, a farm in the middle of nowhere, is that land, is that an Airbnb? Like what. What does buy or sell your, you know, what does that actually need? And that’s not to that you can’t have multiple things that you’re excited about, but how can we start to create some sort of focus or sweet spot?

Another thing that I hear very often is I make the process as easy as possible. I make the process as easy as possible. I’m your real estate concierge. I, have an extensive marketing plan and, a database like none other, what the hell does that mean? Like what is, I have no idea what that means. So be more specific, for example.

I have someone who, he put on his bio for the longest time. I’m your real estate concierge. Okay. like again, what does that mean? And then meanwhile, I have somebody else who in her bio, she put, I am your Airbnb concierge when it comes to, and in her own words, cause it was limited to the bio, property management, lawn care, housekeeping.

You don’t even have to live in this zip code. Which one sounds like I know what you do more than the other. Number one, or number two, just, you know, put up fingers, number one, number two, and this doesn’t have to just be your bio section. This can be posts and how you’re constantly reintroducing yourself.

If you were to ask and I challenge you to do this today, after we get off this call, I want you to call three people within your network. And I want you to say, Hey, do you know what I do for a living? Like, do you know what I do? Okay. And I want you to, I want you to just see what they say, like, do you know what kind of people I work with or, or houses?

Cause they might go, oh, I know you’re a real estate agent, but what does that mean? Okay. What, what, what does that actually mean? All right. We wanna get you to attract more of the right people. So we wanna make it as clear as possible to know who it is that you’re wanting to attract. Okay. And if the people immediately around you in real life, have no idea what it is that you do, then how do the people who have no idea who you are, know what it is that you do and that you are the right person for them.

So a little bit of homework here, even taking that word process, what does process actually mean for you in a way that you are somehow making that process as easy as possible for your human? What is your process like? I have one client, for example, who he is, a part-time dad, you know, he splits time with his ex and he gets his daughter every single day from three to six.

He picks her up from school and then they go to dinner, they do some homework and then he drops her off and then he has her on Saturdays. So for him. His process. He makes it very clear with every single person who he meets. Hey, listen, I am available pretty much at all hours of the day, whenever you need me, except between the hours of three and six, Monday through Friday.

And I don’t do work on Saturdays. Now, initially, when I first told one of my groups, this I had some of, of my clients be like what? He works in real estate. He doesn’t work on Saturdays. Oh, good luck. I bet he like how in the world does he even do that? And he’s like, no, the reality is he, in some cases was making more money than some of the people who were like, how could he not do that?

How he’s limiting himself three, five Saturday. No. And the reason why is because he puts up front that his core value is family. That he values his own time. Therefore, you know that he’s gonna value yours. He also wakes up earlier so that he doesn’t have to worry about that three to six time period. And he’ll hop back on at 6 0 1.

Saturday’s totally fine. He’s gonna make it work any other day of the week for you. And what ends up happening is he actually gets a lot more clients who are. Yeah. Three to five, no phones. Maybe I should do that with my kids. Saturdays. You don’t work. Hmm. Maybe I should leave my computer in the car when I’m going to Jimmy’s soccer game.

So for you, what does your process look like? Another client, for example, she will not take you unless you have, I don’t remember if it’s 90 minutes or three hours, but she has something crazy where her first meeting with you after she decides to work with you, you sit down for three hours and she interviews you.

And then her whole thing is I will find your house within the first three. Otherwise, I don’t know what I’m doing like unless, and granted the market’s a little crazy, but her whole thing is I will get to know you so well that we’re not gonna have to look at 20, 25 30 houses. I’m gonna know exactly what you want.

Exactly what you need just from that conversation. And I’m gonna save us so much time from that three hours that we’re not gonna have to be driving all across town. So it’s totally fine. If your processes are totally D. But this is where we get a little carried away sometimes in, in our heads about, well, like it’s so competitive.

It is, but also it’s how are you finding the right people? Okay. You don’t like everybody, right? Like you have those clients from hell who you never wanna work with. Again. People aren’t gonna like you too. And that’s okay. Thank God for that in the same way that we’re teaching you how to attract the right people, we’re also helping you to repel the assholes and the wrong people.

So I want you to write down what role am I playing? What is my process actually like? And then we’ll get into a little deeper of how you’re then gonna turn that into content.

Incredible. Hopefully everyone was taking notes. You did hit on a couple. That I think are super important. I mean, you talked about a, a service baseline that, or should be baseline. That’s not, doesn’t make you unique. That’s why USP’s unique. Selling propositions are so important. Differentiating yourself.

Nicheing down, whatever you might call it. and I’ve also seen, I’ve also seen you say, and we’ve been saying this for years. is that no one is watching, your monthly marketing report. No, one’s watching that. No, one’s watching that. and that’s a fact, you know, I think agents think that they’re, they’re somehow, providing social media content by sitting there for 10 minutes, rambling off the market update.

No one watches that it doesn’t grab interest. So the question is what are people watching? And maybe you could mix in, you know, what to do with Instagram reels versus stories in there. You know, what’s grabbing people’s attention. Absolutely. So I’ll start with the, the, no one is watching your monthly market report.

So, that’s not to say like, you still need to know what’s happening in your market. Okay. You still absolutely need to know what’s happening in your market, but. You need to break it down into terms that your client would actually understand. So for example, simply saying that this many homes sold in this particular neighborhood or that it was at a price point of this, your client just wants to know, am I gonna be homeless?

Like, what, what does that mean for me? So if you are someone who genuinely nerd out about data and numbers and your client genuinely, typically nerds out about data and numbers. Great. But again, tell us what this means. So for example, let’s just say 14 homes sold on the market this month. Again, what, what does that mean for.

Ultimately it’s answering the question. Is it a good time to buy or sell right now? It is a good time. Is it a good time to buy right now? Is it a good time to sell right now? Those are two content ideas that will never get old. Okay. Like write those down. Is it a good time to buy right now? Is it a good time to sell right now?

Should I buy before I sell those three content ideas you should be doing every single month. I saw a hand go up. Spencer, did you have a question? Yeah. So just one comment I’ll make on the marker report thing. so I’m real estate professional. And when I see other people’s market statistics, I don’t have a fucking clue what it means.

So I don’t think any other consumer has any idea what it means. Yes, exactly. I dunno if everybody’s gonna admit that, but I will. thank you. Oh my God. Thank you. Like I wanna, I wanna put that into like a little recording and be like, see, I told you, thank you. I appreciate who else feels that way. Right.

Thank you. So exactly. Like what, what does that actually mean? Because that can differ from country to country, state, to state neighborhood, to neighborhood zip code, to zip code. So when, when you’re giving me the monthly market up date, what does that actually mean? And what are the questions that are actually in your client’s.

So, for example, one of my clients, her name is Meredith. And typically when we are figuring out, you know, how to create content around her client, She knows that most of the time she is working with a couple and most of the time they have multiple children. But if we’re being real for a second, when she’s working with the couple, she is most of the time communicating with the wife in this particular couple.

And so let’s just be real. Every family of course is different. Every family dynamic is different, but four specifically merit. She is typically working with a mom who is very hands on with the kids. Okay. And so when it comes to the monthly market update, we’ve started to shift where we’re not just talking about all right, like, like a weather report.

This is the forecast for this month, the way that she’s starting to de position it is. All right. So if you’re gonna move right now, here are three tips for moving with kids so that you don’t lose your mind. Plain and simple. Okay. If you’re wanting to put your home up for sale right now, here are three ways that you can stage your home without disrupting your family’s activities.

Okay. You know, so little things like that wanting to move right now, here are three ways that you can stage your home without having to move out, because moving out isn’t realistic for you and your family right now. And then she’ll talk about, you know, little paint touchups or spray washing, what’s it called?

Power washing the driveway or the sliding. and even the ways in which that, you know, you put toys, you put half the toys into the pod, and then you can leave the other toys. In the house and that kind of a thing. So all of a sudden she’s making it more personal and people are leading into her content even more now because they’re like, oh my God, thank you.

I thought I was gonna lose my mind. And there’s no, there’s no one else who is talking about this. So again, with your monthly market update, what does that mean for your person? Is it a good time to buy? Is it not? And I. We have to acknowledge, and this is this, this is something that I thought about with Spencer.

People don’t want to admit that they don’t know. A lot of these words in anything, but especially real estate. And when it’s around finance. Okay. No one wants to admit that even though in the United States, anyway, we don’t learn a lot of this okay. So for example, we hear things like interest rate. And we hear things like equity and we hear things like inventory and we hear things, like the market update.

And we don’t wanna admit that, like we don’t totally, like, we kind of know what that means. We don’t like, really know what that means. So like, what does it actually mean? And I’ve been having to, it’s actually been kind of fun because at this point, right now, I’m looking to get a second apartment in New York, which by the way is harder than buying a house.

I found, like, I basically have to name my unborn children after whatever, but it’s so funny because I’m actually working with one of my students, who he’s doing real estate part-time and I’m, you know, we’re kind of doing each other a favor here, but like, I’m like, you know that every question I ask you is a content idea, right?

Like, you know that every question, every single one, our whole DM thread, our whole text thread, I’m like this whole thing. Like I better see. All of these as videos from you by the end of the month. So I want you to today, if you carry a notebook or a remarkable, or the notepad inside of your phone right now, go ahead, pull out your phone.

And in your notes app, I want you to create a notepad. If you don’t have one already and just call it questions or content ideas. I like to say that it’s just like jeopardy. The answer is the question. Every single time that you get a. Especially more than twice, you should have a keyboard shortcut, a piece of content or a piece of training or automation.

Let me say that again. If you get a question more than twice from anybody that is a keyboard shortcut, internal training or a content idea. And that content idea should be repeated in case you missed it. I’m gonna say it for you again, because it’s really important. Every single month you should be creating a video of, is it a good time to buy?

Is it a good time to sell? Should I buy before I sell plain and simple? Okay. Every single month you will see content from me of, should I have two profiles? What hashtags should I use? Which is by the way. and you know, why should I be on video? Plain and simple, I have made those videos over and over and over.

And, and for those of you who are like, well, but aren’t people getting annoyed and like, am I being too repetitive? All right. So I used to work in, live television and live radio. We know in live production that the average person is only watching or listening for about 15 minutes. Okay. You turn on any cable news channel.

That’s 24 hours news, every 15 minutes. Breaking news. And they say the exact same every 15 minutes. Okay. So same thing with radio. All right. They know that back before shutdowns were a thing, the average commute was 15 minutes. And so they play a lot of the same songs over and over and over again because they knew that you were probably gonna miss it.

So I’m not listening for 15 minutes. I’m having to be in the studio for four hours. Okay. So I’m listening to the same song over and over and over every 15 minutes, especially if it was one that we were wanting to make a hit, I would have friends and family like best friends and obsessed family who would listen or watch every single day.

And it was always fun. When, just when I was getting so sick of that song, like had to put earplugs on, could not listen, would always be the day when I would have a best friend text and go, oh my God, what’s that new song? You guys should play it more. Just when you’re getting sick of yourself is just when people are starting to listen.

But also you have new people who are coming in every single day. I shared this stage with Gary banner, Chuck about four years ago. Okay. And granted, it was four years ago. The guy doesn’t know my name, but I know that when I post a picture of Gary and I together with my microphone on my face, it gives me a little boost of cred.

I’ve probably posted this photo now 12, maybe 15 times over the past four years. Every single time that I post that photo, I will have a best friend or family member go, oh my God, you do that. You did that. You met him. You talked to him. Every single time, because it’s possible for example, that for you, maybe someone wasn’t looking to sell their home a year ago when you were talking about real estate, but they are now, or maybe they didn’t think that they were eligible, but because you created educational content, I mentioned work example that I’m putting I’m listing my condo for sale because you created educational content.

They realized. Wait, I could, I could get a lot of money for this right now, or like I could, I, I can start investing in property right now. Like what, you know, so every single time people are meeting you at different seasons. And I think we also get into our heads into thinking that. Every time we post that, someone’s reading every single word and looking at every single punctuation mark and every single whatever.

And they’re not like most of the time they’re just going, maybe three to 5% of your followers are seeing your content more. If you have not that many followers. And yes, I did just say more if you have not that many followers, my clients who have less than 2000 followers typically get more engagement than my ones that have 5, 10, 15 by the.

So don’t use that as an excuse. So, they’re probably only seeing, you know, three, 5% are actually seeing what you’re uploading and then even less than that are watching the whole thing or reading the whole caption. So how are you pulling them in, how are you engaging them and how are you keeping yourself top of mind?

And then I’ll jump over to the other question, which was about the stories versus the reals. I believe mm-hmm so the way that I think about it, Is, stories in my, in my human perspective is like calling someone on your way. Home a reel is like leaving a voice. Okay. Stories calling someone on your way, home reels, leaving a voicemail.

What do I mean by that? Well, stories disappear after 24 hours, if you are not fluent in stories, just so you know, it is a video that you put up, up to 60 seconds, broken up into 15, second timeframes, and then they disappear after 24. With reels. It is video that you can go up to 60 seconds. some of you might only have 15 to 30 Instagram and TikTok are weird about revealing new features.

and that goes natively on your feed. Both of which though are meant to be created and consumed on this thing right here. Okay. Who has one of these things, please wave it in the air, just so that I know you’re. Can you just wave this in the air, please? I’m sure. It’s like in your hand or you on oh, good.

Okay. So everyone who waved this in the air, you have no excuse not to be making videos. when I think about stories. Typically, what I say is you should be posting stories no more than six days a week. Notice how I said not seven, no more than six days a week, six days a week, max. Okay. Max, six days. why do I believe that?

Because I do believe that eventually the algorithm gets a little tired of you and you need to wake up the engagement after those six days. And also you deserve to have a day off, but, when you’re uploading stories, my theory is you should simply be telling. where are you? What are you doing? And why are you doing that?

Write that down stories. Where are you? What are you doing? And why are you doing that? Where are you? What are you doing? And why are you doing. Where am I, Hey, everyone. We are at the inspection of 1, 2, 3 banana street. We almost waved this, but you know what? It’s smarter to make sure that you include it, especially with blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

here’s what we found today, but we’re doing it just so that we know that our clients are getting exactly what they believe that they’re appearing paying for. And if anything goes wrong. And then you can talk about what, what actually goes wrong. Mm-hmm , you know, Hey everyone, right now, I am at my, daughter’s dance recital.

She is, you know, three years old and I’m really excited to, to be here. This is my favorite thing to do. She has no idea what the steps are, but I’m for sure gonna be the one sharing the loudest in the back, you know, whatev whatever it is, how are we painting the picture of who you are yesterday? For example, I talked about how.

Like I was opening nail and I at 32 years old, finally ordered a new retainer after lying to my dentist and saying that I’ve been wearing this for the last 15 years when I actually had no idea where it was. I think I broke it. It it’s been like somehow it’s made it through every move, but like finally at 32 I realized wasn’t doing anything good for my mouth.

So I just ordered not just one but four retainers, because I know that I’ll probably lose at least two. When I travel, you know, so it’s just yikes. Getting to what I said. Yikes. For retainers. Yeah. Like let’s, let’s just be real. Mm. and so, so again, what are, what are you doing with the reels it’s thinking about?

All right. How is your profile working for you while you sleep? How is your profile working for you while you sleep? If I went to your profile right now, would I have a good idea of who you are, who you serve and what. January happened. And I was one of the, the fun ones that got COVID. And even though they say that if you’re vaccinated, it’s supposed to be pretty mild.

I was out for a good, like two and a half weeks and I can still kind of hear it in my voice right now. I kid you not. When I tell you for us, January was supposed to be our biggest sales month of the year. All of a sudden I’m incapable of getting out of bed. I was, In in my, my COVID super, I actually applied for a loan thinking that we might need that to get by.

Like I was going through worst case entrepreneurial scenario of like, oh my God, I’m gonna die. How am I gonna take care of my people? This is never going to end. but when ended up happening was I think I posted a total of about nine times in January and sent out one newsletter. And it was the biggest sales month that we’ve ever had.

Let me say that again. It was the biggest sales month that we’ve ever. Okay. and we ended up hiring because of it like that kind of a big sales month. So I’m not asking you to post every single day. What I’m asking you to do is post with contention post, with the objective of trying to get to where you wanna go ask for what you want and make it so that if someone was to come to your profile, if someone was to share your profile, that they could very easily tell what it is that you do, how it is that you work and the type of person that you are.

And that’s what worked for us. Nine pieces of content gave us the best sales month that we’ve ever had. That’s incredible. That was a clinic. I hope everyone was taking notes. Cuz that was fantastic. To your point. I have noticed that if you take some time off stories, the engagement will go up. The views will go up.

Etcetera. I have noticed that and not that I’m an algorithm. At all,  questions about hashtags, hashtags. I know this changes all the time. Like how many hashtags should you be using? What should you be using? I, I know, I never know what the correct answer is on this. Can you touch on hashtags for a minute?

Yeah, absolutely. So, when I say hashtags are BS, this is what I mean. a lot of people will come to me thinking that they can’t post or that their posts aren’t performing well, because they don’t know how to use hashtags. And if that is you. Then what I’m here to tell you is the hashtags are not the problem.

the hashtags are not the problem. Okay. hashtags are simply giving your post a boost. It’s not gonna be what makes or breaks your post or makes it go viral or blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I love hashtags. I think they’re great. Instagram goes back and forth. I personally think they look sloppy and desperate.

That’s just my own mindset. So I personally prefer on Instagram to put hashtags in the first comment of my post. So not inside of the caption in the first comment, I don’t use them on Facebook, on LinkedIn. I use them inside of the actual post themselves, so that it’s, it flows seamless. on TikTok, you have no choice, but you have to put them in the caption.

So I’ll use no more than five or six. I think I got through every platform with hashtags. So when we’re thinking about hashtags, there are a lot of different theories around, you know, what you should be doing. And one of them is you should be coming up with really unique ideas so that if someone was to search for that hashtag you would come up at the top.

All right. Has anybody ever heard that advice? Worst? So the reality is, is that your people aren’t searching for obscure and weird. Like, no, they’re just, they’re looking for the basics. They’re looking for your city. They’re looking for real estate. or they’re, they’re just asking around. And so that’s why it’s important that your hashtags and also the first line of your profile name are optimized for search.

How are people looking for you? So your profile name should absolutely be your name, your first and last name. And then if you have room, you can put your city in what you. Or just your city or just what you do, but you need to have your name. Okay. those of you who are using your company name, unless it’s your company’s profile, it should be your name, plain and simple.

That’s how people are looking for you. And we wanna make it as easy as possible for people to look for you. And then when it comes to hashtags. All right. So I think of three things when it comes to hashtags location, if it matters to you, which for you, it does audience. So think about who is it that you’re wanting to attract, you know, is it moms, is it families?

Is it neighborhoods? is it a certain age demographic? Maybe it is millennials. and then the last is industry. So again, you know, real estate, realtor homes, DIY, all of those, all of those different things. and, and those are gonna be the things that people are going to. To be looking for not the really weird and obscure thing is that no, one’s actually paying attention to, so think about those when it comes to, to hashtags.

Hashtag does that make sense? Yeah. Yeah. hashtag millennials, Nathan’s here hashtag boomers. yeah, hash I’m kidding. It’s joke. Along in the tooth. We’re old. oh, TikTok, can you touch on TikTok for a second here? a lot of agents are moving to TikTok. I actually, it’s really interesting. We just had, Eric Huberman on the podcast.

 he’s the founder CEO of Hawk media. And we were talking about how, you know, with the decline in Facebook, you know, companies are going okay, well, we’ll just dump the money into TikTok now, right into TikTok. And he, you know, His approach was no, no, no. We have to be somewhat Omni present. You have to be everywhere.

You can’t just dump money into TikTok. I personally have been really enjoying TikTok now. Like I’m all in on TikTok myself personally. but what do agents need to be thinking about, with TikTok? Or doing, what should they be doing there? Cause it’ll, it’s slightly different. Well, a lot different from Instagram, but you know, the engagement there.

I mean, you only have a few seconds to grab attention. Yeah. And you don’t have a few seconds. You have one frame. Oh, one frame have one frame to capture attention. Otherwise. So I believe that if you can master video on TikTok, you can master video anywhere. And a big reason is because of that first impression that happens.

You have to capture people immediately. And if you don’t, people are out. And, so full disclosure, I downloaded and deleted TikTok three times before the light bulb went off for me. So if you’ve downloaded TikTok and you’ve felt overwhelmed, That’s normal. the, the reason for that is because TikTok initially will give you a whole mish board of contrasting content mortgage.

You wanted to know you hashtag board. For that’s amazing. They do that on purpose. They wanna know, you know, how old are you? What do you like to watch? What are the types of things that you enjoy doing? And once it gets to know you, it will feel like it is reading your soul. It will know that you are gay before you’ve come out.

It will know that you are going through heartbreak. Even if you haven’t told any of your friends and family members that you are going through a breakup or are, you know, it will know that you’re looking for a house, even if you’ve told nobody that you’re moving, which for you, it’s kind of important. And why is that?

It’s paying attention, not just to who you like and what you follow mm-hmm. , it’s paying attention to what you’re spending the most time on. So any time that I hear someone say, oh, well, TikTok is all kids. All right. Well, you just admitted to everybody that you enjoy watching kids on your TikTok. Or that you’re talking to your TikTok like children, therefore you’re attracting that into your feet.

Oh, your whole TikTok feed is dancing. Well, you’re watching all the dancing videos. I don’t see any dancing videos on my TikTok, but in that sense, it’s, it’s paying attention to what are you spending the most time on? And then when you log into TikTok, there are two feeds. You have your following feed, which is just like every other platform.

And then you have the four U feed, which Instagram is turning into the four U feed is quite literally customized for you. And it’s full of people who you do not follow, who you do not know. What does that mean for you? That means that your content is almost guaranteed to get in front of people who have no idea who you.

And if you do it right in front of a lot of the right people who have no idea who you are. So that’s where I also want you to think about, does my content make sense to the person who has no idea who I am? Write that down. Does my content make sense? And this is on any platform you all okay. Because remember Instagram’s starting to do recommendation and they have the discover page and the reels feed.

And so does your content make sense to somebody who has no idea who you are? And, and so that’s where you, there’s so much learning opportunity on TikTok and what’s so fun is you can get discouraged and go, oh, but I’m starting from zero and no one follows me. Yeah. But you’ll probably grow faster there than anybody else.

And what’s so fun is that there’s this false sense of anonymity there where unlike every other platform where everyone and their mom have been following you since you were in, who knows high school, college, whatever on TikTok, you’re starting. It’s like moving to a new city. It’s like going to a new school and you can be more creative or a little weird, or if you wanna dance, you can.

I don’t. But if you want to, you can. And all of a sudden it’s possible that like a more authentic you starts to come out and maybe the reason why the videos weren’t working everywhere else, because you were so caught up trying to give it scripted and perfect. And what we’re seeing, I just wanna let you know, by the way, watch time on TikTok now exceeds both Facebook and.

Watch time on TikTok. Now, both exceeds Facebook and YouTube and Facebook and Instagram have run a ton of research to show us that people are more inclined to trust, not the produced content with all of the amazing videographers. They want to feel like they are watching you right here, like on FaceTime or like on a zoom call in.

I had a client recently who was up for a campaign with Instagram. Okay. A campaign with fucking Instagram. Like that’s a really big deal. And they said, you know what? We’re actually going to pass because your content looks too manicured, too curated. And so that’s just, listen, you might not be looking to get a campaign with Instagram, but I’m pretty sure you’re looking to work with people who use and want to.

You know, gone after, by Instagram, same thing with target. And they’re going specifically after creators who have a little bit of that rough around the edges. Look so use that as permission to be yourself, a little rough around the edges versus suited up and eyelashes on and, and all the things in this perfect way where if I was to walk into your office, that would be a totally different person.

Some of y’all aren’t even wearing pants right now. Okay. so like just, you know, peel. Peel back that layer. I, I love that actually. you know, speaking of Gary VA check, I know he went back and he repurposed his videos from horizontal to vertical. For that very reason, he re he reshot or repurposed them, recut them so that they were horizontal.

Anyway, success leaves clues everyone. two questions left, two questions left, Giselle. The first one is, you touched on this at the beginning of the, conversation showing your face a, do you have to show your face? Yes. And what should you, and what should you do if you’re having trouble with confidence and worrying about what other people think of you?

Yeah, yes, yes. 100,000 million percent. Absolutely. Yes mm-hmm. first of all, we have to get out of our heads with the vanity metrics and thinking that if it performed well, it’s because of the likes and the views. Okay. Yeah. Maybe your house tours where your face isn’t showing. Do you get more views? But, the, the, the most exaggerated example that I can use is, I actually have two clients who are pet accounts.

Okay. I don’t just coach real estate agents. I have two, I have a client who is a dog golden retriever life. And I have a client who is a cat CAPY bears. Okay. And when I sort of working with golden retriever life, they had about 500,000 followers. Mm-hmm . Now he has about four and a half million followers.

And the only change that he made was he started to show his face. Now he has left his six figure corporate job to do content creation full time. And that is because people are more inclined to trust his content because he’s showing his faith. Otherwise there are hundreds of other golden retriever accounts.

There are hundreds of other house accounts and luxury home accounts and Zillow and and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So who’s to know one account for the, from the other, because what ends up happening. You might be getting a lot of likes and views, but it’s because you have oddly satisfying content.

Not because those people would actually want to work with you. So we need to change the objective to, rather than I just want this to go viral to, I want my phone to be ringing. I want my email box to be full. I want my DM requests to be, you know, a dozen. Why are people reaching out to you? So even with the house tour, even if it’s just a little thing of you knocking at the door, or you opening up the door at the very beginning, and we can see you walking around, show us what it’s like to spend time with you, show us what it’s like to actually be with you.

People might. Contact you, because they want to put an inquiry on that house that you represent, but we’re not just looking for the one off inquiries of the people who are gonna waste our time. We’re looking for the clients who we would actually enjoy spending time with and being friends with and who are gonna refer us to everybody and their mom.

And the easiest way to do that is to show them what they would actually get. And for those of you who are struggling with confide, Here’s the thing, the person who you see on the screen right now is the person who they see in person, if not a little bit of a weather down version, cuz a lot of the cameras are so good that they trick us into thinking that we look better than we actually do.

But the reality that’s who they see. So if somebody was to come to your office right now, would you put like a, like what, what’s the thing called where you go into the confessional and the Catholic church. And they have like the screen in front of the, like, I wouldn’t know. I wouldn’t but you know what I mean?

Like you’re not putting a screen in front of you, like you’re showing up exactly as you are. And maybe that person. Is a little wrinkled or overweight or losing hair, or like, great. That’s awesome. Like that’s who they’re seeing. That’s who they’re, that’s who they’re calling. And so like, what are you hiding behind?

And if you’re trying to create filters, and if you’re thinking about the good lighting and whatever. They might be a little confidence boosters, but they’re kind of fucking you up in terms of thinking that you look like something that you don’t actually, so same thing with your headshot. If your headshot was taken five or so years ago, or if the clothes that you were wearing in your headshot no longer fit, you it’s time to get a new headshot.

Like I wanna know, I wanna know that that’s who I’m gonna see. And I’ll be honest with you. When I see someone who they use a lot of filters, like you trick yourself into thinking that it looks just like you, but it doesn’t. And automatically that is. Lost missed opportunity. You know what? You’re laughing cuz you know, it’s true.

I just funny the way you explain it. this is why we love Giselle everyone. but great advice, authenticity. Trump’s all. So I think that’s a good point. Last question. Giselle. We’ve discussed a lot here, but if you had to pick one thing for sales professionals to focus on when it comes to social media and 20, 22 and beyond what would that be?

One thing. Yeah. Short form vertical video. Short form vertical video, which has been the topic of this entire conversation. I want you to get so comfortable creating video on your phone, so comfortable creating video on your phone. That’s great. If you have the budget for a videographer and a production team, like congratulations, but even the Ryan Sohan of the world.

Creating video on his phone and regularly. So for you, I want you to make a commitment of what that’s going to look like. For example, maybe it is once a week, I’m gonna make sure that I get on stories and I show my face and I’m talking about where I am and what I’m doing and why I’m doing that for you.

It might be uploading your very first, real and committing to doing one real per week. But if you can’t get comfortable on this. You’re not gonna be able to get comfortable in the 4k or the seven K or whatever. K that we’re up to with the fancy lens. What it’s, what, what, what a lot of people think is, well, if I pay a ton of money for this production team, then I’m gonna get a great return.

No, you’re not, you’re just gonna get a high quality video. That doesn’t mean that we’re getting high quality. You sometimes the best quality you actually comes out when it’s just you and your phone. So I, I want you to start practicing when you have zoom calls, turn your camera on, do not apologize for what you look like or what your surroundings look like.

Start using video on a daily basis. And another little thing too, if you’re still struggling to use video. All right, next time that you have to send your client a message. I want you to send it as a video instead of a text. So it might be a new client. Hey, I’m so excited to meet you. I can’t wait to have our meeting tomorrow.

I’m really looking forward to it rather than sending them a text, send them a video message, because then it’s a preview of what they’re actually going to. Or, Hey, congratulations. We made it to close. I’m so proud of you, like way to go or, Hey, thank you so much for the flowers. Oh my God. They’re so pretty.

Look at them. Like that means so much more. Oh, it’s your birthday today? Oh my God. Happy birthday. I’m so grateful David, that you are in my life. I hope that 22 is the best here ever. And it’s gonna be wonderful. Like those are all scripts that you were already gonna text anyway and have nothing to do with thinking on your feet.

So get into the habit of sending if you’re too nervous or insecure about the mass videos. Focus on the one to one videos and use that to just put the little building blocks in a place to eventually get to those stories and then the rails and all of the, all of the things short form vertical. Man. That was brilliant.

I, I hope I, like I said, this was an absolute clinic, really valuable, content here in coaching. I hope everybody was taking notes now. Thank you very much. Giselle, where do you want the people to,  connect with you? follow you on Instagram, obviously, which is Giselle Ugarte, Giselle Ugarte like.

You Guardi go follow to sell you Guardi Ondi on all the social media channels. And then, your website or, or where do you want the people to go? Yes, absolutely. definitely, you know, find me on Instagram. What I like to say at the end of every session is I love the thank yous. They mean so much, but what means even more is when you show me your receipt.

And by that, I don’t mean buying my products. Although if you want to great, it’s the receipts of implementation. So show me the video that you uploaded. Show me the DM from your client saying I found you because of your video. You know, show me the email of, oh my God. I love watching your videos. Or I saw that story about the drywall and it made me reach out to you, like show me that.

Versus the constant notes that you’re taking and the analysis paralysis that we get into. and then of course, if you do wanna keep working together, we just started to open up registration for our five week spring training program. That’s just for real estate professionals. So I’ll put a link to that in the chat, and we would definitely love to have you there.

And if you send me a DMA, Instagram, maybe I’ll make a little, a little,  promo code for this group. Specify. So, oh, I love fantastic Giselle. So you can connect with, Giselle in all those locations. I can’t thank you enough for being here. I really appreciate you. Thank you so much for making time.

Appreciate you. Big round of applause, big round of applause. Bye everyone. Thank you. On Instagram.