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We all know that social media is an extremely important marketing tool. However, some posts are better than others–some even go viral.

So how do you maximize your social media presence?

It’s really about adapting to the changing landscape of social media.

“People treated Instagram like it was their personal art gallery for a long time. Now, we’re seeing the power of it in terms of branding and business,” said GREATER PROPERTY GROUP co-founder and managing partner David Morrell.

This GPG Mastermind Meeting is different since there is no guest to share their expertise on how to grow and scale their business. Instead, the GPG agents got a lesson on how to maximize social media in marketing one’s business from an episode of The Tom Ferry Podcast Experience.

Ferry is the #1 real estate educator according to Swanepoel Power 200. He is also the best-selling author of Life! By Design and Mindset, Model and Marketing!

In his presentation, Ferry emphasized the importance of posting videos.

“81% of consumers prefer to watch a video before they decide to buy,” said Ferry.

This means that when you market a product or service, the goal is always “video first.”

“You’re going video first in your marketing, which means, every time you’re creating something for marketing, you’re thinking video first,” said Ferry. “You’re not thinking email, you’re not thinking postcard, you’re not thinking flyer, you’re thinking: ‘I need to get this on video.’ And in case you’re wondering why, all you have to do is look at the stats.”

Around four or so years ago, news sites would post a headline to a story and would then ask the readers to “read the story.” Now, most posts from news sites would say: “watch the video.”

Here are the things Ferry said in his presentation:

5:00 – 8:00: Advice to real estate agents about video-first marketing: Beat them at the hyperlocal level by fully operationalizing video content creation at scale with customer segments, communities, product type and reviews.

8:13 – 11:47: Tools that could help you maximize posts for search engine optimization.

11:52 – 15:47: How to make a viral video? There is no formula for how regular people can do it, but boosting helps. Tom Ferry called it the $1 a day method to discover what resonates with your prospects.

15:56 – 19:08: Eight videos you should do to attract sellers and four videos to attract buyers.

GPG managing partner Nathan Singh noted that the weekly Mastermind Meeting is a huge advantage for the company’s agents and Realtors. Not only are they getting first-hand coaching from the movers and shakers in the real estate industry and in business, they are also getting brand association from the Mastermind guests.

“When you leverage those connections, you are bringing real value,” said Nathan.

David also emphasized the importance of consistency, which was one of the essential pieces of advice from two-time RUN GPG guest Eric Simon, also known as The Broke Agent. Consistency and relatable content could really make an impact on one’s social media presence.

Every week, you can get valuable lessons from business and real estate professionals who grace us with their presence in our weekly Mastermind Meeting. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity.

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Okay. So, we wanted to talk, for a minute this morning about something really, really interesting. It’s social media presence, social media presence. What do I mean by that? So we we’ve been having this discussion for the last few months about the, the changing landscape of social media. And there’s no better way.

For you as a real estate agent and a professional marketer to connect with your clients and leads to get to know like, and trust you then through social media. Right. And it’s free social well, for the most part, right? You can run, you know, sponsor ads and put ad budgets and things like that. But. Listen, to get your clients to know I can trust you, which is the name of the game you need to be present on social media.

The problem is most agents are not consistent. They’re not putting out relative, relative content. Yeah. I said that, right? Relative content relevant, relevant. What did I say relative? But you can put out content of your relatives. That’s entirely acceptable. I need, listen, I need a coffee guys.  I’m going off coffee.

I’m I’m moving to green tea. I’m moving to green tea and I don’t know if that’s a good move. Clearly not clearly, not a good move, but I, yes, I am moving a green tea. anyways, we were talking about social media presence. I want everybody to pay attention to this, especially a component, being video.

Okay. So it’s one thing to make posts. You know, I, I think people go to Instagram first, you know, Instagram used to be pictures. You know, we take pictures of our avocado toast, what we’re eating. Where we are that type of thing, landscapes, people treated Instagram. Like it was their personal art gallery for a long time.

Now we’re seeing the power of it in terms of branding and business. Right now. What’s interesting. The most interesting part about this though, is what all these social media platforms are moving towards. And that’s video first. They’re moving to video first. It’s not posts. It’s not pictures. It’s not carousels.

It’s video first and video only in some cases, in fact, to keep up with the changing landscape video you’ll you’ll notice Instagram is pushing down picture posts. That’s what they’re doing. They’re they’re moving to video first. We’ve heard the, the, the, the founders of Instagram. Talk about how it’s gonna become a video first platform.

All of them TikTok, you name it. LinkedIn. They’re all moving to video. First, YouTube, YouTube shorts. So you need to start thinking about video. you may have noticed over the past year, the Greater Property Group property group has made a consistent effort to go video. This has been critical. We’ve been doing tons of video tons, and we’re not gonna stop.

It’s just, I mean, we’ve got literally years worth of content video that we’re gonna be putting out there all video. Okay. Now check out the stat. If you’re taking notes, this is a critical stat. 81% of consumers prefer to watch a video before they decide to buy 81% of consumers prefer to watch a video.

Before, they decide to buy, you know, agents. And we’re gonna watch a video here from Tom fair because he, this is a fantastic video where he is breaking down, how agents need to think about. Video first and the importance of video on all platforms. Right. And shout out to, you know, crystal qu you know, Melissa Stevenson, tenaz, new agent Tanaz.

I mean, they they’re literally documenting what they do when they go on showings. If they’re at open houses, I mean, Crystal’s had a few, I know Crystal’s had a few videos, so it’s like, I think we’ve watched a few times cuz they’re freaking hilarious. Right. We just watched them. Right. And so they’re engaging and, and I think that’s really important to think about this stuff.

Sometimes we wanna look perfect or we think we need to have the most perfectly edited video without, and, but, but people don’t care, they just wanna see your content. So I’m gonna play a video here from Tom ferry. we, you know, Tom ferry. Conference which we, you know, we had the watch party for, at the brokerage here, super proud to, to provide that, for the agents here.

And this is a really, I want everybody to pay close attention to this video if, if you need to take notes, do so, because this is really good. It’s a little bit of a longer video, you know, like 10 minutes, yeah, here. Here it is here. There you go. Hey,

so you ready? Here’s number five. Ready? I want you to do your Google page. I want you to over index on reviews. I want you to really think about doing way more reviews via video, and I’ve given you all that stuff, right? You gotta have a beautiful website, cuz when I search you, I need to see more of you. I need to understand what you do and how you do it and where you do.

But then my friends, the game, and it’s still not too late. The game is to win on hyperlocal. I want you to think, write it in your notes that you’re going video first in your marketing, that you’re going video first in your marketing, which means Regina, every time you’re creating something for marketing, you’re thinking video.

You’re not thinking email, you’re not thinking postcard. You’re not thinking flyer. You’re thinking I need to get this on video. And in case you’re wondering why all you have to do is look at the stats. Video informs people. It educates people, right? It entertains people. And if you pay attention about four and a half years ago, any one of you that would go to a news site of any.

Right. Pick your flavor, ESPN, CNN, Fox news, you know, whatever, you know, whatever you’re into. Guess what? Four and a half years ago, they went from read a story to watch a video, read a story, to watch a video, the entire world. My friends has gone video. First, ask yourself this question, ask yourself honestly, how many videos do I have for all of those segments of client?

How many videos do you have that you do just for your database? How many videos do you have for luxury buyers in your marketplace? How many videos do you have? William of the magnificent golf courses all over Carmel. You know, do you have you walking into the post ranch in and looking at the new post house that they just built?

Right? It’s it’s all of that and more right. It’s move up. Sellers. It’s first time home buyers. It’s online, home shoppers. It’s seasoned in investors. The argument I’m making today, my friends, if you wanna win the hyper-local battle, look up here. Everyone look up here, please. You gotta get your ego out of the way, cuz no one cares what you look like.

You look like what you look like. The number one. When I say to people, you should do video, like all females ready? Oh God does my hair look right? No, I’m not sure. And oh, what if I say the wrong thing? I’m like redo the video or do what I do. Just put it out there cuz you know what? Then people say she’s human.

God. I see her in all of her photos. She always looks like a million bucks and, and the clients I have that are killing it right now, mainly females listen up. It’s literally, they’re walking out of the gym, they’re on a walk with their dog and their kids. And they’re a little grimy with their hat on and a little, you know, sweaty.

And they’re like, Hey, just wanted to reach out and wish you a BBO. And they shoot a little video and you know what, everybody. Okay. I know you’re like million dollar listing queen. I know you’re a total rockstar. Thank you for being a normal human being. That’s what normal people do make sense now, by the way, if you guys are really nice, I’ll give you a copy of all of the slides.

How does that sound okay. If you’re really nice, which means you’re active, you stay with me. You keep hanging out right? For this experience. Now you ready? I wanna give you a little insight on video. A very cool site. I found recently about a year ago called tube buddy, what tube buddy does my friends is you sign up for tube buddy.

The free account. I did the paid account cuz I do a lot of video. So I want the analytics that it gives me, but what I love about two buddy is William. I put out five pieces of content, every. Do you know how hard it is to name it the right way for SEO to determine what I should put on there in terms of lengths, what I should tag that is appropriate to get the most SEO juice.

Guess what you guess, what two buddy does you say? My video is about a new construction listing off this part of the golf course valued at this, and it says. Your name of the video should be this. And here’s all the most important keywords you need to get the most SEO juice. Does that make sense? Every, how many of you guys get what I’m saying here?

Right? Like Lawrence, like this is the no brainer. So what’s great. Also like here’s Tom tool. One of our great clients he’ll sell call it. I don’t know, 800 homes this year in Philadelphia.  so I’ll just spot check clients. And if you look at this, you can see on the right side where it says Tom tools, agent hacks on the right side, I’m looking at, it says, oh, right.

From an SEO standpoint, that little green circle looks probably tiny on your, on your slide there. It says he’s done 90% of what he can do to be effective from SEO. But then I look at the zero out of 20. Two buddies suggested 20 things he could add that would get his video viewed more. And he did zero of them.

Think about that. Otherwise, most of us say, I don’t know. I don’t, what should I put in there? How should I name it? So I’m a big fan of two buddy. I’m not an investor. I wish I was. If you know someone there introduce me, cuz I love the company that much I would, I would buy it. It’s that good? All of you that are going like, as I have done for a decade, plus if you’re going hard on video, this is a no-brainer here’s the next key ready?

Very, very, very, very, very impartant. Yes. Somebody said what is SEO search engine optimization. Thank you, Ashley. Now watch. I say to you, Heather, I want you to go video first. I don’t want you thinking I’m gonna send this email. I want you thinking I’m going to send them a video and express it versus just in written word, email, right video first, everything.

When you’re putting out content, I want you now thinking every video goes everywhere. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, your Google, my business page. Every video, Sherry goes everywhere, titled and tagged appropriately for SEO. So I don’t figure it out. Tube buddy tells me what I need to do. I don’t wanna be sitting there or any of my producers to sit there and say what would be the right thing?

No, just go in. But oh, by the way, look at this. , you know what? It also will tell you, you can go in and look at your competition and whatever they’re doing, you can copy and paste it and put it in yours side note, if you wanna win on the SEO game. So I wanna show you guys something. The last part is it says in orange, once you say, okay, I’m gonna put ’em every.

I’m gonna do a lot of video. I’m just, I’m going all in. I’m removing my ego, you know, Kiana. Everyone knows what you look like. Right? So you just, you gotta put it out there. Right? I got red hair. It’s going gray. Sometimes my hair’s too long. Sometimes my glasses are like this. It doesn’t matter. You’re a human being.

We all get that. The more you do and the more you tag appropriately, then you start to boost. So, Jason, it’s not just doing the video. I need to get it watched. So we follow what’s called the dollar a day strategy. Very simply. Here’s what it is. You’re gonna spend a dollar a day on advertising on Facebook as an example, a dollar a day for seven days.

But Jason, I want you to do it. With every video you put out there, your listing video, your here I am at the local, you know, beer garden, your I’m out previewing houses, right? Here’s the video of my, you know, Shannon Moore, who I just sold a house to. And she did a beautiful review of my business. I’m gonna upload it and I’m gonna spend a dollar a day.

And here’s why Shannon I’m looking to see which video gets. Which video, all of a sudden, you know, YouTube and Google say, that’s a good one. And it’s skyrockets. Now I will tell you there’s a lot of people that like will put out content on how do you make a viral video? I don’t know, sell the Kardashians a house.

I’m sure that would go viral. You know, I, outside of that, my friends, I have not seen a way for people like you and I. For people like you and I to actually have something go viral, except for dollar a day, boosting it to see Gale what lights, the imagination of people. And if you look at here’s my YouTube channel, this is my second channel starting in 2009.

If you go down that list, those are the cumulative numbers, Fred. So first year 72,000. And by the way, I started out on July 9th. So I had 72,000 views going forward that first year, by the end of 2010, I had 301,000. Now I’m gonna tell you exactly how I did it. And all of you will do the same exact technique.

But what I want you to look for is when did it suddenly explode? What year did all of a sudden bam, I had a monster jump. Can you.

If you’re paying attention, I was kind of just limping along, you know, touching a lot of people, you know, numbers were doing okay. And then all of a sudden 20 18, 20, 19 William, you were there. I did a talk called three kinds of people when it comes to money. These people end up with none. These people end up with some, and these people end up with a lot.

And that video went viral and you know what? My friends look up here. I had no idea why, but because we just kept putting it out there and boosting it, putting it out there and boosting it all of a sudden, Shannon, you know what here’s, here’s how I look at it. Everybody look at me. You only need one to go viral.

You get one to go viral. And just like that, everybody’s like Jamie, oh my God. I see you every. Keana. I see you everywhere. Lord. I see you everywhere. That’s what happens to my friends and, and literally today, my wife is like, God, we walk into a restaurant anywhere and someone will go, you’re Tom ferry. And I’m like, you’re a 18 year old kid with your hat on backwards.

And we’re at a Laker game. How do you know me? I they’ll say Mr. Fairy. I watched your video on money. Now you might say, well, I don’t want 18 year old to know me. 18 30, 5, 87. I don’t. We are in the people and brand trust business. So let’s keep jamming by the way, I’m gonna show you this and I’m not gonna go through it all, but I’m gonna give you, cuz I’ll give you access to all this here’s eight videos.

I think you should do to attract sellers. Here’s eight different videos. All of you should do ready selling in Austin, Texas, avoid this $25,000 mistake. Now I see one of you, like I’m gonna take a photo of this, but Christy I’ll give you the slides. Right. But you know, you’re more than welcome to take that photo, post it on your Google, my business page, right?

Selling your home over the phone for non-owner occupieds selling a neighborhood for the highest price. All of these videos, my friends, all of these videos for buyers. Right. Moving to blank, right? Moving to city seven lo local insights. Every first time buyer or every buyer should know the, the ones that I’m actually the most excited about though.

Guys is C number four, moving to Citi homes for sales at 500,000. Over the last two years, I’ve seen a tremendous number of clients that have done ready guys. Look up here. What does $800,000 get you in San? It’s a one bedroom, no bath with a, you know, on the five freeway. What does 1.5 million get you? What does 2 million get you?

What does 5 million get you? What does 10 million get you? What does 25 million get you? And you know what happens? All of a sudden you’re putting out this content of, Hey, what is, what is $175,000? Get you in Louisville. And that gets picked up and more and more people see it. What does 250,000 get you?

What does 400,000? And you know what? My friends just like that, they’re like finally, an agent took the time I’ve been looking on realtor. I’ve been looking on Redfin. I’ve been looking on Zillow. You actually brought me into the house and you walked me through the home. I now get it. It’s a very, very, very powerful SEO tool.

additional videos. All of you should do. You should all go drive. All of the neighborhoods where you sell houses, Kelly Chong, or you want to sell houses. And if you went to my client, Christoff chew, if you went to his website or his Google or YouTube page, you would literally see about 30 communities on the west side of Los Angeles, Beverly Hills Bellaire bell air estates, and he takes his phone and he sucks and cups it as he’s driving.

And he just drives through the community. Hi. Christoff Chu, Coldwell banker Beverly Hills. Today, I’m getting you behind the gate of be air estates. What it shock you to hear that this beautiful community of 275 properties, blah. And he just, he just drives the neighborhood and explains it. Now that sounds pretty basic.

Yes or yes guys. And yet he will tell you he gets a come list. Me. I want to work with you every week from those videos because people are Googling. You know, homes for sale in, you know, Beverly Hills estates and there’s a website, there’s an ad and there’s a video. They click on that, cuz consumers wanna watch the video.

They are lazy and don’t wanna read, guess what? Now? They’re like, oh, he’s the guy. He knows everyone. Now they’re on his YouTube channel. Oh, he knows all the different communities here on the west side. He’s my guy and it’s not too late. All of you can do the. So again, I mentioned to buddy, I wanna remind you, 81% of consumers prefer to watch a video before they decide that’s the most recent stat.

So we wanna win the hyperlocal game. That’s where we start. I said to you, you guys are, you know, 50% of every transaction is gonna have a referral fee. Cuz those companies are winning the hearts and the minds and the trust of consumers. I want you to.  81% of consumers want to watch a video before they decide.

So it’s not too late. Christy. You can do it. Yeah. So listen, a little bit of a longer video, but I think every word of that, I hope you were taking notes there. because it was so damn good. You know, what, what Tom ferry was talking about there, you know, again, we were super, happy to provide the Tom ferry conference for the whole brokerage.

So, you know, taking a look at that piece of the conference is really interesting. So I, I, I like what he did is he kind of, you know, he gets you thinking about the content you can. Produce right. making videos for your database. Move up. Buyers, luxury buyers I have here. First time, home buyers, lakefront properties, seasoned investors he had on the list.

Super, super seniors. I don’t know what that means. Does anybody know what that means? When he says he had on the list? Super seniors. first time investors, neighborhood sellers out of province, out of state, out of city, buyers as well, additional content guys. Now we’re really, really fortunate at the GPG.

We’re really, really fortunate because we have so many things that we can share, you know, document what you do, right? Pay attention to the agents that just document what they do that. They’re not reinventing the wheel. They’re just documenting, what they do. Open houses, showings, listing presentations.

We have the GP G buyer guide taking pieces of the G buyer guide, sexy, contemporary marketing, putting that on your social media, you know, the home seller, marketing plan, you know, the USPS we have. Right. we’ve got G PPG radio. We’ve got the mastermind meetings this morning. Shout out to Christina, shout out to Christina.

She gets the value of it. Corcoran’s not doing this this morning, Barbara. Corcoran’s not doing this anyways. I’ll leave it at that PG radio platform seven. we’ve got a folder for podcast snippets guys. If you wanna take it like grant Cardone, a snippet of grant Cardone on a G meeting and put that on your social media with big G logo on their face.

Like, I can’t think of anything. That’s more engaging for your content. You wanna take a, a snippet of exhibit, put that on your social media. We’ve got a folder for agents to grab that stuff. The broke. Eric Simon, dropping this week, right? Like take the snippets. We’ve got, I don’t know, 15 of them go into the folder.

We can share the folder with you, right. Grab a, a 32nd snippet, put it into a reel or put it on your story. Like guys, it’s endless what we have here. We have new jifs. Gifts gifs on Instagram that, that they’ve been creating, really cool ones with crypto. I’ve seen some of them. I think they should have been uploaded by now are, are, on Instagram for some reason they’re not loading yet, but you know, we’ve got all this stuff that’s really engaging.

We’ve got ways of creating content, you know, while we’re talking about just by way of review. okay. So just really quick, you know, we’ve got, you know, the buyer guide, you know, you can take portions of this buyer. And, you know, put it into your own words, plagiarize part of it, take, take it all. None of it, all of it.

I don’t care. you know, the buyer benefits page, right? These are, two of the most profound pages in all of real estate. I’ve said this over and over again. This is some of the greatest marketing ever created for buyers. We’ve had a few agents posting, the crypto page information too. There’s the crypto page, you know, and even right from the website too, taking the, the graphics right off there, posting them that’s content and, you know, the value, the value of that, of those podcast snippets, you know, you might be thinking, well, what’s the value of that.

but when  like, how many, how many DMS do you get Dave? When we post those. Oh, I don’t, I don’t even get to them all. I just, you know what I do? It’s ridiculous. Must delete them now. I mass delete them. Yeah. So, so when, when people see, you know, when you’ve got a, when you’ve got a snippet of James Harris or Santiago Orana, and, and people are DMing, you like, how, how do you know that person?

Oh, well  are you wearing know him personally? We’re involved in a mastermind together. Right. We conference on real estate matters. Let me talk to you about it, right. It’s amazing. So you’re getting that association, that brand association from all of these celebrities, which is why they’re being booked is to be leveraged, right?

They’re to be leveraged in your own network, cuz people, you know, people don’t wanna buy from the realtor that doesn’t know anybody. Right. They wanna work with a realtor. That’s got connections internationally to other celebrity realtors, to other celebrities. So when you leverage those connections, you’re bringing real value to you and your network and to your clients because you know, that’s differentiation.

You know, do you, does your other realtor know grand Cardone?  yeah.  well, you know what, you know what I like about it? Yeah. You know what I like about it? Is it different? It’s not, you know, it, it, it, it differentiates you, it makes you stand out, you know, when you have content like that. I mean this, I mean, the show, the reason why we do the show, it is, it, it, it puts a spotlight on us and our agents.

Right. That’s what it does. And we we’re, we’re happy to provide that. Right. so it’s really interesting what it’s been able to do. And you know, one of the other things too, you know, agents sometimes have sprints with this, where they create a couple pieces of content and they take their foot off the pedal, you know, the importance of consistency and the power of relatable content.

I’m gonna play two really short clips from, current podcast talking about exactly this. That’s why it’s so good. Mm-hmm  okay. Importance of consistency. So this is dropping this week, with the broke agent. I mean, if, if you’re in real estate, everybody follows this guy. I mean, his content does go viral quite often.

Here’s what he’s talking about. I think this is the clip about consistency. The consistency of posting for me has been something I’m actually proud of when I rarely say that about myself, but I mean, for six years I’ve been posting every single day. You know, sometimes I’ll take off a Sunday cuz I’m too hungover to think of something to post.

But every other than that, it’s like, Two or three times a day on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Instagram stories. Like it, it’s gotta keep going. So, you know, from a branding perspective, even if you’re not getting that engagement or that reach in the first couple weeks, I mean, it’s a long process. Like this has taken a long process.

Yeah. you know, it’s, you know, it’s interesting about that, dude. well, I always find this interesting about Eric Simon is he’s very, he’s kind of, he he’s dry. Like he’s not, he doesn’t have a lot of. Inflection in his tone. He’s not like he’s not a super enthusiastic speaker, but if you pay attention to what he’s actually saying, when he talks, and of course he’s talked at our conferences before, he’s actually saying some really incredible and profound stuff, as it relates to social media content, you know, he really, really is.

And that’s what I like about him is his, I mean, you know, and the interesting thing about this episode is we had both Eric Simon and Matt Leonetti. Who’s blown up. Over the last year on social media, they’ve partnered up as a team. It’s the first time on the show. We had two guests talk about branding, and marketing, as it relates specifically to real estate agents, the everyday agent.

That’s why I think it’s so good for you. here’s another clip. I think this is the, he’s talking about relatable content, 10. It’s been great to see over the last five years, kind of the switch in marketing from the sales guru, entrepreneur hustle life, Gary V style content. I think calling that out at the very beginning and noticing that that was the least relatable thing to see on social media.

I think seeing that. Evolve has been awesome. And I’ve noticed it just because, you know, Matt has sent it to me and you know, this guy, Derek, Gregory’s agent in Florida who posts funny content. There’s so many agents out there now that are realizing that humor and marketing is the best way to go viral, the best way to get engagement, the best way to get shares.

So I’m happy with it. It’s great. And it’s great for me because I get more content. So, you know, my goal is to lift up other agents also, and. Help grow their following because it gets content from my page and then it increases their business as well, so. Okay. so super cool. Super cool. You know, so again, you know, think video first.

Right think video first consistency, relatable content, you know, Tom ferry talked about his ego. I got a quote here from Gary V that I really like ego is insecurity with makeup on, do not confuse confidence with ego. Right? So the point is get over it and start posting. But anyways guys, little punchy video, think video.

Let’s have some fun with the reels. Try posting, make sure you tags. We can see it. Let’s do it.