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Jay Macklin is the co-founder and designated broker of Corcoran Platinum Living based in Scottsdale, Arizona. It’s a marketing and coaching company disguised as a luxury residential real estate brokerage.

Jay spent two decades selling cars where he learned to understand human nature. That proved to be helpful in his transition into the real estate industry in 2006. By 2010, Jay started his own brokerage.

He spent three decades in marketing and business development. He is one of only two Phoenix-certified coaches by the Craig Proctor Coaching System.

Jay took time out of his busy schedule to hold a Mastermind Master Class with GREATER PROPERTY GROUP recently. He crammed a three-hour Marketing Master Class into an hour-and-a-half Mastermind session with GPG since coaching real estate agents is his passion.

It was an educational experience for the GPG agents with lessons ranging from the stark difference between marketing and advertising to the important marketing strategies agents have to employ on social media.

Below are the enthralling topics Jay discussed during the Mastermind Master Class:

  • Advertising vs marketing – the former is the process of making a service known while the latter involves identifying, predicting, and meeting customer needs.
  • Effective marketing makes you more relevant in the eyes of the customer.
  • The single greatest skill you can master this year to guarantee long-term success is the ability to generate a steady flow of leads month in and month out and convert these leads to appointments.
  • Less-branded marketing focuses on giving customers what they want rather than advertising the photo of the agent.
  • One of the main issues in real estate is that agents have homogenized the business.
  • How to stay relevant to the buyer.
  • Buyers want someone who can outnegotiate them as well as give them expert advice.
  • What do sellers want? They want buyers, so show them proof that you have a system with a list of buyers.
  • Marketing strategy is very important but a lot of agents don’t have a strategy.
  • You have to answer this question: Why should I do business with you over and above all other options or anyone else, including doing nothing or whatever I’m doing?
  • Commodity marketing – what is the value?
  • Samples of fun real marketing materials.
  • Video emails can be very effective in terms of marketing.
  • Leverage yourself with people, systems, and technology.
  • The Stick System – you should have a system that will get clients sticking to you.
  • About tracking and budgets.
  • The advantage of having a pre-sell package.

GPG agents were lucky enough to have this master class with Jay. His class is usually attended by around 250 agents eager to learn about how to stay relevant with buyers and sellers as well as lead acquisition.

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Okay, let’s get into it. I don’t want to waste too much time here cause we have a special guest,  with us,  this morning who has,  agreed to,  join us. I’ve seen Jay do this now, Jay,  Jay is the co-founder as he just got up and left. I have no idea why he’s just he’s over it. He’s not doing this now.

 Jay is the co-founder. He’s a and broker of Corcoran, platinum living based in Scottsdale, Arizona, a marketing,  coaching company disguised. I love this. A marketing and coaching company disguised as a luxury residential real estate brokerages brokerage. Seven offices in Arizona, specifically, if I get these names wrong, I know Scottsdale Gilbert, Wickenburg, Cassa grand, and Anthem.

So that’s G seven offices in Arizona.  and when I say a luxury real estate expert, that’s Jay Macklin, or if you see this brand is very slick. I, I, we both Nathan and I have known Jay for many years. He’s the goat. He’s the guy that we,  we all want to be, you know, he’s that guy,  very aspirational.  and he’s spent more than 30 years in real estate marketing business development and has a passion for agent growth and development.

That is understatement. I know this he’s also one of the, have only two Phoenix area certified coaches for Craig Proctor coaching and runs the broker owner. For Craig Proctor coaching systems.  this guy has been a,  agent, trainer and coach for many years. I’ve seen this guy, he’s a master and he knows marketing.

So I asked Jay to,  jump on with,  the GPG family, the GPG nation this morning and go over a marketing masterclass. What’s working what isn’t, he’s got a special presentation for us. So welcome here, Jay. Big round of applause. Thank you for joining us this morning, Jay. Really appreciate that. Take it away.

I want everybody to pay close attention, take notes if you need. Yeah. Thank you guys very much. It’s really nice. And I really appreciate you guys letting me be on here. It’s  you know, when,  David Nathan asked me to, you know, to be on here, of course, I would never say no, because I really, really respect these guys.

And,  you guys were in such good hands. I was just listening to your names and like, you guys had the coolest names, like I’m like, I’m stuck with Billy and Mike and Jay and you guys have like all these amazing, cool names. I’m like, I don’t think I’m missing the boat here, but, 

Yeah. Yeah, that’s got some flats to it. That’s got some elegance. This is a class that I just did here in Arizona. And I had about 250 agents,   attend the class and it was a big success. I had a panel there, but also,  most of it was about the tactical part,  or the strategic part of marketing and, and identifying, you know, what your core value proposition is and your unique selling proposition.

As we always talk about agents, we talk about your brand is your value proposition. So why would I list my house with Nathan or Shane? Versus the, and Arizona, the 75,000 real estate agents that have licenses here. So we’re going to talk a lot about that because the differentiation is a huge piece of it.

And identifying what that differentiation is to the consumer. Making sure that it’s relevant to the consumer is what we’re going to really focus on today. Well, this class was literally designed to help agents understand how to become more relevant. We’re going to talk about that. I’ve got two really, really good slides.

That’ll help you guys identify the relevance between buyers and sellers.  but also USP is right. We talk about unique selling propositions, brand building,  and how to articulate that difference. So, okay, so here’s what you’re gonna see. We’re gonna talk about brand positioning. We’re gonna talk about marketing that works in ones that don’t, your guys are trying to get a kick out of this,  ways to stay relevant with buyers and sellers.

And so you’re going to understand really quick, how to identify what your value is to the consumer. I said this a couple of times already, but why it’s important to create a stick system if you don’t know what that is, stick to it. And we’ll, we’ll, we’ll show what that is.  and then the most important question, every buyer and seller asks, I just literally just asked it, but we’re going to go through that again and how to transition, think about this, how to transition from selling real estate to becoming a marketer of solutions for people looking to buy.

When people say to you, Hey, what do you do for a living? And you’re like, oh, I’m a real estate agent. Or I’m a realtor. You just sound like everybody else. Right? When you, when you shift your mind to saying, Hey, I, I market for solutions for people looking into buy and sell real estate. That’s literally what I do on a daily basis.

And so when you start focusing on that, you become less of a salesperson and you become more of a marketer. Which by the way is the highest paid industry in the country in the world actually is marketing. So if you think about all the people that richest people in the world that’s marketing. Okay. So here’s the difference between advertising and marketing advertising is the process of making your product service known to the marketplace.

Marketing is a business practice that involves identifying, predicting and meeting customer’s needs. The effective marketing strategies, help business isolate how to best serve their clients. So here’s a good example of advertising. Apple does an amazing job about advertising, right? Coca-Cola does an amazing job of advertising.

They don’t necessarily market meaning there’s no lead gen. There’s no conversion, there’s no sales strategy there’s or their sales conversion strategy or sales,  presentation strategy. They simply just average. Nothing wrong with that. They’re big enough to do that. And so some of these companies out here don’t need to market because they’re massive.

And all they have to do is just put their sign up or their, their moniker. And all of a sudden they get business.  we as agents,  tend to become more secret agents because we fight the one thing, every company, and every agent fights every single day. And that’s a security. If you’re obscure to your clientele, they don’t know who you are.

We have to start marketing to get people to know who you are. Then as you become better marketer, you can start the advertising process. Hope that makes sense. Effective marketing talks to, and about your prospects. Advertising does not. It gives prospects real benefits. It gives prospects a non-threatening way to get more information.

And I call that low threshold or non-scary, we’re going to talk about that as well.  it gives prospects a compelling reason to call you because otherwise guys, if you’re literally out there marketing properties or you’re putting advertising out there and the one, one. For your client or the prospect to call you as your mobile number, you literally just destroyed your marketing,  because they don’t want to call you no offense.

I was in the car business. I know I was a repellent, but I found a way to become non repellent and actually be more attractive. And that’s kind of what we’re going to talk about again, as I bring this up today. So I want you to think about this too.  when people say, Hey, I need to grow my business and how about you guys?

But if you ever hear another brokerage say, Hey, I want to take you to the next level or I want you. I’m just like, nah, like without a strategic plan, it drives me nuts. There’s one way to grow your business, right? The only way you can grow your business is if you have an overflow of it, if you don’t have an overflow of business that won’t grow, there’s three ways to process that you can increase the number of transactions, right?

You can go from selling 10 to 30, you can increase the size of the transaction income. And there’s two ways to do that. I don’t know what your commissions are. We’re not talking about necessarily commissions or whatever, but let’s say I’m taking a, you know, 6% listing. I can go from six days. Or I can go from selling $300,000 houses to a million dollar houses.

It doesn’t, those, those are the two ways. And then increase the number of times clients come back to you and buy from you and refer you business. Exactly what David was talking about. I sucked, literally sucked at that for five years because I was, I grew up in the car business. And for me, you know, I could have amazing experience, but if, if I was selling Audis and they wanted to go sell them or buy a Mercedes, you know, to me, it was, I was better after going after the acquisition, right.

New business, new business, new business. It’s been a real estate.  it’s the opposite. I mean, new business is amazing, but if you can culture and build that past client referral base, I call that the holy grail of business. That’s just the best business you can get. So,  anyway, with great marketing people, systems and marketing,  you’re going to be able to get this and I’ll show you this again, as we go through this, I’m going to try to jump through this.

I hope that screen is not too sticky. Okay. The single greatest skill that you can master this year is the ability to generate a steady flow of leads month in and month out and convert those to appointments. That’s it just become a lead magnet and perfect your conversion skills. That’s literally the best thing you can do.

I know a lot of people say, oh yeah, but you know, Google pay-per-click and all this other lead gen online stuff, it’s not sexy. It’s not fun. No, it’s not. And it’s a process. But if you can start building pillars within your business, that is I have an online system, an offline system, and a past client referral system.

You literally have a super solid foundation for your business, but don’t be afraid to get into the lead gen business because it’s actually easier than you think. The reason is, is because you can leverage the laws of leverage, apply to online lead gen more so than any other part of it. You can’t leverage building relationships with your past clients a little bit, but it’s you, right?

It’s relationship. What I’m trying to do is I’m trying to take the transaction piece and I’m trying to mold it in with the relationship piece that I can have a really solid foundation. And so, but so don’t be afraid to get into lead gen. If you guys aren’t doing it online,  there is a process and it’s very simple.

As long as you got enough credit card space available space on your credit card, you’re going to be in good shape. Okay, so understand marketing,  Les and Brandon.  if you guys understand less branded marketing, you’ll understand what I’m talking about and what I say that is,  again, this all applies to your local board rules, your government rules.

When it comes to real estate in the states we can do what’s called less branded marketing, which means we, all we have to do is identify the brokerage and identify,  that it is a advertorial or advertisement versus a,   I can’t, I can’t not have my name on there. So the difference is I’m going to show you a couple of examples here.

None of these advertisements, the, the, the four that you see here have J  I mean, it has Corcoran on it. It has our name, but it’s not, you don’t see my big fat face. You don’t see my mobile phone, right? These are the things that really draw attention to people that are looking for something maybe early in the process, but what’s happening is I’m not scaring them away with my phone number or my fat, my fat face.

Right. So I’m just giving them exactly what they want.  I still run the DC ranch, distressed sales, DC ranches, a little community here in Scottsdale that I live in. There’s two, literally two every month I pull them up. If there’s two, I’m going to run it, right? Because the, the opportunity for people who want distress deals, I think you guys call them power of sale,  or hotlist or whatever.

 people want this information. It’s not, it’s not, oh, Hey, I’m, you know, Jay math, that, I’m a number one car, you know, a real estate agent in Arizona who cares. People just don’t care about that. I think you get to a point where it might matter a little bit, but in generally speaking, generating leads,  people don’t care.

So what you see on the left is going to be just some what I call a classified ads, and this is very prominent within the current Proctor system. We, we, we tested these and tried these, what you’ll notice though, is the most prominent thing on there. There are some landing pages and they’re very information rich, but an 800.

Mm. I know it’s 1985 technology. Trust me, it is still very effective, right? So when you look at your marketing and your message and your media, meaning what is your message? What is your market? Who are the people? And what’s the medium that those people actually watch and read newspapers for me are over 50.

I’m gonna include myself in there, 50 and over we like newspapers, right? We like ink on our fingers. And so,  understand your marketing message and also your medium on the right side, you see a new,  that’s a magazine ad. It’s a lifestyle magazine. I had to pull teeth to get them to run this because it’s all about the glamour and the, you know, the, they want to sell advertising space to jewelers and realtors with their big fat face.

I decided I’m going to run this ad and I’ll show you this real quick here. This one is simply just one that we picked up from Craig Proctor, but it works every single time I run it because it’s non-threatening, it’s got my information. That’s an older ad. It was my old company down below.  but when I run it, I get more people who call the 800 number, then go to the landing page because it’s not me out there saying, you know, Hey, if you fill this out, I’m going to call you on or times in the next 10 minutes.

And so that’s the fear. So what I’m trying to do is provide them information,  to get information, to give them information without having to sell myself as a real estate agent, because that, unfortunately, you know, we was 75,000 agents, right? We were a needle and a stack of needles, right? They’re just like me.

I can pick any agent I don’t need, I don’t need this guy. I mean, they’re all the same. We as real estate agents live and breathe in this commoditized industry, the problem is a lot of I’m gonna include you guys in here too. Cause I’m including myself. We tend to homogenize our business, which means we make it look like everybody else because it’s the industry norms and standards that say.

Okay, well, if, if so-and-so successful, I’m going to do that. Well, so-and-so might have been doing it for 20 years and doing something for 20 years straight is going to get you some business. I mean, a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while. So my point is is that if you don’t have that time to be able to, you know, to spend, to get that business, then you really have to focus on what will attract people to raise their hand and identify that they want to buy and sell.

So here’s a good idea. Here’s just a quick little sample of some of the landing pages we use. Again, guys, this is ugly. This is really not pretty marketing, but it is so effective. I mean, we, I think we all identify that, you know, Hey, our branding has to look a certain way and it has to be elegant and it has to look really nice.

It does, like I said that before, when you’re going after and you’re looking for wine, you do that on the label, but when you’re on Google or you’re on whatever, you’re on looking for a house or looking for something you don’t see branding, you just see words. And so. If those words attract you to a landing page and you get there on the left hair, UCU, Scottsdale, foreclosure, hot listing.

That’s not scary. A lot of information. I do that on purpose because I’m trying to, I’m trying to get people to jump through hoops. But my point is, is that at the very bottom, now this is an older page. I had to actually adjust it.  our rules changed. I had to put our logo at the top corner and I did echo.

I like that. It’s like a remix.  so anyway, my point is is that if you guys are using this and if you haven’t used this, it’s a good idea to maybe think about using some landing pages, 800 numbers are just absolutely amazing. Here’s a quick report that we used,  with our landing page or our 800 numbers.

 and this was back from 17 to nineteen eighty, a hundred and fifty leads. And we closed about 15 or 20, not great conversion, but it’s an extra pillar, right? It’s just an extra way to get in touch with people. And so I think that’s, you know, if your only option again is the mobile number, you’re going to repel that.

I think closing 15 to 20,  transactions is just fine. Jay. I don’t think anybody would be complaining about that here. No, not at all. And a lot of these were higher price points. You’d be shocked. My first million dollar sale came from less branded marketing. Everybody thinks that you have to, you know, do this elegant, classy branding or marketing to get, you know, higher end people now.

And Mike, at the time, a million was a lot of money here. Unfortunately, the prices have gone up, but,  you’d be shocked in what, what kind of caliber of people and what kind of people are looking at this kind of stuff. This is a news or a postcard that we put out. It’s the same postcard that almost every credit Proctor agent runs in their market, but it’s less branded, you know, it’s got, it’s got my information on here.

If you can see my cursor, I’m not sure if you can, but you can see my, my corporate plan. I’m living this here.  so it, it,  satisfies, satisfies the department of real estate,  and with, with branding, but it is extremely effective. It’s busy, it’s ugly, but it’s very effective. And the reason is you don’t see my face and that’s why it works.

But the options are, I have an information rich landing page, right? Asking price report. If I go to asking price report, I should go to a landing page and instantly see an asking price, an option for, to give you an asking price. And the reason we did asking price versus home value. I mean, you guys have seen that right.

Where everybody wants to do, you know, what’s your home worth? What’s your homework? Well, as a real estate agent, if somebody says, Hey, what’s, you know, if somebody fills out something that says, what’s your homework, it doesn’t necessarily tell me that they want to sell their house. It’s an asset. Maybe they just want to know what their asset is worth.

Right. I, if I, if I go, you know, shop for watches and I want to see what my watch is worth doesn’t mean I want to sell it. I just want to see if I got any value in it. So when you, when you change that message and you specifically drive them to what normally people would want,  from the response, meaning if I go to an asking price report, chances are people who are.

To sell their house would want to know what their asking price was. Now I’m not saying it’s a hundred percent foolproof, but I can whittle down some of those leads to more quality leads, but still get a lot of them because again, my face, my name around there. So I hope that all make sense. Good. Okay. So here’s how to say, this is a really good slide.

I want to talk about,  about relevancy. So when you think, and I know David and Nathan, a lot of you guys know this already, but what do buyers want from real estate agents? If you think about logistically, why can’t, why wouldn’t a buyer and some do, why wouldn’t a buyer just simply go to the listing agent.

And a lot of them try to do that, right? They try to do that. They try to circumvent you and they go around you because they think that they can save money. But when you think about what’s in it for the buyer, why, what do buyers want from real estate agents? They just wanna have. Right. Buyers simply want houses.

Now there’s a process that takes them through this, and there’s other things that they want. We’re gonna talk about that. But if you can show them houses that they can’t find on their own, or if they, you know,  if, if other agents aren’t showing them and I don’t know how you guys are with off-market or expired or canceled pre-foreclosures, but if you’re doing a presentation with a buyer and you’re simply showing them what’s on the market, every agent that you that’s called homogenization of your business, you’re doing everything else.

Other agents are doing. You have to be a little creative and think out of the box when it comes to finding houses that they just don’t have access to. Now, when I was doing it, I would say, Hey guys, you know what? My first line of defense is always going to be the active listings on the MLS, but I’m also going to privately behind the scenes, scour off-market properties.

Cause I do get a list of those. I have access to properties that are in pre-foreclosure expired, canceled builder, close outs that maybe they don’t have access to coming. Soons right. A lot of that has been the new active listing,  segment,  for sale by owner.

I was just gonna mention Jay, this is something we went over to two weeks ago or was it four weeks ago? I can’t remember exactly where to find off market properties.  you know, th you know, there’s, there’s a way to do it. I mean, it can be in the business, you know, a decade and not know how to pull off market properties.

So we just went through a whole mastermind doing that.  you have to have the, the, the listings, the other agents don’t have, we see that over and over again. Absolutely. And so when I had an agent who’s been in business 10 years and she says, how do I find for sale by owners? I’m like,  for sale by might be a good sell.

I mean, I mean, you think about it if she’s like, oh my God, I never thought about that. Right and buyers don’t either. And that’s why for sale by owners don’t necessarily sell as fast or So there’s creative ways to think about it. And even if you’re going to use something as, as high level, as a predictive analytic program, there’s a lot of those things out there.

The pure fact that you guys are bringing it up to the consumer gives me as a consumer warm and fuzzy is that I know that you’re going to go to the nth degree to find me the house. And you’re just not going to rely on the MLS system to send me automatic updates every day. Right? Because after about the fourth day, I’m not paying attention to them.

Right. It’s just too much. And so it, you know, making sure that you provide them value with giving them information about properties. And I use this same thing, sitting open houses where I don’t talk too much about open houses, but if you’re sitting open houses, this was my tactic. Is that. That if they sat, they walked into my open house, they’re probably walking into three or four other people’s open houses.

I had to deliver them two things. I had to deliver them an amazing experience, but I also had to deliver them an opportunity to walk out with something that they didn’t have access to, or they thought that they got inside information on, because I had that. If I could give them information that other agents weren’t going to give them, I became more relevant and you’d be shocked at how many times people would call you back and say, Hey, we have an agent, but you know what?

They’re not thinking, you know, Hey, would you help us find a house? And you know, I mean, it’s crazy how that works because that’s what people are looking for. They’re looking, they don’t know they’re looking for differentiation, but you guys experienced the same thing too. When you’re looking at different either,  systems technology products.

When you buy, when you’re looking at you, you’re, you’re shopping different things or you’re shopping one item for different, you know, different companies. You choose an item from a company, not always on price. But sometimes it’s the experience. Sometimes it’s information. Sometimes you think that, like I just spent 25 minutes looking at a,  portable monitor for my laptop.

 and I was going to buy this one. Then all of a sudden I got diverted to another one that I had to do this like analytics on which one I was going to buy. And what does it have? Is it touchscreen? But my point is, is that I decided on one and I always pay attention to what my zero moment of truth was when I actually purchase it.

And it was because it wasn’t the price it’s actually more expensive.  it was because it had more features and the experience honestly, on the website was way better. I don’t know what it was, but my experience on that website was way better. So in my that’s a good point. I’m glad you guys talked about that.

All right. I’m going to go a little faster just because I’m going to run out of time negotiating.  for those of you guys have tax accountants,  accountants to do your taxes. Do you want the guy who’s really conservative or lady, or do you want the one. Who borders the line between legal and illegal, right?

As long as you’re on this side of illegal and you can save you money, you’re like done. Yes. That’s the guy I want. I don’t want the conservative guy who says, okay, well, you could probably, there’s probably two or three loopholes that we could use, but just to be safe, let’s go ahead and have you pay $40,000 this year and its axis.

And I’m like, no, I’m paying zero. Find a way to do it. And so that’s my point is that’s exactly what buyers want. They want somebody that they know can out negotiate them and out negotiate a listing agent, because if they can find houses that you can’t find, they can out negotiate you and they can traverse the contract without your help, you just become irrelevant.

You just become less valuable. And it’s really difficult to increase your commission. If you can’t identify the. Pieces of this and I’m in your guys’s boat. I literally talked to you guys agents every day and agents will sit there and go, okay, Jay, why should I join your brokerage versus all the others?

What are you going to provide me? Right. And so I have to sell the same services that you guys are doing to buyers and sellers every single day. So think about that.  and then they want represent representation and they want expert advice. Here’s the problem. I think a lot of agents fall down agents think that they need to provide perfect advice.

There’s no such thing as perfect advice. Otherwise it would be, it would be a mandate or it would be a, a doctrine or some sort it’s advice because it’s your advice. It’s expert advice. If my stock broker calls me and says, Hey, Bitcoin’s up at 62,000. I’m like,  all right.  Am I buying it, like, what am I doing?

Like, I don’t need to know. Cause I can just pull up my phone and see what, you know, I can, you know, what’s polka dot. What’s the new one, polka, Dotty, 3m, like all these other ones. You guys know more about that probably than I do, but like, I don’t know what to do with them. I don’t know to buy or sell or hold whatever, but that’s why I need expert advice.

That’s what people want. But they also want the representation to know that you’ve got their back. And so those are some really interesting ways to present it. And that’s why we use the loyalty agreement. We don’t use a buyer broker. And Arizona, it’s four pages. It’s got exculpatory language, it’s got legal stuff that I’m just, I was uncomfortable doing.

And so when we got into the coaching program, they had what was called a loyalty agreement, a VIP loyalty agreement. And I loved it so much. One page front and back. Here’s all the things that we do for you, Mr. And Mrs. Buyer, the back, here’s the four things that we request from you. And,  it was a game changer for me because I felt really comfortable getting it signed.

And I called my attorney just to make sure it was okay. He was like, dude, you can put it on a napkin. As long as you get somebody to sign it, who cares? Like I’m like, oh, Hey cool. It doesn’t have to be this, you know, you know, department form again, check your own departments, make sure you guys can do that.

But what was fun about it is it made it super non-scary and it was very relevant for me to talk about my commissions because part of my buyer presentation was okay. Mr. And Mrs. Buyer, do you know how I get. And lot 90% of them would say,  do we pay you like yeah, kinda sorta. And here’s some, you know, my fee is X amount of percent.

It was three and a half percent.  but you know, if there’s a Delta between what the listing agent’s providing and what my fee is here are the three or four ways that we’re gonna help you capture that money without coming out of your pocket. Worst case scenario, though, it’ll have to come out of your pocket, but here’s why I’m going to help you.

Here’s why you want to use me. And here’s why I’m worth it. I’ll find you more houses. Other agents won’t find out, negotiate, I’ll provide the best representation, expert advice like I will. You know, so all of those things are in your presentation. And 99% of the time, I never got pushback. Never, ever people would sign it all day long investors.

I had kind of weird to kind of strange ducks. Anyway. Good, good way, but I didn’t really get a lot of them to sign it. But your typical buyer who doesn’t have time, they’re working 50 hours a week. They’re just trying to find a house. Yes. That’s what they want. They want somebody to help them on their behalf.

So anyway, all right. Let’s move to sellers because I think this is also the same thing. Sellers, what do sellers want? Exactly what we have buyers. If you can show them the main reason, that’s the, honestly, the main reason they’re listing a home with a real estate agent to find them a buyer. Now, if you have buyers, that’s great.

And predominantly the buyers that are going to come by that house are usually attached to a real estate agent. I don’t care. My job is to find a buyer for your property. And that involves marketing that involves, you know, photography and drone and all this fun stuff. But when you think about what they truly are looking for, they want a buyer.

So you have to show them proof. And I hope you guys do this. When you go into your listing presentations, that you have an access to a pool of buyers that fit exactly the house that they have to sell. So then you can show them. That you have a system to procure buyer prospects,  before you even met them.

Right? So that was a huge piece to me. I would literally bring in a sheet of paper and say, you know, I took the Liberty of pulling the list of my database of 25,000 people in our database. I’ve got about 220 that match your home specifically. And that are currently looking for homes in the neighborhood like yours.

What I’m going to do is I’m going to call these people right away. I’m not saying one of these people will buy it, but I will tell you that I generate between 30 and 40 leads a day. And so the opportunity for me to find a buyer is going to be greater than an agent who doesn’t have a buyer acquisition system, and simply is waiting for a magazine to come out in two weeks, you know, to find a buyer, right.

That that’s just, you’re wasting time. You want somebody who already has access to a buyer pool. And so, again, I don’t know if you guys do that, but,  that has been a huge piece for us. I think a lot more agents are doing it, but there’s a, there’s a very cool way to, to showcase that at a listing presentation, that’s probably another zoom call.

But showing them your marketing strategy is also something that a lot of agents just don’t do. They don’t have a strategy. Their strategy is, oh, we’re going to do zoom and we’re going to put it on, you know, we’re going to do this, this, this. Yeah. But what is your, what is your marketing strategy to get people to raise their hand, like walking them through and showing them lead capture opportunities,  the marketing and how it talks to that person.

Like if you were to go through, this is the second, this is the third one down here.  targeted marketing based on historic data. I always used to think about when I was selling, I got, I got the worst listings, the one that backs up to the major street, the power lines, the one that has the down house next to it.

I’m like, what, what, like, why the hell do I get these shitty listings? Why am I not getting the good ones? And so I just realized that it was an opportunity. And so what I started doing as I had this listing that backed up to the street and power lines, cause it was right on the corner of,  you know, with a light.

And so I’m like, okay, if I can find, I start thinking about, well, if I can. Information about buyers who have bought houses like this. Historically, maybe I can find something common about those books. So I’ll go to the tax records or I’d go to the MLS and I’ll pick out all these homes that sold backing up to streets with power lines or lights.

And then I would, I would pull the information from the tax records. I would go to Facebook and I would do a little stalking,  and Instagram. And I would find something common about these people to try to determine who is the buyer that would buy a house that backs up to a street and backs up to a noisy road with power lines.

And, you know, you can find some commonalities, but what happens is you, you end up targeting and you specifically start getting better at your buyer pool. And so having this conversation with a seller, it doesn’t always work. Trust me. And I tried and I found that they were a big city people, right. They didn’t care about the noise.

They lived in Manhattan. They lived, you know, it wasn’t a noise issue for them.  and power lines that I don’t know what the issue was there was. But what I did find is I actually did the same thing for real estate agents. I’m like, okay, Is there any real estate agent that does a really good job with selling houses that back up the streets and power lines.

And so I did the same research and I found there was one guy who closed like six in the last two years and I called him and I’m like, dude, I don’t know if you know this, but you, you do a great job of showing how selling houses that back up, you know, streets and power lines. And he’s like, ah, I didn’t know that he didn’t have clue, but I’m like, okay, well you do something really well with people to put them at ease when you’re in the backyard or showing them a house.

So I showed him my list and he showed it three times. Never sold it. But my point is is that that strategy is really effective when you can get into the seller and tell them that I’m not just going to throw on the MLS and, you know, sit back and wait for all the agents to show it. And maybe in this market, you can do that.

But I will tell you, I had this conversation too, because here it’s probably the same as Canada is that houses are selling so fast. And I said, okay, if you go to a seller right now, or if you do a listing presentation, that seller asks you a question and they ask you, okay, Nathan, what was the, can you show me all of your marketing?

You’ve done the last 12 months for listings. I guarantee that most agents are. Oh, I didn’t do any marketing. Like I just throw in the MLS and getting multiple offers. Yes. Because you’re homogenizing your business because you’re doing everything, whatever. I’ll tell you all the other agents do versus saying, well, I know that this house, all my houses sold and within, within a day with 10 offers, but I still went ahead and did all the marketing because I think it’s,  I think it’s, I think it’s important for the neighborhood.

I think it’s important for me. I think it’s important for the seller. That’s pretty effective and that’s pretty impressive. If you know that your house is going to sell in one day with 10 offers and you still do the marketing, that’s where it builds extra leads. And that’s where you can get off that income rollercoaster.

Right? Where you sell one house. I got nothing coming up for three months. Oh, another house and nothing coming up for three months. I don’t digress on that. Jay, just real quick, just real quick to, you know, we had, we had a meeting yesterday and chorus media,  just ran a survey of consumers and sellers.

And,  there’s a, there’s a stat here in agent who can clearly explain their marketing strategy for your home is clearly more important than someone who’s listened to high-end homes or has more experience the marketing strategy matters. And we broke this down in detail where, you know, cost is a factor of supply and demand.

The agent that creates the most demand for the property increases the price. So guys, you have to pay close attention to what is saying, what is your marketing strategy? What’s your marketing plan. That’s why we focus so heavily on that here at the GPG, because it matters in the 90th percentile. It wasn’t even close 93, 90 4% of every demographic.

 once an agent who can clearly explain their marketing strategy over the fact that I’ve sold high-end homes or have experienced, they don’t care. They want to know what your marketing strategy is to get them top dollar. It’s very. Yep. Agreed. And that’s why the negotiating strategy also plays a role too, because when you walk into a listing presentation and you ask if you’re competing with agents and maybe they’ve met with other agents and you ask them, Hey, did the other agent that you talked to, did they show you their marketing or their negotiating strategy?

No, they just said they negotiate. Okay. But they didn’t actually walk you down the path of a strategy, like an actual scenario. And that is, that is,  that’s probably my biggest closer when I was selling is I would, I would talk about the marketing strategy, which was way unique than anybody else. I would talk about my buyers and waiting, which was the list of buyers that I currently had in my database.

That match that was that sheet of paper I showed them. And then the strategy for negotiating was the, was the clothes. And I said, okay, let’s, let’s assume I’m your listing agent. And let’s assume Joe here is a buyer’s agent. And I would walk down the strategy of how it works with the process of submitting an offer and how I did it and how I called and followed up and what I said.

And I would literally just tell them, this is what I do to try to get you the highest dollar. And it’s a pretty effective strategy. And when you, when you hear it, the sellers are like, yes, that makes total sense. I’m sold on logic.  I get really excited by my emotional side, but my logic part of my brain has to convince, or my, my, my, sorry, my,  my passion or my,  excitement side of my brain has to convince the logic side.

To say, yes, it’s a good deal. Let’s do it. I’m sold logically. If you’re not selling logically it’s smoke and mirrors, you have to be logical pragmatic, and you’ve got to be able to identify the holes or the pain points of the seller and the buyer. And when you can say that, logically you’re closing, like it’s just so easy.

It’s so anyway, the negotiating strategy is a very good logical close, but it also sets expectation about how it works. And so if somebody is negotiating my house, I would like to know how they do it personally.  you know, I, I don’t know how many agents do it necessarily, but I think it’s important for me to understand how you do it.

If you can say that you can, you can get me the highest price, the lowest time and the no hassle. Then I I’d like to kind of know how that happens. So. It’s just a great way to do it. So we’ll talk another time about that. Cause that is a really good strategy. We’ll walk down kind of the path that I use when I was selling on it’s very effective.

So, okay. So this is really important. And I said this before,  if you can answer this question, because when you go to talk to a buyer and a seller, they’re asking you this question, whether they verbalize it or not, they’re going to ask you this question. That’s why they’re talking to you. And it’s super important to know how to answer it.

And so if you do not know how to answer this question, you will be out of business. Why should I do business with you over and above all other options or anyone else including doing or nothing at all or whatever I’m doing right now? Meaning why would I sell my house with you versus somebody else? Why would I buy my house through you versus anybody else?

And like I said, when they don’t verbalize it, that’s the scariest. When they verbalize it it’s even better. And it’s amazing. But when they’re sitting there, you’re doing a presentation and you get people who sit like. That’s what they’re asking themselves. Why am I going to talk to Spencer? What’s Spencer going to do for me versus my other options.

And that’s exactly what you have to answer in your marketing strategy, in your negotiating strategy, in your presentation. That’s where we get to next, because I’m going to show you some spots or some things that are not answering that question. Here comes the fun part. I’m going to jump through these.

Okay? So this is what I call commodity marketing. This is what we see all the time in our marketplace. You guys probably see it too. But when I can, when I get a postcard and it looks like this, right, good things are happening in your neighborhood, blah, blah, blah prices per square foot is on the rise.

We’ve been uniting extraordinary whole Arizona homes with extraordinary lives for 45 years. We’d like to do the same. Okay. Blah, blah, blah. Okay. Does it tell me what you do differently than anybody else? Does it say, why should I hire you versus anybody else? No, because anybody can say that they’ve been doing it for 45 years.

Well, maybe not 45 years, but there’s nothing there there’s no, there’s no, there’s no value. All right. Same thing here. This person decided that he was going to market the same house, by the way, those are all three of the same picture of the same house.  but look at this, look at the tagline. We have over 30 million in listings today.

It’s like Seinfeld episode. So you can take a listing. You just can’t sell a listing. Right? So what you’re telling me is I’m going to be, what if I have a million dollar house you’re going to have $31 million in listings. Like you sold this one, but you didn’t do that. You didn’t tell me what you sold it for.

How long the days in the market were or what the process was, where the sellers happy. You’re just simply saying, I want you to bolster my inventory. That’s very self-serving. I don’t think that the agent meant it, but I think they think that they have to say that to get relevance or to be respected in the marketplace.

That’s horrible. It gets bad. I was in this 2017, I was sitting on,  orange county and I was looking at this newspaper. And,  it says in escrow, in escrow, in escrow sold, so-so the Astro. I’m like, oh, so you got nothing to sell. Like I assume real estate agents sell houses every day. Right. I assume plumbers fix pipes every day.

I, I assume. I mean, assuming that an agent sells a house every day is exactly what sellers think, where people think well, so why, what are you telling me? Are you, you know, is the market hot? Is that what you’re saying? Okay. Well then I’m not going to get involved in that. Like that’s a repellent, that’s not a great marketing ad.

So, but I’m telling you the LA times that was probably a very expensive ad. Here’s my favorite. Here’s where we really get into the meat of the market just listed and just sold cards. So the top left and the top right, are other front and back just listed 95th place, Scottsdale, Arizona, custom luxury and DC ranch.

And on the back, it says custom luxury DC ranch area just listed blah, blah. And it shows all the bullet points of the house. So it it’s literally a marketing piece for the property. Again, what do I assume agents do on a daily basis? I assume they sell houses, they list houses and they sell them. The one below says exact same thing, just sold.

Right. And then. Who is the hell is going to read all that. I’m not going to read that. Like I got three to five seconds and if you don’t catch my attention, I might go, oh, that’s that houses in our neighborhood. Okay. Hey, well that one just sold. Okay, great.  honey, maybe we should sell our house. It doesn’t say, Hey, we should call this agent or that amazing agent did a great job or, or my God that client was so happy with their agent.

I should call them too. That’s the point we’re missing. We’re just looking at this homogenization and just saying, okay, well they’re doing it. We’re going to do it again. What do we do for you on a daily basis? Here’s my favorite just sold in DC ranch, 9 55 inventory levels in DC. Rancher, low thinking of selling now is the time.

Now he does have a call to action. It’s called, it says, call us today. That is called action. It’s a very bad and weak call to action because why wouldn’t I call any agent? Why would I have to call them? If inventories are low, if is low, that means I could sell my house at any price, right? With any agent, the clerk to facilitate this process, not a salespeople or person.

Top real estate agent team and or top real estate team at 8 5, 2 5 5. That’s our zip code? Who cares? I don’t care. Right? Being a, being a good agent, being the number one team in a zip code or a city is a by-product of good system, sell the system, don’t sell the outcome. Right? So if I were to say, Hey, because of my marketing strategy, my negotiating system, my buyer acquisition program, I have become the number one team in Calgary or Scottsdale.

That’s a message. That’s more of a sellable message versus saying, I’m the number one who cares? I was in the car business for 20 years. I guarantee you what, no one ever walked into the car dealership and said, I want to talk to the number one car salesman, not one person. If you have a system, you have something that uniquely different than other agents because you all, you guys see this all the time, you know, Joe, you know, Joe top agent, you know, it hurts us to see that it hurts.

It, it doesn’t help our business to, to, you know, to get the narcissism out of real estate would be,  I mean, good luck. But my point is is that you can circumvent it by being really good about your messaging. You’re selling the outcome, which means you’re not selling the reason or the marketing system or, or what you did to get there.

And then what they do is they marginalize our business because they just assume it’s they see everybody doing it and it’s easy. Oh, how many times people get real estate license? Because they think they can make a whole bunch of money. Right? Oh, it’s easy. I see, I see David David doing it all day long.

It’s easy. Oh, then they get in. They’re like, oh shit, this is hard. Yeah, because we’re not selling. We’re not selling the system, we’re selling the outcomes. So anyway, another one, here’s kind of a funny one, you know, introducing severally force, you canyon, it just goes on and on and on. This is the commoditization in marketing that doesn’t have a call to action.

It doesn’t have anything that says, why should I use the team with more right at the bottom?  why should I use them? Like, what’s the value you bring to the table? You’re simply just doing a public announcement. Okay. On the right side, why would an agent put a flyer box with the MLS information in a box?

If you guys are, I hope you guys are doing this, but if you do just stop, if you’re going to do it, there is some ways that you can kind of increase your value, increase your lead gen with this.  and I think there’s an important piece to that, but the S the signwriter,  I don’t know if you guys use this at all, but we’ve implemented this probably four years ago, and I will tell you that this signwriter space, this real estate is extremely important.

And that’s what we. So here’s what happens, right? Somebody drives by. And then they go, Hey, Hey Jay, I’m over at your house at a 1, 2, 3 main street. Hey,  you guys have an open house every day. Hey, when’s the, when’s the open house. And you’re like,  I’ll be there in five minutes. Hold on one second. Right?

It’s a private open house. It’s not a public open house. It’s a private showing. And so you sell your seller on it by saying, Hey, they now have to call me for the times. I can now make sure that they’re qualified. I don’t want to trick to people through your house that don’t qualify. And if they’re looking for a $400,000 house and yours is a million,  I probably not going to show them.

They’re like, yes, I don’t want you to, because I got to gather up my, my husband and my four dogs and my three kids. And, you know, that’s a pain in the tail. So this is an amazing way to drive people, to call your mobile number on your S on your sign, because otherwise people can just drive by if there’s nothing on there, they just snap a picture or they pull up realtor or Zillow and they get.

Right. So we’re not selling that information. And that’s what the box is selling. I want to sell them to call my mobile number and they don’t have access to the open houses. Maybe there’s some, there might be some apps out there that have it, but predominantly speaking open houses are not that you know, public.

 but what it’s cool when you say open house every day, call for times, all you’re doing is just trying to get them to call your mobile number anyway. Good tip. All right. So if you’re going to put a flyer box, this is what we put. If you’re going to have the MLS sheet, because your client wants to write or you know, their portrait pressuring you on the back, make sure it has something like this, because if there’s a buyer who drives in pro grabs a flyer box and goes, oh, four 50, that’s over my price range.

I’m out. You lost that opportunity for a lead, right? So if they see this on the back of it, and now you’re saying, Hey, this is how we find houses for people. You know, we use the adolescent courts, like all the other agents do, but we have an internal agent network, social media expired cancels, foreclosures for sale by owner predictive analytics coming soon, zero days on market properties.

That’s a sexy marketing word for brand new listings that just hit the market. Right? That’s all it is. And then of course you have your VIP buyer benefits of what you get. You’re selling your, I should not sell the house. The flyer box should sell you to get them, to call you. Then you can qualify them to see if they fit the house.

Just my personal opinion. All right, this is fun. Now we get into the fun stuff. This is guys. This is literally true marketing that I scoured the internet for. And I found to be true. This is real marketing. Again, we’re just giving them access to get information without having them to call our mobile number, because that is again, a little scary if they don’t know who you are.

All right. So here’s some great ideas for marketing, for listings. The sold sign after one week in our VIP loyalty agreement.  one of the four things that we ask for the buyer,  in our agreement is, Hey,  if we sell you a house in a neighborhood that we market to actually doesn’t really matter,  you’ll allow to put a sign in the yard for up to one week after it closes there’s this it’s been up for 30 or 45 days because that’s typically the length of the process of escrow.

They don’t put just old or under escrow or pending.  so that sign goes down. My son goes up with a sold either a whole new sold sign or just a for sale sign with a rider that says sold Jay, you know, Jay sold this house to amazing buyer or whatever you want to say. The perception in the neighborhood is, well, this Remax guy had it for 30, 45 days.

How’d this guy sell it in a day. Like this guy just listed his house and sold it. No. I actually brought the buyer, which is the, one of the most important things you’re looking for in a real estate agent. And it just starts a great conversation. The perception though, when people keep driving by that house is, well, how was a Remax sign?

Now it’s a corporate sign or whatever it is, GPG sign. Oh, I got hired that guy sell that house so fast. Right? So that’s an amazing way to get that perception built in the neighborhood. But when you have those calls and contacts and you’re, I don’t know about you guys, but in Arizona or in the states, we can, as a buyer’s agent, I can legally represent that I sold the house.

 you know, just like a kind of listing agent. I can do postcards, flyers, brochure, signs, whatever I want. Plus I have an agreement with the buyer. Who’s now the current homeowner to put a sign in the yard. Great way to do it. So. Video emails. If you guys aren’t using video emails, that’s a great way to start leveraging your brand and your message.

 we do a part of our listing domination packages. We do a,  a marketing piece to the neighborhood. We do video emails to the neighborhood. We do social media posts to the neighborhood,  voice broadcasts. We do anything we can to the neighborhood.  but video emails are very effective and you can do those on an open.

You can do those on a just listed car or just list at home, just sold and you know, what, who cares if you get 10 offers in one day, who cares do a video, do a PR if you guys have coming soon, or even if you don’t just send a video out, I don’t know if you guys have access to the neighborhood emails, if you can get them, but you’d have to scour that.

 but if you do have that, what a great way to get in front of the sellers of the homeowners in that neighborhood by promoting a, just sold or doing a market update or community update, or, Hey, we’re having a, you know, we’re having the Halloween candy, whatever,  whatever, it doesn’t matter, just getting your face in front of the homeowners in that neighborhood is extremely effective and video’s a great way to do it.

You guys all know that.  we talked about direct mail Facebook and just being omnipresent, right. Just making sure that you’re consistently hitting that farm area effectively,  in multiple mediums, don’t just rely on a postcard. You’ve got multiple, you’ve got to multiply that in different mediums and that has been very effective.

So here’s the just sold sign. Here’s a couple of the agents that we work with, or that are in our coaching program that do a great job. So,  what’s cool about this is that they put this sign out now. What’s interesting is Anna does this sign where it’s a separate sign, it’s completely separate than our sold sign.

 and so does Jessica, and so basically they’re just putting out just sold signs as opposed to just sold writers. I love that idea. Because again, if they see more of GPG out there, just so it’ll just, it’ll just old. That starts building the brand and then you can start leveraging that a lot more so. And even, even when I was selling, I didn’t care if an agent in my company or an agent with the same monikers I had was selling houses because it helped me.

Right. I didn’t really care it. I played on the coattails of that or they played on my coattails. I didn’t care. We both gained ground because of it. So. All right. So we talked about leveraging yourself to people’s systems and technology. So one of the things, I don’t know if you guys,  and this was just kind of showing our lead program and the system that we use,  generating leads every month.

We, you know, we leverage,  inside sales agents in the Philippines to book appointments. I’m sure. I don’t know how you guys do that, but that was something that we leveraged pretty hard,  to get appointments coming in,  for agents that have leads. And then also our lead program that we generate leads for.

I don’t wanna get too much into that, but I thought it’d be interesting to do, if you guys are gonna do your own, the Google pay-per-click ads, these are the value add variables that are super important to make sure that you don’t, again, commoditize your business on Google. Because if you guys, if you literally go to Google and say homes for sale and Calgary, and you see the ads, right, they’re all say the same thing, free MLS access, you know, free, you know, no sign up free access to the MLS.

I don’t want access to the MLS. If I did, I would, you know, I don’t want that. I want,  upscale homes with best views. I want foreclosures undervalued homes.  Messaging that really resonates with people that are looking for homes. That’s the key to Google pay-per-click and making sure that you get a good click through, on those.

So, all right, the stick system, you guys get leads coming in, right? And you get people to follow up on, but do you have a system that will stick to them and I’m going to go overboard on this. This is not a, this is not something you’re gonna implement. This is a mind map that I use,  for my stick system.

And it was basically, Hey, I had to make sure that every lead came in, but I touched them in some way. I automated that process through a program called Infusionsoft. I wouldn’t probably recommend it. It’s just it’s mind numbing. But what my point is that the soft of confusion soft is exactly right. Yes. So my point is is that if you have system or a system that touches them to get them sticky to you, that’s the key.

And we all know this. We don’t do an amazing job at followup is because we’re busy doing this and we get busy doing this and you get back to your house, your office. You’re like, shit, I totally forgot to follow up with this dude. I can’t tell how many times a day I did that. And I just realized that my stick system didn’t allow me to touch them without my involvement.

And that became, I had a job, not a, not a business. Right. I need a business that runs without me.  I don’t have to be involved in that system. Still works and you can leverage good technology. And so what I did is I built out these text touches where a text would go in, a tag would be added, a tag would be removed and then the next text, and then they could opt in or out for those text messages.

But they look like, in fact, I literally got one this morning,  because my system went out, I had a marketing piece that went out and I had a couple agents who replied and the text message went out to. And it sounds and looks just like what I would text. Cause it’s my, my language. And they literally respond, Hey Jay, I appreciate it.

I couldn’t open up the link. So I see that email come in because it comes into his email. I jump on the tech system and I go, no problem. Here it is. I’ll copy and paste it. So they don’t know like that process worked without me. All I’m doing is I’m engaging when I need to. So there was a smart guy who told me this long time ago.

And yet you guys probably know it as,  Nathan and David.  if you can’t change the outcome, you shouldn’t get involved. Right? So, so many agents will do this. They, they spend time, energy, and effort to find a buyer. They go schlep that buyer to 15 houses. They make 14 offers and finally get one and they looked down and they say, it’s 1%.

Well, that’s your fault. But then what happens is you get an escrow or you get it and, you know, pending or whatever you guys. And then you think you have to white knuckle, that deal all the way to the end, right? You have to be involved all the way through the process. And that’s where the income rollercoaster starts to happen because you’re so involved in helping that buyer all the way through to the opening of escrow.

You’ve earned your commission. Your commission is earned. If you cannot earn a single penny from the time it goes in escrow, an additional penny from the time it goes into escrow to the time it closes you shouldn’t be involved, right? You have lenders, you have attorneys, title, escrow, people, whatever they do their job.

Like you need to be involved. If something comes up in the inspection or if something’s falling down or breaking, breaking, you know, breaking loose. But the thought of us being involved all the way through the process is silly. We’ve put this on our own,  our own value. We think our clients want us from start to finish.

I’m not saying you abandoned your clients. I’m saying. If you have a great team of people that can do the job that you’re not designed to do and leverage them to do the job, you can literally pull yourself out of that process and put yourself back into the sales process with another client. And that’s where you avoid the income rollercoaster.

You can also avoid it by leveraging a business, coming in other people, system assistance, things like that. And I always say this. I’m like, okay, when I got my knee surgery with R R a, which is arthroscopic surgery. When I went in to get my knee surgery, the surgeon did not prep me for the surgery. The surgeon, thank God did not give me the anesthesia.

The surgeon did not. I don’t think he closed. I think somebody else closed and he did not see me at post-op. He walked in and said, you okay? You have good. Okay, thanks back. Like he did one thing. And one thing only, he was a specialist. Other people are designed to do that. A stick system will allow the technology piece to help you leverage the time that you have to get more business.

And that’s why that gets important.  video email, we talked a lot about video email. If you can set up video emails automatically, that’s super important. That’s a great stick system. People see your face, they hear your voice. You know, they get more connected with you. I think that’s really important.

Don’t be afraid to push that little red button that says record, because I will tell you that more of you guys will, will feel better about doing it than not doing it. But the people who see you are going to be more recognized, you’re going to be more recognized to them, but they’re gonna be like, wow, look how look, how Tekken techie Nathan is like, I can’t believe that’s, that’s cool.

Like, you know, and they see your face and your voice or whatever, even past clients. That’s how I started doing it. I was so embarrassed to go back and touch my past clients that I didn’t touch for three years, that I literally treated them. Like they were already getting my stuff. I made myself feel better.

Like, Hey guys, I know you’ve been getting my video emails and I just wanted to send out another one. And they’re like the first one I got and it alleviated me having to apologize for being a derelict in my duty and my duties by not following up with them. So I literally just started sending video emails.

Like I had already been doing it for three years and my engagement went through the roof and I I’ll tell you, I never stopped. One thing. A lot of people don’t talk about, I’m sure you guys do, because I know you guys are super techie and super forward on this, but tracking and budgets. If you guys don’t focus on your business as a perfect time to do it,  talk about tracking.

Spreadsheets are amazing. If you guys don’t use them there, I mean, whatever you use, it doesn’t matter. But when you track your business and you can really track sources, your income, and you can be really good at understanding where your marketing dollars are being spent. I have an agent here, not in my company, in the valley.

He ha there’s a magazine called so Scottsdale. Oh, it’s so Scottsdale. I think that’s what it means. Anyway.  bougie, you know, fluffy magazine, he has six ads in this magazine. Each ad I know runs about 2,500 bucks, right? So this guy is spending 12 to 15 grand a month. On an ad. And now he does a lot of business and I called him and I said, Andrew, dude, you do you own this magazine?

Like, holy shit. He’s like, oh no, I just, I talked the guy into, get me a bunch of ads. And I’m like, okay, so how much business do you get from that magazine? Oh man, I can get a lot of business, like specifically from that ad, from those ads. And he was like, ah, I dunno. But I, you know, I get a lot of business, people call me, so they see my ad, my gambit, which one, which one of the six, he’s got the same landing page, the same phone number, the same, like everything is the same.

He can’t track. Is it page four or is it page 22? And that’s the problem. He could literally cut his marketing budget on that magazine to a third and probably get the same results. He just doesn’t track it. Doesn’t understand where the money’s coming from. So,  and then, so volume breakdown, if you guys haven’t done this, do you guys, do you guys have the volume breakdown?

Yeah. Yeah. That’s the,  that’s the goal-setter right? Yep, yep. Yeah, absolutely. We do. Yeah. That’s amazing when you break that down, it’s crazy. Every year we do it with agents, you know, they, they, and variably, they set their by their goals way too low. I’m like, okay, you did 300 this year. How much you gonna do an extra 400, like 400?

Like you can do that by may like 400, like, come on, man. So, you know, they put the pressure off of them and I’m like, no, you need to do eight. Like you need to double your business. Or like, what, anyway, it’s kind of fun to do that. Well, when you break it down and you’re like, okay, so you need, you need six appointments in a month.

Can you get six appointments in a month? It’s amazing when you break it down to the ridiculous, how easy it is to do it. So anyway, We also do a spreadsheet. I actually created this.  I was doing this for my brokerage and,  I, and I’ll share this with you guys if you want it, but it’s a forecast.  so basically I wanted to look at my marketing budget and I said, okay, if I’ve got, you know, I’m going to spend a hundred thousand dollars a year in marketing the brokerage, how much money should I spend in January, February, March, April, may, June, you know, whatever.

And I thought, well, if I don’t know the percentage of homes that are closing in the Metro area in those months, then it’s hard for me to identify what my budget’s going to be. So I actually did it for an agent and I said, okay, if we can break down, if you want to sell 20 houses, if 8% of all the homes in the Metro Phoenix area are sold in January, you need to sell 1.6 homes.

It’s not a perfect science. You’re not going to be able to sell 1.6 homes. But my point is is that you can kind of get an idea of forecasting, your budget, your marketing, your cost of sales, and then your. And so what we did is we just broke it down into a forecast spreadsheet, which is really simple to use.

It’s really based on two things, your average commission percentage, and then the number of homes that you want to sell. And then it kind of formulates everything and it shows you how much you should be spending on your marketing. Right? So, so many agents hit a ceiling because they don’t spend enough money of their top line income on their marketing.

Right? I think personally it should be 25%. If you make a hundred grand, you should spend 25,000 of that money on your marketing to feed the funnel. But the problem is we need a hundred percent of that, a hundred grand to pay our bills. So we need to carve out some money to be able to do that. So, and so I just broke it down to a 25% cost of sales marketing, 20% cost of sales.

Other, you should run about a 55% profit margin. So if you’re gonna make 244,000, this scenario, you’re going to net 134,000, that’s 55%. That’s the CTE tracker. It tracks closings, pendings, actives, that kind of thing. So. All right. Let’s see what else. Oh, all right. So some of you guys may or may not use this.

I think I’ve become known for my presale package, which I love. I’m really, really passionate about,  number one, commissions, but number two is the look and feel when you go into a pre-listing package or I’m sorry, pre-listing or listing with a client and you have a pre-listing package. I was up against acceler one time or another agent.

And,  I, I forget what it was, but he had like a stack of books and he had all this stuff and I walked in with. Oh like that, I looked like a schmuck. So this is where I started getting into. I talked to Shai over at,   you know, Craig’s guy and he wanted like,  he wanted a lot of money for these pizza box.

I call them pizza boxes cause they looked like a pizza box. And  I said, wait, I can probably create my own. So over the years I’ve developed and created my own presale package and it’s a portfolio that opens up it’s magnetic.  it’s got this really cool, hard bound book that we’ve, you know, M  embedded our logo on.

 it’s got this really cool video card that you open up in a place of video. I don’t have one with me. I probably should have brought one. Yeah, those are, those are the coolest man. Just imagine a greeting card and you open it. And it’s Jay on video doing a personalized green.  inside the greeting card.

My point is that. Yeah. And David’s right when you open that thing up and there’s an LCD screens, a five inch LCD screen that plays your message and it could be, Hey, Mr. Mrs. Jones. It’s Jay over here at Corcoran. Hey, I know we’re meeting next week. I just want to drop off some information about who we are, what we do.

 and a lot of times I will physically hand deliver this to their house. You could courier it or FedEx it, but the reason I, I would hand deliver it is especially if I’m meeting in the next week or so, I would knock on the door and I would say, Hey, I was just showing a house down the way.  maybe, maybe not whatever I was in the neighborhood, previewing some houses.

I know we’re meeting next week. I thought I would just drop this off. And now what happens is during the presentation of the meeting, when I meet with them, my dog wants in my office.  I’m kinda like old friends, right? I’ve already met. They’ve already gone through my package. They’ve already watched my video.

Well, here’s two things. The package is either still in the FedEx box on open, or it’s opened highlighted dogeared. Like everything is on the table and they’re like going through everything and I’m like, oh, all I gotta do is close. Like, this is just a closing meeting. This isn’t a necessarily a presentation meeting, a little presentation.

But my point is is that you’re just literally soft selling them on you. And then when they’re seeing this, they’re like, okay, what if Nick is going to send me this? How the hell, I mean, to get my listing, could you imagine what this guy is going to do to sell my house? Like, you’ve just literally crushed your competition from an expectation level.

Now you’ve got to bring it.  and this is why when you go into commissions, you can typically get more commission because the visual aspect and the, the, not just what you say, but what they see and what they feel. I call it the cognitive circle of learning. Right? You gotta hear it. And you gotta, you gotta.

You got to spell it or write it and you got to see it. Right. So that’s kind of the, that’s what happens with, with sellers to make that decision. So if you guys don’t mind so much to unpack there, J like, I, I can’t, you know, literally and figuratively man, you are dropping crazy bombs. Like, and again, I don’t care if they listen to the message, I just want them, I want them to feel something that they’re seeing and touching that the other agents won’t give them because as you know, people remember how you make them feel right.

Versus what you say. So anyway. Yep. All right. That was the, my what’s working now. Marketing masterclass.