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The real estate industry is among the lucky ones amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s not only surviving, it’s actually thriving.

The resilience is brought about by the compounding of things: the virus forced people to stay at home, which resulted in the shifting of priorities and interests.

The last year was the most successful for luxury real estate agent Santiago Arana’s 18-year career. It seems like the success is just going to continue this year.

“It has changed a lot of things from lifestyle, preferences, and priorities in people’s lives,” Arana said when he guested on the GREATER PROPERTY GROUP’S Weekly Mastermind Meeting.

As people are forced to stay at home, they realized that they needed a bigger place to live in. Instead of going to the gym, they recognized the importance of just having one at home. With children compelled to take online classes, parents deemed it necessary to have a larger yard.

While Arana said the last year was his most successful year yet, he is not actually a stranger to success.

Arana ranks sixth among the top real estate agents in the country. He has closed over three billion dollars worth of real estate, making him one of the most distinguished professionals in the industry.

He is a principal and partner of The Agency, which specializes in high-end residential real estate and new construction in Los Angeles’ most-coveted neighbourhoods: Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica, and Sunset Strip, among others.

Arana has been featured among the Top 250 Realtors in the annual REAL Trends Inc. ranking featured in the Wall Street Journal for 11 consecutive years.

During our Mastermind session, the #1 Realtor west of the 405 freeway also announced plans to launch four to five new offices in Florida to cater to the state’s hungry high-end market.

As one of the top agents in The Agency and with close to two decades of experience in the industry, Arana is in a great position to dispense experienced-based advice to new real estate agents:

  1. Learn as much as you can about your market so that you have ammunition to make conversation.
  2. Schedule everything.
  3. Execute and be consistent.

There were so many more great insights Arana shared during our GPG Mastermind Meeting:

3:25 – 8:38: How the pandemic changed the real estate industry as lifestyle, interests, and priorities of people also changed.

9:35 – 11:30: Success means always striving to be better and constantly learning while also being selfish about what you need in order to do everything else for others.

12:10 – 12:59: Paying attention to goals is essential in order to keep track of where you are and how to adjust.

13:27 – 16:03: What new agents should know is that the industry will pepper them with a lot of rejections. But it’s the ability to learn from that experience, bounce back, and move on that really matters.

16:37 – 19:56: Building credibility starts with confidence, which one can gain by being knowledgeable.

20:10 – 21:39: The most effective marketing tactic is consistency.

22:20 – 24:13: What makes you unique is you. You are unique. You have to understand who you are and what you are good at in order to differentiate yourself from others. It’s okay to be bad at something since we can’t all be Michael Jordans.

24:36 – 27:37: Advice to new agents: inundate yourself with your market, schedule everything, and execute.

28:18 – 29:17: For agents who want to get into the luxury real estate market, they have to hang out in places where they can meet potential clients. They have to go to luxury open houses.

29:32 – 32:47: The present is the perfect time to be prepared for more business in the post-pandemic industry.

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Okay. Let’s get to it really excited to have our guests with us today. Of course, that’s a Santiago, Rhonda, before we get started, you know, we were talking about this yesterday and I think this is, I think we need to mention something as it relates to where we are in our business. We kind of take this time of year for granted,  with good reason.

I mean, we’ve been locked up for, you know, what seems like a couple of years now.  and you know, things are opening up and of course kids are out of school. We’re going to the lake. You know, we’re going on vacation, we’re camping, whatever it might be. We’re enjoying the summer, which is natural. It’s okay.

That’s fine. But you blink your eyes and boom, it’s October. Right? So sometimes we can lose sight of where we are kind of like in terms of hitting our goals right. And where we are, you know, in terms of the year, we’re in the second half of the year, now second half a year. So it’s great to have an MVP guests like we do today.

 just as a reminder to stay focused because. San Diego is I said is not just another luxury real estate agent in Southern California. I want you to pay attention to his bio just briefly. I had to really condense this. The Santiago knows he’s ranked as high as top 10 in the country. He’s gained a reputation as one of the most distinguished real estate agents in Los Angeles.

 he’s been featured in real trends, wall street journal for seven consecutive years. He specializes in high-end residential real estate and new construction in Beverly Hills, Bel air sunset strip, Pacific Palisades, Brentwood, Santa Monica, and Malibu.  to date Santiago is closed over 3 billion worth of real estate and counting nearly 1 billion in sales volume in two years alone.

So when for record-breaking deals in almost every pocket of Los Angeles, working with Isla celebrities, he’s also, we established a century ago, the best dressed agent in real estate that was established at the last. That was official. He had a, he had a Brunello Cucinelli suit, which it was incredible that I guess that on the first try first try, I did that, that it was crazy.

Anyway, Santiago, welcome to the GPG mastermind this week. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much, David, then. Thank you for everybody that is here. Every time I get in a broadcast on any of these events, I feel so,  humble than,  on a browse at the same time. I’m very grateful that, you know, you guys want to hear what I have to say.

So I’m happy to share any insights, any opinions or any, any feedback that I have on my, my actually experienced, right? Because I can only speak for one of my experiences. So,  Yeah, let’s do it. We’re going to get into that today. We’re going to get into your business industry, personal development, few other subjects in the time that we actually have.

But first I want to give, I want to get an update on,  the year to date in the world of luxury real estate in Southern California. Of course, we’ve heard the stories and the legends about how hot the market has been, but maybe tell us how the year started, how it’s going and what the reason is. For the hot market, in your opinion, can you do that?

Maybe just give us a breakdown or a summary movement. Absolutely. So,  You know, I’m, I’m looking at it, everything as a company owner,  what’s happening with us as a whole, right. I can speak to you about my me personally is this is probably going to be the best year I ever had 18 years for sure, by car,  on,  when I started analyzing where talking with my partners with Mauricio and we’re looking at company-wide, I mean, every agent is doing is going to do amazing.

And then we expanded it even a little bit more into different company. You know, I think that everybody’s going to have a fantastic year.  what are the reasons for it? I think that is,  you know, there’s a combination of things that they got us to be where we are, right. Obviously,  the biros and started it,  which is very strange.

We’d go see someone would ask me what happened at first month when we got people with the virus,  it’s been 23. I was thinking about what my, what I was going to do now that finally the market was going to go down because everybody’s talking about the marketing adjusting with the Bible, sees the thousand and 16, 2017, and that hasn’t happened, you know, I mean, it didn’t happen because you know, the different regulations and the interest rates kept going low, low, low, and low.

 I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday. He that’s been in the business for over 30 years and we’re just chatting and he was telling me about. And today when people are getting 30 year fix on 18.5% endurance, can you imagine know this is crazy? So obviously the interest rates have been a big, big, big part of it, you know, but I think what happened with it, with the viruses,  it has changed a, a lot of things, a lot of things from, from lifestyle preferences and priorities and people’s lives.

 and what I serve in my market. I know what I will serve in date and the Florida market, which by the way,  I’m going to be opening a few offices in Florida. I,  individually route shades and franchise for the agency in Florida. And I’m going to be,  launching,  four or five offices all the way from Palm beach down to,  to coral Gables and,  coconut Grove bottle Harbor,  Fort Lauderdale, that area.

 and what’s happening there, for example, a markets. I mean, in general, all the high-end markets have going, going up because I mean, we can, we can talk about like wealthy people, right? I mean, super high-end wealthy people became more wealthy, you know? I mean, I have clients that call me,  in all those last year and they went from like, Hey, we’re thinking about upgrading our house and you know, we’re going to house for four and a half million, $5 million.

I’m thinking, oh, okay, well I grew up great probably to an $8 million house. I’m like, so what is the afterward. Do I need the dirty I’m like. What happened as you do that, you know, leap, jump, you know, and the reality is like a lot of people were invested in the Spokane market and made a ton of money.  also it priorities have changed, right?

When people before fail, like, you know, they didn’t need a gym in the house because they have to go to a gym or they, they like to go to the office. Or all the things that you need to do, or like Asians, you know, like a lot of people in the high-end very expensive vacation, outside outlets of, and you were stocking here or wherever you were without being able to travel.

Oh, okay. Well I’m going to going to travel. So why we should do, we should get a better house. Yes. Now we both work at the house has been a while. Hasn’t it? Hasn’t.  they, you know, now we’ve all need offices spaces. We need a killer gym. Oh, the kids are going crazy. We need a bigger yard. So the, then the needs of individuals have got him to grow into getting bigger houses, you know, and,  and that activates the market.

And then what happens is everybody’s doing this movement. And then there is also the movement of people saying, oh, I’m going to get out of the estate because the taxes are too high or things are changing. Let’s move to Florida. Let’s move here. Let’s move through. Montana. Let’s move to Idaho. Let’s book, the youth, Dallas, whatever they invited started to move.

So when there’s movement, there’s like energy, right. Race. And that what it does is it gives the, it gives the person a positive perception for the consumer. And when it goes Schumer and sees a positive perception, what they do, they feel confidence and they go on to spend, then they go and buy and they’re like, oh, the market is not going anywhere.

So I’m going to buy it. And now they shouldn’t do that. Then you have buyers that are like, oh, let’s ask basic. We get it on sale. I’m done getting it right. They putting numbers that they’re getting it. So like, all of this is like a snowball effect. You know, interest rates perception me. Corona. Everything just became the perfect storm and they on the market justice on fire and it continues to be on fire.

It continues to be on fire here in Los Angeles. It’s definitely, it’s definitely a sellers market. Still,  properties are selling now. Yes, you do have a instances where people are overpricing by too much, but it’s, it’s very simple. As soon as you adjust the price immediately sales, I mean, multiple offers.

Super active market. This is very exciting.  you know, very, again, very, very grateful more than anything to be in an industry that thrive to this unfortunate, very rough year for everybody. I’m, you know, I’m compassionate than I, I, my thoughts go with people. They were in services, businesses in restaurant businesses and other kinds of businesses that unfortunately didn’t do that.

Well, you know, they.  we in real estate, we’re very blessed to just, you know, yeah. What happened to us?  good to get your perspective and breakdown. I appreciate that. And congratulations on the new offices. If Monique is on here, Monique, did you take, did you hear that money anyways?  moving on, I think when each son, but yeah, there you go, Florida.

No camera, but anyways, that’s okay. Monique, we’ll let it pass.   besides, so Santiago,  besides a hot sellers market high demand for real estate market, I, I know how hard you work.  I know your work ethic. I know your story. I, you had another award-winning year, right? I think it was number four in California, number 16 in the U S that’s not a flu, you know, there’s a lot of factors,  you know, time management, follow-up organization, consistency, a lot of these things,  from your perspective, what’s been the biggest contributor.

To your success over the past year and a half, maybe top three reasons for your success in the past,  in the past few months in the Y you had another record breaking year. I mean, look, I, I come from a little bit of a different place and some people might find these a little bit older, but,  as I explained this and many, many talks seminars on everything for me, it all comes from within right.

I believe that the reason that I do what I do and then the way how I do it and my success is because I’m in alignment with who I am and what I want and what I, what I think about life. Right.  I started my day. I started, you know, wake up at four 30 in the morning. I keep like it now because I keep learning that, you know, I just came back from actually the,  one week retreat with Jody spent siding.

 and I’m just going to simply looking to learn and to improve myself and to become a better version of myself, you know? And so I learned now that,  you know, the, the, the, the melatonin levels are higher, you know, between one and four in the morning. So I’m getting closer to wake up at four in the morning because I was there for a week, live meditations some days or four in the morning.

I mean, they just have really, really big difference. So for me, it was like waking up in the morning and having that time for myself and connect and meditate and quiet. My environment to know who I am and what I want,  give time for myself to exercise and we’ve helped the other, the most important things to spend time with my family, with my kids.

 you know, I took one of my kids to school already. I’m waiting for the next one for.  so those to me are the most important things. I mean, you start from a place where you are giving in a selfish way, time for yourself, for what’s important for you. Then you’re in a place where you can go and do everything else out there.

Now, once you’re out of there, you’ve got to work. You know, there’s no better currency than. And worked right.  Bitcoin cash, whatever you have, there is no better currency for success than tears and sweat, and you’ve got to work out or, you know, and it’s just being out there and be prepared and,  look at the opportunities and,  and just be, be there for your plans.

 work hard. The,  I think he got into the,  the Wim Hoff stuff lately, too. Didn’t you? Yeah, for sure. Yeah, that’s been a big change to my life. I mean, I’m a big advocate of it. I can’t live without the cold water therapy. Just take note, everyone start with the cold showers today. Maybe the ice bath is a little extreme at first.

They’ll change your life though. Santiago, Greece. It’s indoors. Yeah.  so the second half of the year has officially started,  you know, as we referenced at the beginning of our discussion, it might be easy to lose track of where we are in the timeline.  you know, as it relates to our goals,  and performance marketers.

Why is it important to pay attention to those goals and performance markets on a regular basis? Especially this time of year? Well, I mean, he should be rationed, right? I mean, like,  give this analogy before it’s like jumping in a taxi and if you don’t know where you’re going, it will be a very long and expensive trip.

Right.  you need to know where you’re going. You need to keep checking on where you’re going. Right. And so for me,  I take my goals regularly. I have a board in my office that everybody sees and I put the monthly goals. I pulled a tri minstrel goals and I put every, you know, half a year goals. And then if a year ago, the final year goal, you know, and when you track and you keep,  you know, looking at what you’re doing is, is visually comes, you know, you look at it, you know, where you are, you know, where you’re standing, you need to, you know what you need to adjust.

You know, you need to work a little harder.  and, and, and, and be prepared for it. So it’s very important to keep track of what you’re doing and where you are in the right now, we have a lot of new agents first year agents on this call here. So I want to go back and talk about some of the principles and foundations of your actual real estate business.

I’ve asked you about this before, but that’s why people are here to kind of hear from you from the app perspective. So again, focusing on the new agent, you know, what would you say was the biggest secret to your success in the early days? You know, we’ve talked about this yet. Tremendous success. It seems like almost from day one.

And then you move quickly into the high end luxury market in Southern California. How did you do that?  well look, actually, it wasn’t that successful. They won,  for actually an entire year. When I started, I only sold one condo in a whole year. There was $458,000. I did

 so it wasn’t easy. And then for the next three and a half to four years, I mean, I had to continue waiting tables a to be able to get cash, to bring home.  so I was doing realistic already, so it wasn’t all like they started pranking. But, you know, one of the things, again is going back to knowing what you want, knowing who you are and setting up goals and,  finding tools and ways how they, you can keep in track, right?

Because it’s a tough business, you know? I mean, there’s a lot of rejection.  so what I have to say about rejection is,  the ability to move on, on the nose then in the, in the, in the escrow, they don’t happen on the things on the doors. There’s lemon in your face. The ability to just move on and go to the next one is a big one.

You know, a lot of people tend to get hung up in the escort meeting happen and they keep talking about it’s like, it’s like the parking ticket that you get, right. Get a parking ticket and you get upset and you get those feelings on how mad you are. And it takes the attention from what’s actually.  and then you go to your house and you put it in your nightstand.

Then you wake up the next day and you look at it again and you got upset again, and then you move it to the kitchen and then you’re going to have breakfast the next day. And you look at it in the kitchen. It’s like, why you do that? Just go home. As soon as I get a beaker, the first thing I do is give it to my SES.

Then like Rob a check, right? It’s gone, Dawn. Same thing with the escrows, you know, they’re an escrow that was difficult. It didn’t happen. Okay. What do you learn from that experience? Is there anything that you could have done differently that you couldn’t do it at the moment, but you can do in the future to learn.

And if there’s everything that you need, and it’s not your fault and justice, not your fault, let’s move on, you know,  having the ability to figure out what are the things that you can control and what are the things you cannot control. Okay. The things that we can not control for on a virus economy, world problems can control that.

So like, why we worry about trying to fix something that you won’t be able to make, you know, anything let’s, let’s focus on the things you can control. What can I control? Can I go door knocking a hundred doors now? Yeah, so let’s do that. And I make 80 phone calls. Let’s do that. Can I send 200 letters?

Let’s do that. Can I call my clients and touch base with bank? And I see open houses. I mean, justice started focusing and what you can do, and then new things are going to start coming down because you keep focusing on the door to close. You won’t see the garage that is open 20 windows that are open on the 14 or the doors are opening.

Man, that’s such a good point control what you can. Right? And, and if, if you, if you realize that there’s some things you cannot control, it relieves so much stress. And that concludes the interview with Santiago. No, sorry. I just realized my father was like, I gotta, I got the notification number. All good.

Yeah, we’ve talked about this before, but I think it’s a, it’s such a good topic and that’s building credibility as a new or young agent.  what can you talk about as it relates to building credibility for a new agent? I think it starts with confidence and knowing your craft, right? I mean,  how can you gain credibility if you’re new, by being knowledgeable, right.

So you need to know your mind. You need to know your contracts. You really need to know what you’re doing. And you’re talking about that in the beginning. You will have the time to do that, right? I mean, I remember sitting and looking at the MLS for hours, speaking on the area and just looking what just sold, what sold dollar per square, what new construction.

So. What our land selling dollar was. Well, what about in this area? Why the side of the street more expensive than the other side of the street and just go in the field and walk and like today’s Thursday, for example, I’m going to go as many open houses as we can go. I still need to go on and look, what’s out there.

I need to learn. I need to know who is my competition. I need to know who is in the business. I need to, you know, it builds relationships with another agents, which is a super important thing. So if you get all that in place and you learn a lot, you’re prepared, that’s how you get credibility, because they will be that opportunity that you’re sitting at an open house and someone is going to walk in and he’s going to say, Hey, beautiful house.

Or this is not for me. The, you see the house on the street over 19.  which one gone, you lost that lead. That person goes to the next open house. The agents, I was like, oh yeah, the house would’ve finally pulled into buck. Yeah. That’s the one I liked you. How much your being is war. Oh, I think it’s more days.

I think that,  you know, blah, blah, blah. So if you know your stuff, like don’t think about lack, right. Preparation meets opportunity. Right. And that moment is your opportunity. And if you’re not prepared, you just want to roll with. Right. So,  and then knowing also an understanding I’m being able to talk more with people like this is going to raise your level of confidence.

And when you talk to sellers, when you talk to buyers, they pick up in the level of confidence that you have, like this. And you have a very small amount of time with people for these opportunities and for game one, to do business with you, to trust you, to see that and have the credibility. So,  nothing better to prepare yourself.

I’m putting yourself out there for these, for these kinds of. And then building the confidence. You know what I mean? Look, the beginning is very difficult because you,  you don’t have the list of solve these things that you would like to have when you go and see the listing appointment and say, Hey, by the way, I sold 20 properties last year in this area.

But you can be smart about it and you can leverage your, maybe your companies. And that’s one of the things that we do at agencies that we allow our agents to collaborate and say, Hey, we, as a company have sold 50 properties in this area, you know, there’s ways how you can go about it. So where people like, you know, a, you know, you just need to be smart about it.

And just kinda in the beginning, swing these little things and be prepared and be, be honest.  and then eventually happens, you know, and then you have, the problem I have right now is like, I go to open houses, like, oh, you’re too busy for me. This house was too small for you.  you know, there’s always somebody right in the beginning, it was like, you didn’t sell enough.

And now it’s like, you’re too busy for me. If you need to find ways how to explain that on what I feel, my glass is like, look, if I’m here and I’m going to take a listing, I’m not this important. You, I might be busy for someone else that I didn’t want to work with, but once I decided to work with someone,  you become my client.

It was not time for me. So I was just always finding a way how to, how to respond to that. You know, man, that’s incredible advice how to build credibility for a first year agent, a new agent pay attention. It’s important.  let’s talk about marketing,  just for a brief minute here, what would you say has been your most effective marketing tactic or technique throughout your.

I think that,  consistency is the most important thing, you know, there’s no one thing that you can do that, you know, the biggest colorful, most beautiful double page ad in the magazine. We’re not, we’re not, we’re not when, when, when the newspaper or publication or whatever you do is just one. And if you do that one and spend all your marketing dollars in the one biggest nicest space, well, you’ve touched people once for me as what don’t you get something smaller plastic.

Nice. Don’t wait. And I’m be consistent. Just do it once a month. If you have to do it once you get a little bit more money once a week. So if it goes, people are not going to be looking at the paper at the same time. So every weekend someone opens a paper, opens a magazine, which are becoming less important ways.

How. But it wasn’t social media when internet, whatever, just consistency. You’re not just keep doing it. You know, you don’t put an ad out there and expect to get a listing immediately from that it happens. But if you put 12 ads a year, as opposed to one or two, then your chances are increasing substantially.

So I would be inconsistency marketing for me. The cheapest best marketing that has always worked the best for me is sitting up in houses and floating the city with my science is free. You’re there. People see, and when they go to the breakfast, people see when they come back from lunch and people see when they go to the beaner, leave your signs out there the whole freaking day and let people see that your visa that’s super smart.

You know, we’ve said that a million times. No, it’s got nothing to do. Sit in open house, you know, make, make things happen. Right. And that costs nothing to do costing nothing.  so that that’s important.  now you’ve touched on this before, but I want to ask a specific question about it because it’s so important and that’s differentiating yourself from the competition by having something, the other agent doesn’t,  having this success you’ve had in your career.

 you’ve had to differentiate yourself. That’s that’s a fact. From your competition separating yourself. So why is it so important for agents to have unique selling propositions, uniques in a highly competitive industry? So one of the things that I can tell anyway, What makes you unique? Is that a you, right?

You are unique because there’s not two of you. So when people tried to copy too much or tried to be somebody else, that’s a problem. Right? So it was different for me. I have a very thick accent. I’m not from here, I’m dark, I’m skinny, I’m tall, whatever it is, or you figure it out who you are, right. And you own them, right.

This is who I am, and this is what I’m good at it. I never jumped into. Crawl Coles, because I’m sure if I got enough phone call in the beginning where my accent was a lot bigger than it is right now, believe it or not. And my English was terrible, right. Because I learned English in 2003, when I moved here and I was doing real estate in 2004 already.

 that was not a good way for me to do it. So I just knew that wasn’t the way I wanted to. Well, as good for me though, or sitting on open houses, not having the one-on-one with people by door knocking, because I like people, I relate to people, people like me because I’m friendly.  so I said, okay, so that’s what I’m doing that.

So that’s what I’m going to be doing, you know? So you need to understand who you are, what you’re good at and what you’re not good at it. And it’s okay. We don’t need to be all Michael Jordans, you know, great basketball. We don’t need to be all gray. That’s something specific. There’s something that you are unique.

I’m bringing that unique value proposition. On who you are and someone will hate you and someone will love you, you know, and you can’t make everybody happy, but then you, what do you do as you start working with people that you are mine, like your, I done, like everybody that likes the same thing. They, they, they feel the energy.

They feel your way of being your personality. And guess what you build that relationship with clients. And you build a portfolio with people that like you, and you’ll be the happiest age. And I supposed to be working with people that you don’t relate to, or you just need to pretend to be somebody else.

You’re making them happy and then you’re miserable and we’re what, yeah, it’s a good way of putting it,  need to pay attention to it though. And I think that’s a really smart advice. So,  but we all like you, we all like you, Cynthia. I got, so that’s good.  I don’t want to put you on the spot too much, but what, you know, we, we did talk about it.

 just a few minutes ago, talking about credibility for new agents, but specifically three pieces of advice you would give a new real estate professional starting their career.  three pieces of advice. I mean, number one, I will say inundate yourself with your market. Learn as much as you can, and know as much as you can about the market that you are in.

I mean, you need to know everything that is happening. What selling, whether reckless Hills are. You need to know everything. You need to be prepared for anyone that comes and have a conversation and be able to address maybe no one’s super debt, but will do some level. Of,  of knowledge of your market, right?

To scheduling. If you’re the, you know, the island is on Tony Robbins, if he’s not in your schedule is not real. You know, so I schedule every week I schedule haircut, I schedule doctor appointments. I schedule picking up these I’m scheduling, listing appointments. I schedule making calls. I schedule even like, you know, specific things with clients, picking up this for this client, calling this client, because it’s the daughter’s birth date.

You need to schedule everything. Your schedule needs to look like a beautiful Rimbaud, right?  that’s a super important thing to me. Like they started scheduling. I started getting busy and in the beginning, I remember I didn’t have same listing appointments a week, one month or whatever. I didn’t even have these on that, but I started filling up with like I’m door knocking from two to.

I’m now sending letters from six to eight, I’m doing this and out of the setting, I’m like I’m busy. And that feeling of feeling that you’re busy, you’re doing something you feel good about yourself. You’ve finished your day. You’re like, shit, I’ve done a lot today. Right? That’s a good feeling to go to bed with.

Right. As opposed to like, oh man, I never got any calls. I didn’t meet anyone. What I’m doing. Maybe we should go back to the restaurant business or maybe I should go on, get back into the hair salon again. And that’s how people get distracted, you know? So that’s, you know, we always say. Oh, that’s two, three, totally.

Everyone has their one is execution, man. I mean, I think that in any business, when anything underworld and I asked these questions through a number of the most successful people or clients that I have, they always ask. So tell me in the beginning, when was it? What is it? I always I’m asking. And almost everyone has said is execution focused people by huge humans by nature drop the ball, you know,  example, I went to the seminar, I’m all fired up and we’re doing meditations and all this stuff over there, or you go into a,  whatever it is and you come back fired up,  for the first week, you’re like doing everything they told you, you learn, these are great.

You’re talking to all your friends about how, all the things that you learned. We do you of today. I’m a little tired. I skip. One day is fine. I’m doing four anyway, a day, the third week, the four week on the fifth week, then you just drop the ball and most people drop the ball. So like execute. If you can execute them, just be consistent and do everything and just keep it for a long period of time.

Right then. Great advice. Hopefully you taking notes. That was three pieces of advice for new agents.  in terms of the breakdown, I did want to go back to your second point, just really briefly.  you know, we had Ryan, sir, hands on the show a couple of times, and he said basically the same thing as your, your job as a real estate agent at the end of the day is like, have you generated.

Have you done that? What did you do today to generate a lead or leads? Right. That’s your job as a real estate agent? So I thought you’d touched on that really, really well. Okay. Two questions. I’ve Santiago, two questions. The first one is,  just talking about luxury real estate.  what advice would you give a new,  real estate agent wanting to break into the luxury market?

How do you suggest they approach the business?  look, I mean, you want to jump in the

business, then go and sit open houses from the big agents in your office. I mean, I’m sure they’re BCB agents and they’re all fees that they have enough listings where they can allow you to see that if you don’t have them go on seatbelt shopping houses, right. It started leaving that, or it started being exposed to the buyers.

They’re going to walk in an open house that they can afford those kinds of houses. By seating on the small ones. You’re not going to get the big ones. I mean, yes, it’s possible. You’re getting experience. And then one day you’ll go in and, you know, Raj your way through the, your path up there. But if you really want to do just the high end, then you want to jump into that.

Well, let’s just do that, you know, just go and hang out in the places you’re going to meet the people that are going to get you through. Do that, go and see the open houses from the agents. They have big listings that they don’t have the time to, you know, servicing them all.  just, just putting. You know, that’s part of your routine, you know, great advice.

And the final question, since the, I go, this one, this one’s a doozy,  in your opinion, what will be the most important thing for real estate agents to focus on it now, post pandemic, real estate industry. I put a lot of thought into that question. Yeah. What’s the most important in that agents you’re focused on the postponed Damon.

Yeah. Yeah. But it’s great, but it’s also very simple, right? It’s more of the same. I mean,  what’s post pandemic mean, I mean, what’s going to happen.  if I see that we have an active market right now,  I think that the current reality is what you have and that’s what you should be doing. Right. Post pandemic what’s going to happen is maybe we will have less soon goals and you’ll have the ability to meet more people.

We won’t even more recent. Why don’t you prepare yourself better? So when the doors open and you can actually for those estates and now look, I’m making generalist statements, right. There’s places where maybe you can all have open houses and I’m just talking as a general. Well, if everything’s going to open up and you’re going to be good, then you’re going to be able to go out there and meet people.

And people are going to be more vulnerable. Like the more prepared it goes, there’ll be more business to make. Right. So I think it goes back to the same basics pre post pandemic during pandemic. I mean, during pandemic was the same thing, right? The first month I was like, I don’t know what’s going to happen.

I think most of the world, but by the second month I was like, you know what clients calling me wants to see properties. Let’s go out with this take care of ourselves. Let’s take the precautions we need to take, but,  you know, by April last year I was out and showing properties every day. Yeah. Really good advice.

 something to think about the whole point here is to be prepared. Right? I think that’s the whole point. It just could be prepared for, you know, different scenarios.  because I think what happened with this whole thing, it did punch a lot of people in the mouth, not knowing what to expect and then coming out of it a little bit.

You know, this is panic by. You know,  years of their career, weeks, months of their career, you know, it’s been fantastic. So anyway, something to think about Santiago, no kind of want to be right. You want to be the person that be there and then make a sitting in the living room, memorizing all the TV shows available in Netflix and eating every single cheap that is in your band.

Oh, or you want to prepare yourself and going then the lesson and learn the contract. I mean, I, I just wonder how many agents have actually read the entire purchase agreement or listing agreement, like from a to Z, right. Read it, you know, it will serve you so well, one day when you’re sitting with someone and, you know, have you ever get that client?

The coach is like, Hey, and you’re driving. Right. You’re driving, thinking about something else. And some client goals are here. Hey, I have a question on paragraph 14 B what, what does that mean? If you don’t know the contract, you’d be like,  you don’t have the contract with you. Right. But if you know the contract by heart and you can be like, well, that’s, this is what is done with this means, you know, I mean, in every state is different, so I don’t want to give it a specific example.

Here and in California talks about the inspections and stuff like that. But what you need to do is have all that. I mean, use the pandemic to prepare yourself very motivated, learning on all the things that you normally don’t have the time to do when you’re showing houses and doing the normal stuff, and then do it right.

Learn the contract lender market, going the list, see what’s happening, what the sales are. So then when you come out of your. Yeah, I know that’s such a good point again, you know, I think the people that came out of this, like Hercules were the ones who really focused on the personal development, read the books that, you know, it did whatever, you know, to,  you know, seek knowledge sooner or more knowledge in general, as our broker just said, yes, please read contracts.

 Chris, about the chat while said Chris, from a broker anyway.  fantastic advice. This has been a clinic. Great breakdown, everyone. Super thankful to have Santiago with us today.  thank you very much, brother. I always appreciate your time.  you know, you’re so well-liked here and,  and everywhere it’s such a privilege to talk.

 thank you very much.  Santiago,  you can sign off for the day and get to your cold water therapy if you’d like stick around totally up to you. But anyways, you thank you very much. So many takeaways today. Thanks a million Santiago. Shout out to a few people on here. Again. You guys are awesome. I appreciate everything.

I appreciate the nice props through. Again for me, it’s like, if I can bring a little, little, you know, piece of wisdom or experience or anything that they can serve, everybody that is listening here. Let me very happy. So you guys go, go get.