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After years as a construction executive and over $2 billion dollars worth of contracts completed, Marshall Wilkinson has become the “sensei of negotiation.”

He codified the art and science of negotiation by writing a workbook about it. And just like all senseis, he also holds coaching sessions to share his knowledge about negotiations and closing deals.

Wilkinson has the right to it, after all, he grew up in construction. Having followed in his father’s footsteps, he has been a part of the high stakes world of real estate construction in one of the toughest markets in the world–New York City–his whole life.

The former construction executive is responsible for completing over $2 billion worth of construction transactions. He is currently the vice president of Nautilus Consulting and chief operating officer of Eldor Contracting and Eldor Electric while also doing consultancy work and coaching.

The negotiation expert has been featured in Business Insider and Yahoo! Finance for his skills in closing deals. He is not afraid to go back to basics, too.

Wilkinson proudly claims to have made over 20,000 cold calls in his lifetime.

“I came from a middle-class background and I’m no longer middle class because of the phone,” Wilkinson said during the GREATER PROPERTY GROUP Mastermind Meeting.

“The reason why the phone is the great equalizer is because any time I pick this thing up, I am the most powerful CEO in America. And you can’t tell me otherwise,” the billion-dollar sales expert continued.

“When I pick the phone up, you don’t know me but I have the opportunity to introduce myself to you right now. And I will give you the best introduction based on the script that I’ve worked on that’s time-tested, and I’m going to deliver it like an actor delivers his lines every single time to get the outcome that they are looking for.”

Wilkinson shared tips on negotiations and closing deals during our Mastermind session. He educated our audience with his negotiation process that included steps he coined the “ice cream man,” “improved conditions,” and “ground zero.”

Here are some of the other topics covered during the session:

2:28 – 3:57: Why is the phone the great equalizer?

4:17 – 7:55: The importance of having a script when making cold calls.

8:53 – 10:22: Marshall Wilkinson became known as the “sensei of negotiation” as he is probably the only person who teaches the art and science of negotiation.

10:43 – 15:55: The fundamentals of negotiation: You want to be in control. If you’re not in control, somebody else is in control.

15:56 – 19:06: There is a powerflip that occurs in every negotiation. One party has all the power at one point. As people in transactional real estate, we need to get to the point where the power flips in our favor.

19:07- 23:50: The “ice cream man” lesson: You are in a position to give the person with the power everything they want to hear and what they actually want so that you can get their commitment.

24:09 – 29:25: The “improved conditions” lesson: This is where you get the strategy out there. You have to expect emotions to run high at this point. When it happens, you just have to be logical and not emotional. When they calm down, you are going to get control because they know they shouldn’t have done what they did.

29:26 – 31:35: The “ground zero” lesson: You bring them back to reality that if there is no deal, they will get nothing just as you will get nothing. Then you go back to being the “ice cream man.”

31:44 – 35:27: Real estate agents should not lie. Lying can burn people badly. Amateur sales people have the tendency to lie or come up with manipulative ways to sell something to somebody. It’s not going to work in the long run.

35:38 – 37:48: Some of Marshall Wilkinson’s closing lines:

  • “What do you want to do?”
  • “Have you heard enough to make a decision?”
  • “Are you in?”
  • “Ready for this thing?”

39:18 – 42: 30: Marshall Wilkinson is bullish on cryptocurrency and digital assets because they afford people the opportunity to preserve their wealth. He said that Bitcoin is just like Rocky Balboa, the more you beat the man, the more he comes back stronger. Bitcoin is the same thing, it gets a beating and it just continues to come back. It will not die because it represents the people and the people will not die.

Quite interesting thoughts from a successful billion-dollar entrepreneur, right? There are more lessons to be learned from successful entrepreneurs like Marshall Wilkinson.

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Marshall is a guest who is a former construction executive he’s negotiated and completed over $2 billion worth of contracts. He’s also the vice president of Nautilus consulting and C O O of Eldar contracting elder electric.  Marshall Wilkinson is a real estate developer. He’s an investor, he’s a construction consultant.

I mean, this guy’s taking this company the nine 15. Literally from the ground up to nine figures, he’s also a crypto enthusiast,  which if we have time, we’ll, we’ll pick his brain on that a little bit, as well as the sales and negotiation coach,  Marshall has been featured in business insider, Yahoo finance.

He’s the co-host of a risk on which is a live daily show about the markets and investors. We found daily at 4 0 5 Eastern on the cheddar network, YouTube and iHeartRadio. I am a big fan of this guy. Anybody knows who’s been in my orbit recently knows I’ve been putting everybody on to Marshall. I can’t wait to have a conversation with them.

Marshall, welcome to this greater property group mastermind meeting. Awesome. That’s great to be here. I’m glad to see everybody. Yeah. This is going to be a fun one. I talked to you about,  you know, we Marshall and I actually did a podcast recently, which I think trops Thursday. So you’re going to want to watch.

I mean, the, the, the takeaways are, there’s no words, you know, the takeaways are unbelievable. You know, again, talking about somebody who’s lived it.  as I said, you know, Marshall’s a guy that really,  from the ground up the original sales call, cold calling and prospecting.  this is a guy who’s made so many cold calls.

He’s the master of the phone call.  I was asking you on a podcast. I can’t remember what you said though. Marshall, do you remember how many cold calls you’ve actually made over your life? That’s 20,000, I mean, 20,000, 20,000 cold calls.  and then I asked you, you know, it’s interesting, we follow up by different means in real estate.

Right. You know, we always talk about following up by land, air and sea, right.  you know, text messages, emails,  the phone, right? Nothing replaces the phone call. Why is the phone call? The great equalizer. Marshall, the phone man. It’s all about the phone, you know, I mean, Well, thank you for the introduction.

I appreciate the kind words and I’m happy to be here. And I hope that you guys are, if you’re taking notes, you got a pen and a pad ready. Cause I really, I want to give you everything that I got in the most meaningful way, because I know exactly what it feels like to be in a position where maybe some of you don’t have a Rolodex.

You know, the reason why I pounded the phones as much as I did for 15 years, because how do you make a name when you don’t know any. And nobody knows who you are and nobody’s opening a door for you. So I, I come from a middle-class background. I’m no longer middle-class because of the phone and,  and my ability to communicate influence outcomes, which is what I want to teach you guys a little bit about today.

But yeah, I mean, the reason why the phone is the great equalizers, because at any time I pick this thing up, I am the most powerful CEO in America. You can’t tell me otherwise, When I picked the phone up, you don’t know me, but I have an opportunity to introduce myself to you right now. And I’m going to give you the best introduction based on a script that I’ve worked on.

That’s time tested, and I’m going to deliver it like an actor delivers his lines every single time to get the outcome that I’m looking for. That’s the beauty of the phone. So, you know, don’t be afraid of it. It’s the tool lights, camera action. It’s what’s going to get you out of whatever situation you might be believing.

So the phone is a great equalizer. Everyone. We always say this, nothing replaces the phone, pay attention to the phone.  now before we get into a negotiation specifically, I want to ask you about some things that salespeople, professional salespeople need to pay attention to, or what should they focus on when making those sales calls and prospecting on the phone?

Well, I mean, there’s a science, it’s an art and a science when you’re making cold calls. Okay. You, you should not be making a cold call. You don’t have a script. You are not good enough to free ball this thing. So to speak, to forgive my language for the ladies on my news north street, but,  it’s the fucking truth.

Right. I mean, I still have a script today and I know every word on the script, but I will still have the script in front of me. It gives me that much more conviction when I’m delivering my lines. Also, a script allows you to afford you the opportunity to say he absolute best words in the correct syntax, where when you pick up a phone and you hear a guy with a deep voice that you may get a little flustered, maybe this is a really powerful person.

And you’re sitting at home with your cat and your boxer shorts, trying to get a listing. You’re going to screw it up. Right. So a script is going to help you stay on course. So, I mean, that’s number one, make sure you have a script. The other thing I want to say about that is make sure you deliver it accurately.

I tell everybody who I coach and the dozens of people I’ve trained throughout the years, you know, multiple dozens that, you know, you are an actor delivering a line. That’s you become that guy, right? I’m a character. There’s no doubt about it, but like I had to. I had to act as S I had to act as a very confident man when I was a young man in order to become the man that I have today.

And I was no question about it. And after delivering my lines, you have, you have to think of it that way. You have to sound good. If you sound bad, no one will listen to. Think about it. Right? What movies do you guys watch when the guys screw the lines up and they, the voice is shrilling. I mean, come on, man.

What boxing movie are you going to watch? What a guy’s 400 pounds. Well, he’s gotta be shredded and a killer. Right? You believe it then. So the same thing, when you’re on the phone, deliver your line, she got to sound good. You need to be enthusiastic. You gotta know what you’re doing. It’s a skill. So what really irks me is a guy who like, you know, says, I’m the only, I’m going to make 70 calls today.

You know, this is 20, is this 20, 20 to 25?

Yeah, it’s 20 21, 20 21 70 calls is like saying you bench press 700 pounds. When I started making calls, it was 400 calls a day. You do not sit down. How weak have we got? I mean, you want to be a millionaire? Good luck. So, so you got to know what you’re doing and you, and it starts with a script and delivering your Alliance.

And then, and then obviously we can go into it further and taking it from there. But I mean, it sounds old school and it sounds extremely simplistic, but guess what it is, the reason why that’s so beautiful guys is because you have to replicate any monkey can come across a cell. 80 idiot can just get a, get a lay down to.

When you need to do is replicate and duplicate listings. You need hundreds, thousands of deals to make your career not one. Right? So how you going to do that? Now? You need a system. How does McDonald’s pump out burgers system? You do not have a system. If you don’t have a script that you don’t know the tonality and you don’t know what to say, you don’t know how to handle specific objections.

Listen, the reason why I’m good, Dave is because I I’ve been saying the same stuff for 20 years. I’m sick of it. I’m a broken record. This, this tablet is this big and it’s just how to get same shit over and over again. So, you know, it’s sexy, but at the same time, you know, it’s something that, yeah. Okay. So I wanted to go over that quickly just to give you some background.

On why Marshall is kind of the, you know, the master, the sales call and why you get it. I mean, this is like, again, this guy built his whole,  business and his career,  based on selling now $2 billion, $2 billion. I know I stand corrected every day. It goes off another,  you know,  you know, seven figures.

So,  but Marsha, like, listen, we were talking about this on the podcast. And this is really why you’re here today is that there’s a different,  there’s different stages to selling. We know that there’s the presentation, negotiation and closing, but in particular you’ve become known. And this is a fact, and they mentioned the name, Marshall Wilkinson people know that you’re the sensei of negotiation.

We call you the sensei negotiation. You’re the guys who wrote yeah, you wrote the book on it. Literally literally wrote a book on negotiating. So why do they call you the sensei of negotiate? Well, I mean, I guess probably because I, I’m probably one of the only guys in this space that teaches it outside from an academic perspective, like the Harvard program on negotiation, the book getting to guess.

You know, everybody’s seen that book in the bookstore getting to, yes, that’s the Harvard book. You know, those are academics, nobody talks about negotiation, a lawyer, Donald Trump’s lawyer might write a book on negotiation and it’s just to see, you know, what tactics Donald used in a deal or how they walked out on a guy or they held them out over time, like crap like that, you know, nobody really gets into it.

And I kind of, I kind of been shoehorned into it because the deals that I do are. Negotiating they’re heavily weighted in negotiating develop any construction is heavily weighted in negotiating, not necessarily closing. So it depends on what you’re selling. Right? So some, sometimes you’re selling a product that doesn’t require an English creation, and this is the price.

Yeah. Your day, you like it, you wouldn’t go out. And then you’re really more of a hard, closer. But when you’re doing a development and construction real estate, it’s really more negotiation centric and weighted rather than closing, because we know that we’ve engaged each other as a party. Now we need to just dial in the price and the terms accurately.

Right. So I guess, I guess I kind of became that guy just based on the industry that we’re in and out. It’s a very, very heavily weighted on the negotiation side. Okay. That’s that’s interesting. Okay. So he actually did codify it, which, you know, you might get into there, but yeah, you codify it. You wrote it down.

You were closing big deals. So why don’t we break down some fundamentals of negotiation specific to real estate agents. If we can do it. I mean, negotiation is negotiation. We’re talking about real estate. Yeah. Let’s let’s do it. Let’s break down some fundamentals. So just to circle back on the codified deal, I wrote the playbook on.

Just so the president of my company would allow me to go forward and do negotiations on behalf of the company. He wanted to know that I had a system in place where it wasn’t just a handful of times that I’ve been coming home with deals. And so it allowed me to kind of break free, get my freedom, which then allowed me to get more of an executive check.

I didn’t have an oversight on top of me, you know, and the construction and the construction and real estate development business, your money’s in the street everyday. Right? So if you work for somebody and you’re negotiating deals for them on their behalf, it’s their money. That’s in the street. So they’re not just going to let the line out, let you run.

Hog-wild on negotiations, right? Especially our company is a family business. It’s our personal. So I had to kind of like earn my right to go and do that. That’s why I codified it. I didn’t got a fly to put a book together cause I wanted to be a best seller. By the way, if you guys are 90% of your people don’t know who I am on here, but for David, that’s my problem.

And that’s because I’ve, I’ve, I’ve actually been in business. I haven’t been on the internet, dancing around and spending millions on marketing and all sorts of other stuff. I’m a real dude. So, you know, hopefully I could change that a little bit. I really should get out there a little bit more, but yeah, but circling back on the negotiation thing, negotiation is negotiation, but there are certain concepts and truths that are exist throughout the whole.

Any negotiation. If you’re going to negotiate a car, you’re going to negotiate a land deal. If you’re going to negotiate, you know, 450 units somewhere and,  You know, you want me to start from the top? Yeah, let’s do it. Start from the top. Marshall. I’ve seen this. This is crazy. Yeah. Okay. Well, I think one of the first things to understand and recognize is that in a negotiation you are, you know, okay, so this is being recorded, right?

Yeah. So I have to kind of put some disclaimers out here because what I’m going to tell you guys might borderline where some sensibilities might think it’s. And maybe it is, maybe it is, but you can’t, you ain’t going to win any other way. So, you know, you know, what the hell will you want me to say? It’s going to be a minute.

Yes. Okay.  but listen, we live in a capitalist world. So look into put 360 wins together where everybody wins. However, not everybody’s going to give you an opportunity to negotiate or listen to your logic of what you have to say. So sometimes you need to put yourself in a position where. You might have to,  be a little bit sly in order to, for everyone to win in the long run.

And this will become clear that further I speak on it.  you want to be in control if you’re not in control, someone else is in control. If someone else is in control of a deal, you are going to lose on that deal. Remember that you need to be a control freak, but people say Marshall, you’re a control freak.

I take that as a freaking compliment. I take it as a compliment. I need to know what’s going on all the time in every deal I’m in. And what’s going on all day in my business. If you don’t, because you read a book about micro-managing or something, I guarantee you, you will have no deals with no business in the long run.

So number one is you want to be in control at all the, so how do you, how do you mean control starts here? I’m in control. I need to do whatever it takes to get this thing done. I need to stick my chest out a little bit. I need to insert myself into this process. It starts with that. It’s really that simple understanding that I need to be control of this whole linguistic communication that’s occurring here, because if I’m not in control of this thing, it might spiral that.

Understanding your control. Number one is, is the key be a control for it. The next thing is understand, truly understand that you are trying to influence an outcome. And if you cared about an outcome, then you would do whatever it takes. Right. See, I have a problem. I think you’ll probably see it on the podcast.

I talked about it with David. I have a issue mixing my personality in business and my personal license. My girl. And because I’m a control freak. And I, and I was, cause I I’m trying, I care about the outcome so much. And I catch myself saying that to her. Listen, I’m sorry, but I really care about the outcome.

That’s why I’m injecting myself. But in business it works great. You need to care about the outcome and the victory, because if you’re not in control of someone else’s in control, that means you’re a victim of whatever. They decide to do, and it’s not going to end up in your favor, right? So we’re influencing an outcome by being in control of it.

The next thing you want to understand in this process. Okay. So these all are synergistic. It’s like a golf swing. There’s a million different pieces, but at different times in your career, in your golf swing, you’re going to think about one or two specific things. And whichever one of these resonates with you, I want you to think about, but just remember it’s all one motion.

There’s something that occurs at every negotiation is crucial for real estate and construction development is that there is a power flip that occurs with every negotiation. Every negotiation, some party has all of the power. At one point in real estate, the seller has the power they could say to you.

Hey Steve, Hey Nathan, I appreciate you mate, but don’t go kick rocks, right? If you want to buy a $50 million building. You have to win me over to say, okay, I’ll accept your LOI. And I’ll crawl in the bed with you and I’ll give you 90 days of due diligence and all the machinations that occur after that.

Right. We get married, bro. So, so the person who’s selling has all the power we need. As, as people who are in transactional real estate, we need to get to the point of where the power flips. Let me give you an example. Nathan wants to buy my bill. I’m the hottest girl in the room, and everybody wants a piece of this.

Okay. When I make a commitment to Nathan, everybody else goes away. Now I may ruin my entire shot, getting into bed with this. Because he may try to retrade on me, renegotiate, can’t get the financing. Although show me proof of funds. Investors pull out COVID hits, I’m screwed where Robert Copeland or Spencer could have been the guy that actually pulled the trigger and got it done.

Right. But what Nathan cares about is getting me to the point where I go, okay, I’ll put it to you because at that point that’s when it goes a massive flop and power. Another examples in construct. The owner has all the power I want to build for them. They have all the money, they got the land, I’m a contractor.

I give them a bid. I caught them. I do all the, everything that needs to be done. The dog and pony, when they say, okay, I’m going to award you the contract. That’s when all the power flows to me that at that point, when we started to do contract. The power flows to me. I could mobilize men on site. I could stay in there on precedent and not do anything.

And Sue them, lean the job and hold it. I could hold you hostage at that point. It’s contractor. Right? So same thing in a transactional real estate deal. I could hold the seller hostage. We could end up in this very long circuitous deal and nobody wins. But it starts with understanding that that is a real thing and that whether people know it or not subconsciously, they recognize that they’re giving power away.

And so what I’m doing is I’m a sharp in order. I’m looking for that flip. I’m trying to get my hands on that Powell on everything, buying a car, buying a piece of real estate, whatever. The power lives with somebody else. It never lives with me when I’m going after it. Right. Live somewhere else. I need to get it.

So the question is, how do you get it? And this ties into what I was I prefaced earlier that might sound a little bit manipulative, but otherwise we’re not going to get it. If we don’t do it. I mean, I’m not going to get it. If I don’t do it my way, and I’ve seen it done this way, and this is the really the most effective.

Let’s call it the ice cream man. So strategy, I came up with called the. Taking notes. Write that down. What do you guys think? Can you turn their Mike’s on so we can also have a David? Or is that not right?

So what do you, what do you guys think the ice-free mandatory nation? What do you think? The ice cream man.  the ice cream man.  if we’re talking about sales, the ice cream man is like the genius of my childhood because he literally gets me out of my house with the jingle jangle that he’s putting through the speeds.

We come running out as kids,  get grass stains on the lawn, skidding out to the sidewalk. That’s what, that’s what the ice cream man is for me. And then it’s, he’s got me, like I there’s no choice. Every penny I got in my, in my pockets coming out at that moment. That’s what it means to me. And that’s exactly it.

Like I named it, the ice cream man, just because the ice cream man, he brings the goods, man. He makes you happy. Right? So in a negotiation I’m always playing the ice cream man. Step. My number one strategy, always through the gate is ice cream. Matt, let me ask you a question. If, if you and I disagree, what is that called?

If we’re in a disagreement that would be a dispute. You and I are right. We will never get a deal done. If you are an iron spiel ever, you’re not going to ever hook me up. Write me a check. If you and I are. But we can get to where we need to go if you and I are in agreement. So the ice cream man allows me to be in a position where I kind of, I kind of am giving the person with the power as it relates to real estate.

Now everything they want to hear and what they actually want. So I can get the commitment on. Okay. You’re not going to get the deal any other way. Okay. I mean, especially in my world, like if I, if I know that a city contract is incredibly barbed and lopsided against the contractor, and if I’m one day late, they want to charge me $20 million and put me out of business.

I can’t go, I can’t go in and say, Hey, you know what? You guys are real fucked up with this contract. I want to do this deal with you, but you’ve got to change those fucking terms. You know what? I went through, the city contracts, some stuff gets my spidey senses going, you know, sticks to hair up on the back of my neck, but it’s nothing, we can’t work out really looking forward to getting this done for you.

That’s the ice cream. Once they make the commitment to me, that’s when I stand on the table, I take my shoe off. I pound the table about how the serve reaches terms, but I can’t do that until the powers flipped to me. Right. So it’s a very strategic way of thinking. When we talk about negotiation now, the way you get there, the words you say and how to get there might be different than the words that I say by the way everyone has everyone on the school is a completely different touch that you guys have a different personality.

You are all individuals and you all shine like a diamond and your own. I I’m a character. I know I’m a character. Nathan seems like a sharp guy. I’ve heard your voice clear. I liked the tone of voice. I really heard anybody else, but I’m not just singling out Nathan, just because he’s in my right eye right there and I can see him.

 but, but it’s, but it’s true. I mean, somebody might, you guys might have more lighter touch doesn’t mean that you’re less effective than. It means that you will, you will probably get people who I can’t get me. Right. Which is because I can’t win them all my best lessons learned from the deals that I blew up, man, from the meetings that I’ve been escorted out of kicked out.

Cause I got a temper and I’m a wild man, and I’m not advocating for you to be the same, but it’s worth 2 billion from.  so, so, so where am I at? Oh yeah. So, so how you get there, how you get there is how you guys are gonna get there and I can help you get there with some concepts and ideas, but the overarching concept that I just laid out for you now be control and that there’s always a power flip and the power exists with the other party and you, your job.

As a breathing human and professional real estate on this earth is to achieve the powerfully. How I get there is by playing the ice cream that you may be able to get there in a different way, but I haven’t seen it yet. Do you guys understand what I’m saying? Give me like a yes. Raise your hand. Does this make sense to you?

I’m not offending you right in any way. Okay, good. Good. Okay, good. What else you got for me? Well, we had the,  the concept of the ice cream man,  the power flip,  sales negotiate. Right. And then, you know, I, I asked you, I jump in, I’ll usually jump in. Yeah. I’m sorry. Let me check. So, so after you guys, let me just give you some real straight out there after you guys do the ice cream mat and the flip comes to you, what do you think would happen next in this scenario?

Well, I mean, this would be the time where you get to do your thing, shoot your shot. Right? So it’s what I call strategy two is called improved conditions. So we’ve coordinate each other. I’m going to pay you above ass. I’ll pay you whatever you want for this property. Okay. It needs to do roof. Landscaping, screw it up.

It needs a new kitchen. Blah-blah-blah but you know what? This is such a diamond gem. I don’t care about it. Whatever you want is what I’ll pay that. I get you to the flip. At this point, you make a commitment to me, then I go, listen, I’m want to move forward here in a spirit of cooperation, I want a 360 when you don’t want to see to get hurt, right?

You don’t want to hurt me on this deal. So, let me just air out some of the things that I have that kind of get my spidey senses going a little bit. Fair enough. Oh yeah. Okay. And then this is where you want to load the candidate, but this is what I call improved conditions. So, what I’m doing is I’m improving the condition here because this is agregious.

You guys may not be seeing it from your own sometimes. And I say this a lot, sometimes you too far into the forest and see the trees. We need something like these, a third party to help you kind of see the light and see you guys may be a little bit off here by the way, these terms might be really Barb.

If I do what you want me to do, this might hurt me in the bed. You don’t want to hurt me, right? This is all we’re attracts you guys. You guys want to use that very successful. At which point you start this process now, depending on how you felt these guys out, maybe, you know,  may determine how you approach it.

You know, sometimes I’ll tell you, I always lead with petting the dog. Sometimes you got pack that though. Sometimes you gotta beat the dog. I always lead with petting the dog, but if I got to beat it, I will. And if I know one dealing with sometimes the guidance to get beat first, But you won’t know that until you’ve done this a bunch of times, but how your GQ is another, you can tell by people’s attitudes.

This guy’s a Dick. This guy’s not this guy’s cool. This guy is shady. You notice guy sits in the back. He’s really quiet. He’s waiting for the time to freaking Agnew. I mean, you guys have navigated those waters, right. You know what I’m talking. So this is the time to do that. Did that strategy out there. So this should also help tie in and Edify what I was saying about having scripts that don’t, when you’re talking about this, isn’t highly strategic.

You can not free gun. This thing you can’t run and gun when I’m talking about this has to be thought out and has to be a process. And, you know, from the world that I come from with a hundred million dollar contract value. Like I spent weeks putting these things together and I take weeks doing these negotiations.

Right? So this isn’t just like a one day deal. So improve condition is the next one. Okay. Now, once you’re in the improved conditions, expect emotion, expect emotion. People are going to hit the roof. They’re going to flip. They’re going to blow the guest because you just play. Okay. Now when people show the emotion, you need to be like Dr.

Spa, no emotion, pure logic. When they flip and you stay calm and cool. When they eventually come back down to earth, they will let you control them because they all know socially. They shouldn’t have done that. They all know I lost my cool somebody somewhere told them you shouldn’t lose. And they believe it, which I totally disagree with you.

Shouldn’t you cool? Sometimes people need to get smashed, but in our world, you’re not allowed to yell at somebody. So when they flip and show their emotion and you stay cool. Now I got you. It’s like Maverick and ice, man. You guys are ever top gun. You know what I’m saying? Ice man catches you sleeping your dead dog.

Same type of deal like that. You have to be cool here. Okay. Once the emotion hits that I know I got a deal. It’s kind of like when I’m selling and we’re not really doing a big joint negotiation, I’m looking for the nose quick as I can is the faster I can flush. You know, the more I know I can get a deal done because it’s almost like compulsory a guy’s got to go.

No, and then I go, okay, you feel better now, now can we move forward? Because you’re so scared to death spending money, because that’s what it’s about. Right. So same thing in a negotiation once the emotion hits now I know, okay. We’ll consider, push this thing forward, right? At which point you bring them back to earth, spirit of cooperation, you work through your terms.

Okay. So I scream in improved condition. Emotions are going to hit. If you can’t close at that point, you got to go to ground zero, always be willing to go to ground zero. Part of ground zero is the takeaway. Trump does it all the time. He did it to rocket man. Ground zero is right. Ground zero is, you know what, no deal, by the way, I thought she wanted to sell it.

Right. I thought your intention was to get the money. Right. Okay. So can we, can we work this out? It’s always, what’s going to happen. I say it all the time, by the way, look, here’s what we can do. We can do improve conditions to get this done, or we could do, we could go to zero and you get nothing. And I get nothing.

Which one do you want to do? By the way? I thought you wanted to sell, bring them back to reality, ground zero. This is a process I’ll repeat. After I bring a guy back to ground zero, I’ll be ice cream. I’m going to put Debbie in this loop of crazy. They don’t know what I’m in control. I’m wrangling this whole thing until I can get my will.

Okay. Does that make sense? Yes. Okay, good.

Okay. Good.

Yeah. I mean, so, so I mean, if you, if you wrote notes, use those, I mean, use those for and repeat. Yeah. There’s no, I, you know, I’m glad you went back to you called the takeaway ground zero and that’s the absolute truth. Yes. What no deal. Yeah. There’s nothing more powerful than to take away. You’re not buying any house.

I’ve showed you everything that was on the market, your search criteria, you know, someone doesn’t want to buy a house or whatever that might be. You know what I’m saying? Listen, this is, I don’t control the market. Right. Neither do you. But we live in this. Okay. And I’ve done my absolute best in all the due diligence to show you what’s available.

My question to you is you want to buy a house, right? Because our other alternative is there’s no house. You can go back and renting.  Marshall, what, what should agents not do when negotiating lie? Never lie. Ever lie to a person. I’m not like Johnny honesty here. I will, I will do what has to be done, but I will not lie.

I will not tell a lie because I have learned that lying burn you bad. And I’ve learned from lying to people. So I will not lie. I will tell all my men, if I find out that you lied to someone you were fired, no lying is allowed here. Do not lie to a person ever, always do the right thing for us. Listen, do not do a deal for somebody.

If it’s not a 360 win, if it’s a bad deal, nothing is worth somebody coming back and suing you. Nothing is worth somebody coming back and saying, you know, I didn’t deal with this guy. We’ll consider he freaking screwed me like that is going to hurt your longterm paper. You’re screwing up the money. So, you know, always, always, always tell the truth, by the way, people respect you.

Like people say I’m very straight shooting. It’s really just because I’m hyper honest, like I’m hyper listen, Nate. I can feel that you’re kind of reticent here. I know it’s probably about the money. It’s the money. Like my honesty is going to let me get to a close. My honesty is going to allow me to get a deal done.

 and then honestly, obviously about the pros and the cons of the benefits or the disadvantages of a particular piece of real estate is going to help me, you know, gain credibility with a person don’t want. Fantastic advice, you know, always be honest, do not lie. I love that.  I think that’s really good.

 we talked about, I was going to say, sorry, finish your thought. I’m going to say what I noticed with, with people that are newly in sales or amateur salespeople. It’s what I call them because they’re not pros yet. They have a tendency to Bly. They have a tendency to like, come off with this. Manipulative way of trying to sell somebody where really all you need to do is just be honest with a person.

I mean, haven’t you noticed that I’ve noticed that I take the young guy, we train them, we put them on the phone. He says, it’s like, bro, why are you whining to this guy? No, this is what the price is. Tell them, Hey mate, 30 grand is the fee. Can you make it? Let me ask. It’s 30 grand two months ago. Not like, well, you don’t listen.

If you do a cost benefit analysis with the tax write off, it’s really not 30,000. Oh man. You’ll lie until the got it’s 30 grade. Does he have to write us a check for 30? Yeah, you’re a debt. Yes, he does. It’s 30 grand stop the manipulation. And that’s what most amateur people do. They slip into this? I’m not saying that the liars, they slip into this video political path, truth type of thing.

Do not do. Yeah, Marshall, you’re touching on something that’s near and dear to my heart, which is we do a negotiation workshop. And one of the things I learned early on when somebody asks you about money,  be straightforward, completely honest account for every penny, you know, cause sometimes the new agents do is they kind of shy away from the money question, right?

Well, how much is this going to cost me if I hire. Right, right. Well, you know, and they go with this conflict just to own it. It’s going to cost you to this dollar amount, not one penny less. Plus this is my magic line, plus gas, GST goods and services tax. Right. So I’d say plus tax, you know, own it. Yeah.

That’s why like, what’s the deal with money. It’s just money. Exactly. That’s the whole deal. I say it all the time. Listen to Marshall. It’s a lot of money. You’re right. It is. So, you know, how do you want to handle it? Visa, MasterCard, American express. Well, which leads me to my next question. Marshall, we talked about this on the podcast, but I, your best closing lines, they were still simple.

Right? How did you get, maybe share a few of your closing lines? Yeah, the way I come across my clothing closing lines, just by getting my teeth smashed in for 10 years. Right. On stuff that doesn’t work. So you just figure it out. Like, I mean, how many times do you get punched in the nose? So you don’t, you got to figure out I got to Dodge, this one, you know, so it’s like, you know, listen, man, this is very simple, man.

Is this makes sense to you? Let me ask you a question. Just makes sense to you. Can you see yourself benefiting from it? If the answer is yes, guys, wrong. If the answer is no tongue, like either one is okay with me, but what I want you to do is I want you to make a decision. You know, I’ll start a meeting off and say, just so everyone understands my intention today is to do a deal with him.

But before we can get there, there’s some things I need to walk you through. But my full intention today is sustaining the business. Fair enough. You know, I’m here for one thing, baby. You know what I’m saying? So it’s just easy like that. Another one is, Hey man, what do you want to do? Have you heard enough to make it.

You ready to go, but you win. That’s it. Those are my closes. Are you in? Hey guys, you ready for this thing? Let’s go. That’s it. And then shut up. Shut up, man. Just shut up. Let them talk. Right? Let you get started. Yeah. What are they going to say? You ready to get started? Let me ask you if you guys had enough to make a decision, does this make sense to you?

Let me ask you a question. Can you guys make sense of a $50,000 investment? And then they’re going to give you all the ammunition, you know, and when it comes down to money, you always want to say do it anyway.

Yeah. In real estate, you know, it was as simple as a, I think Nathan had a great closing line. It was   when do you want to take pictures? That was his closing line, right? Yeah. When he want to take pictures, mine was ready to put it. Ready to get going. That’s it? It’s simple. It’s like classical is closing lines.

It don’t overthink it, but somebody’s got to tell somebody to put pen to paper, especially when you’ve got two high personalities, nobody asks for the sale. So you gotta do that.

Yeah, exactly. I hope everybody took notes. I’m glad we recorded this because that was like just a mini workshop on negotiation. What are the four steps again? Marshall, real quick. It was the, the approved conditions be Spock, these spark and ground zero. Incredible man. I know there’s so much more, you’re going to have to, you’re going to have to tune into the,  the podcast,  to hear we break it down a little bit more detailed, which was just fantastic.

Really appreciate that. I do want to ask it, you know, before we wrap up all this, as about crypto digital assets, you know,  blockchain technology, as we talked about that length there, you know, that’s something we’re really bullish on our company, of course, transacts and crypto, which we’re super proud of agents you’re taking advantage of it.

You know, the Spencer Chronicles, I don’t know, Spencer Spencer on there.  yeah, there was Spencer. He just met,  dropped into the chat there. You know, Spencer’s a guy,  I don’t know if Spencer, he just says, he said not sure I can afford the bill on. Yeah, exactly. Is he saying it like, I don’t know. No. I’d say it was the value.

The value is incredible, but you know, Spencer, Spencer’s a guy who put, you know, Bitcoin Ethereum logos on his range Rover,  is his business card. He’s, you know, he closed the deal for a theory from a billboard. I believe he’s working on. So the, I mean the unique selling proposition as a brokerage here, the GPG is phenomenal.

Why are you Marshall? So bullish on digital assets, particularly because.  I’m bullish on digital assets. Cause I’m a libertarian. I mean, I wouldn’t call myself a libertarian, but I have a libertarian ideals man. I’m a free market guy. Right. So I don’t want, I want freedom and Liberty and everything that I do.

And crypto allows me to have Liberty and freedom in my assets. Quantitative easing doesn’t affect. Bitcoin the way, the way this thing does the way quantitative easing affects this dollar and erodes every second, every second in my pocket, it’s a way for me to preserve my wealth and be an independent human.

And so that, that, that’s what initially, you know, made me start looking into it was that idea that I see that there’s something that exists outside of this entire framework and structure that. Robs us of our wealth politicians who know nothing about economics who have done nothing to help me earn any of the money that I’ve ever earned in my life.

Make a decision to erode the wealth that I work with. So big point affords me an opportunity to preserve my wealth outside of that system. And,  that’s what makes it extremely attractive to me. I’ve also heard you say that Bitcoin is the world’s greatest treasury reserve asset. Can you explain that and why every company has a treasury problem?

They don’t even know it. Yeah. I mean, every it, listen, if you’re sitting on cash, you’re sitting on top of melting. So, you know, as a person, we have a finite amount of money, but if you have a, if you have a massive corporation, that’s got millions of dollars in cash reserves, you are a steward to the shareholders of that company.

You owe them.  duty and the duty is that I’m not going to sit on top of this cash and let it diminish by the day. So there is a treasury reserve asset that exists called Bitcoin, where we can put our money there and keep our preserve our wealth. Not only that half our liberties. So when they shut us down again in November, cause you see their T in that up when we got the shut down and I’m in New York.

So you’re going to walk around with 420 masks on 45 injections in your arm. They’re going to shut your business down. There’s going to be a massive amount of money. That’s injected back into the system, which is going to screw me and screw all of us in here. My big point is going to increase and it’s going to help preserve the wealth that I made by sweating and waking up every day and earning it the hard way.

Yeah. Marshall has got the greatest quote ever. He calls Bitcoin a Rocky Balboa. He might see a post on this, on the,  the corporate feed there. Right. Why, why is Bitcoin Rocky Balboa? Yeah. Then do you guys remember Rocky just takes up. He fights harder. The more he gets beat. I mean, it’s a nightmare. The more you beat the man, the more he comes back after you and Bitcoin has been the same way.

It just takes a beating. It continues to come back every. Musk and, and yelling and all the, in China banning it, it just continues to stay alive. It will not die and it will not die because the people will not die. Bitcoin is a representation of the people. There’s 7 billion of us and we will win.

I am so glad we got that,  take on a crypto enthusiasts, like no other that’s Marshall Wilkinson this guy. I’m a big fan of this guy. He’s a big deal. You’re gonna be seeing a lot of Marshall’s names. And social media, you know, and otherwise he’s really making a name for himself. I’m really proud to know you buddy.

Appreciate that. Thank you. Thank you for being here, brother. I really appreciate your time. Big shout out to Marshall, big round of applause. You know, feel free to unmute and give a big round of applause. Amazing Marshall can’t. Thank you enough.