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Here is a powerful offer for all buyers: OFF-MARKET PROPERTIES! NOT AVAILABLE ON THE MLS!

In the recent Mastermind Meeting, GREATER PROPERTY GROUP Managing Partners Nathan Singh and David Morrell talked about off-market properties, which can be the strongest offer you can give a buyer.

Off-market properties are properties that are not on the MLS (multiple listing service).

“There are thousands of agents trying to get transactions, so what differentiates you? You want to be the agent with the listings of properties that the other agents don’t have,” said David.

To emphasize the competition, David said there are around 50,000 real estate agents in Toronto alone. In Vancouver, there are around 20,000, and some 6,000 in Calgary. There are thousands more in other cities.

Despite the abundance of real estate agents, some prefer not to hire one.

Nathan said that they may not want to talk to an agent or Realtor, but if you could tell them that you have access to properties that are not on the MLS, they will surely listen.

“They don’t care about the Realtor, they just want the house,” said Nathan.

Is it a bait though? Absolutely not!

“Off-market properties have a mystical sound to it in the Realtor’s mind. If you think about it, you have those,” Nathan told the GPG agents in the Mastermind Meeting.

Off-market properties could be any of the following:

  • Private sales
  • Pocket listings
  • Pre-listings
  • Distress sales
  • Pre-foreclosures
  • Homes that have been removed from the market but are still owned by motivated sellers
  • GPG agents have access to the in-house database with thousands of leads on houses for sale: the sellers-in-waiting list.

Other topics were also discussed during the regular Mastermind Meeting, which started with a short video of Tom Ferry, the #1 ranked real estate coach, talking about people having 40% more in them to work more and do better.

Here are the things tackled during the GPG Mastermind:

  • Tom Ferry: Everybody’s got 40% more. You could love your spouse 40% more. You could walk your dog 40% more. You can do 40% more videos. You can make 40% more calls.
  • Script to prevent buyer-appointment cancellations. Format: greeting – offer – appointment confirmation.
  • Off-market properties can be the strongest offer you can give a buyer.
  • When dealing with properties that have expired or have been withdrawn from the list, you could get in touch with the previous Realtor.
  • Don’t discount actual work including knocking on doors.
  • Every listing you get is off the market for a few days before it hits the MLS.

The meeting ended with the announcement that Jay Macklin, co-founder and designated broker of Corcoran Platinum Living, will be holding a marketing workshop for agents on Nov. 2.

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It shouldn’t be a long meeting today. there’s a bit, we want to cover here though. something, very strategic today as well. We’re gonna be talking about Off Market Properties, Off Market Properties, right? We all know that off offer. We’re gonna cover that, where to find Off Market Properties. What does that mean?

but first of all, we wanna welcome some new agents. Wanna welcome some new agents to the G PPG, get ready. you can all unmute yourself at the end of the introductions. We have speaking of new agents. Did you know, the training calendar, there’s a lot of training available here at the Greater Property Group.

So what do we mean by that? So I’m going to, well, okay. I think I pulled the link. I think I pulled the correct link, right?  I think I pulled the correct link, but, we have a lot of training besides the mastermind, which. You know, as I said, these, you do, you do not wanna miss a, a mastermind meeting cuz they are game changers.

we do have the greater, we have the training, calendar link. Here we go. Training and coaching calendar. So if you didn’t know, we do have the, biweekly mastermind, I should say it’s the biweekly every Tuesday. And that’s because guys, you gotta understand, we have a lot of guest speakers and trainers that come to these meetings and it’s tough to get them week to.

At exactly the time we want, at a mastermind meeting. So biweekly it’s really good because we can apply what we learned over two weeks. and we’ve been very consistent with this now. I don’t know if you know this, but the mastermind meetings are recorded and then they’re uploaded, to the website.

Did you know that? So you can go back and watch, you know, the training masterminds, cause we’ve had some really good ones. I’m thinking of, you know, Marshall Wilkinson, Santiago, Iran, you know, James Harris for a million dollar listing, Sharon LEC. You know, the author of rich dad, poor dad. These have all been speakers on our mastermind.

We’ve recorded these, and these are actually on the site. So you can go back and watch them. Okay. And again, these are very strategic masterminds. As you know, if you attend, week to week, now, Wednesday is a special one. Nathan. Can you tell us about what Wednesday’s all about? Because I don’t think, I don’t think a lot of people know about what you do on Wednesdays, which is really, really cool.

Yeah. Wednesdays is, is super cool. it’s the agent round table. What, what we had was, so many agents calling with, with questions that weren’t emergencies, right? They weren’t emergencies. and a lot of agents had the same, same questions. Like how do we do this? Where do we find that? so the agent round table is.

Is where we get together. We can talk anything real estate. Like if you, if you wanna talk about your business, if you wanna talk about your scripting, if we want to talk about CMAs, if we want to go over, listing comparison, staging, I mean, you name it. We can do all of that. There. It’s a really interesting one because sometimes we’ll get, A few agents on the agent round table, and sometimes we’ll just get one.

So it turns into a, a one on one, which, you know, is fantastic for those agents, but very. We tend to see the, the same agents coming back because it’s like, Hey, I’ve got a rock in my business that I wanna move. Or, you know, I’ve got some kind of log jam that I wanna unstuck and are unstick get unstuck.

and that’s when we do it. So the agent round table is for that. So we just register and then, then we’ll do it over the phone on, on Wednesdays or over zoom. If we’ve got some screen sharing. yeah, you just mentioned value. I can’t afford one on one time with Nathan. So if you end up on a one on one coaching session with Nathan, that’s pretty cool.

That’s pretty, pretty cool. so Nathan, just thinking value, like I said, I can’t afford, one-on-one coaching with Nathan, so that’s, that’s pretty cool. And then, Tom fairy conference, we bought the Tom ferry conference for the brokerage. we do watch parties for that on, Thursdays. Is that still, we still rolling with those?

Yeah, yeah. Thursday, every Thursday and then special events. Of course we have, new agent accelerator program, the new agent accelerator program for the new agents out there. this is, this is incredible. Nathan kind of spirited. This one. Yeah. Yeah. If you press register Dave, right there on the screen, you’re gonna, you’re gonna get a breakdown of everything in there.

Check that out and the left. Oh, okay, cool. Oh, wow. Okay. So the new agent accelerator, I didn’t know this. It’s that simple, you just click register. And here it is. Standards of the day lingo of sales, keys of successful successful prospecting scripts. We use. We’re gonna talk about a script today, actually, keys to lead conversion, open house tactics, leveraging your SOI, the promise script, keys to lead incubation.

Keys to lead incubation. Sounds really interesting how to find buyer, how to find buyers and the buyer consultation, showing homes like a pro buyer preapproval process and writing the offer, preparing for the listing. Oh man. Mindset of buyers, responding to inbound leads. Very cool. Very cool. So the new agent accelerated program?

yeah, I don’t know why if I was a new agent, I don’t know why I wouldn’t like register for that here. There we go. Okay. So new agent accelerator programs, we have that available, platform seven we’ll beginning this, we beginning this again at the end of October, with the one and only Ricky Blair six week program.

Of course, those who took the program, heard, you know, said nothing but amazing things about Ricky and that mentorship program. I’m really looking forward to, doing that again, his, that, that, that process is really, really. You know, going through that six week, mentorship, you know, goal setting, manifestation, all the stuff that made Ricky so successful and the same tactic.

That he teaches the stars of million dollar listing the show, right. He’s one of their coaches. So we have an exclusive partnership with Ricky, Blair from platform seven out of Beverly Hills. We’re the only brokerage in Canada that offers his training. So really, really proud of that. So we just wanted to go over, some of the training.

Programs available and some of the resources there. Cause I think it’s really important, especially if you’re a new agent or even if you’re not a new agent. I think some of these, training programs are really, really good, Tom fair. And the boot camps, actually the boot camps, we’re gonna be having, Tentatively we’re working on another bootcamp.

but the bootcamp sessions from before, have been broken down into panelists and they’re on the resource site. I don’t know if you knew that, but you can go back and watch the interviews with, you know, weld and long Michael Francis Santiago, obviously. Eric Simon, the broke agent, you know, all these things were about, you know, growing and scaling your business and moving the needle on your branding.

So if you wanna go back and watch those boot camp sessions, I encourage you to do that cuz we made it very specific to agents at the GP. G we’re a little bit spoiled that way. We’re a little bit spoiled. Now I re you’re gonna have to stick around to the end of this meeting because we’re gonna be announcing a very, very special, training.

Mastermind in a few weeks, and you’re gonna wanna mark your calendars for this, because this is gonna be a really, really important one. So stick around to the end and we’ll be announcing that, okay, let’s get into it guys. like we said, not a, not a long, not a long meeting today, but a couple things we want to cover.

First of all, preventing buyer appointment cancellations. How many of you had had a buyer appointment cancellations before.

Everybody everybody’s had buyer appointment cancellations. I’m gonna pull up the script here and I’m not gonna spend too much time on the script cuz there’s a component of the script we wanna focus on, which is Off Market Properties, preventing buyer appointment cancellations, especially on leads that were generated online.

So if you have any form of online lead generation, maybe you generate your own online leads. Maybe you’re getting appointments from the ISA department. Maybe their agent Pronto is maybe the referrals, whatever the lead source is. how do you prevent. Cancellation or reduce the likelihood of a, of a cancellation, right?

Because we’ve all been ghosted by leads before. so notice it says here, when you’re calling to confirm a lead appointment, do not say hi, this is blank. Hi, this is, KIRO calling to confirm your appointment at time and address, right? sometimes when we do that, they’ve forgotten what, why they agreed to meet in the first place.

Maybe they talk to the ISA or they talk to the referral source, you know, agent Pronto, whatever it might be. so what we do is we kind of requalify that lead cause it’s the first time we’re talking to them. Right. It’s the first time we, as an agent are talking to said lead. So here’s a script for you.

Hi John. This is KIRO with the Greater Property Group. you spoke with our team the other day or my colleague or whatever the lead source is the point of contact. And I understand you’re possibly looking to make move in the next few months. Is that right? Or whatever the notes say on the lead. Great.

And as you mentioned, Getting priority, access to distress sales, unlisted properties, and other great deal would be helpful. Is that still the case? Is that still the case you mentioned you were interested in finding out more about the free home warranty, for our buyers or another offer that interested them.

Right. So notice that we’re reiterating an offer right? When we requalify a lead or we’re talking to them for the first time. Yes. We’re introducing ourselves, but more importantly, we are reiterating an.  right. A reason why they would wanna sit down with you, why they would want to meet you at Starbucks for the first appointment, right.

Or meet you, at a listing for a showing. Okay. I have all of that. Ready here. We’re set for X time on X day so that we can get you set up for that. does that time, time still work now notice here’s the scenario it’s greeting it’s offer. And then it’s appointment confirmation greeting. Hi, this is the Muller.

You were talking to my colleague. I understand you might be making a move in the next little while. You’re interested in Off Market Properties, distress sales for foreclosures, whatever, offer might have been of interest to them. Right. Just want to confirm that we’re meeting tomorrow with Starbucks at 3:00 PM or whatever.

It’s right. Make sense. So greeting offer and appointment confirmation do not reverse the order or this, appointment will most likely be canceled. Now, keep in mind. There’s a lot of agents out there trying to land the same lead. Right. So you’re gonna have to differentiate yourself. You’re gonna have to have something that separates you from the pack.

I know when you talk to buyers, you know, a lot of them have talked to half a dozen agents, right. They have half a dozen business cards. They’re on half a dozen searches. Right? So what makes you different now, if they try to brush you off, notice here. If they try to brush you off, you use a pattern interruption, a pattern interruption.

This is just sales one. Oh, But this is a really good script. Let me ask you something before I let you go. So get the feeling. They might be brushing you off. They’re gonna be, you know, saying, call me back some other time. Do not let them get off the phone. Use a Panter pattern. Interrupter. Let me ask you something before.

I let you go. Do not wait for the answer. Do not wait for the answer launch right into the question, whatever that might be, you might have your own script. Are you concerned that the market may drop and now is not the right time to buy? Right. But in, at all time, high buyers might be a little bit worried.

Are you worried about that? I like that one in particular, because it kind of, you know, they’re not being sold to necessarily by an agent. Now might not be the right time to buy. So it keeps ’em on the phone. are you concerned that by sitting down with an agent you’re being pressured, right. Sign a contract, right?

Or, oh yeah. Then you move to, what areas are you interested in? What features are important? What’s inspiring the move again. Motivation. If you’re, we’re going to make a move, what areas would you be interested in? So you keep the conversation going. That’s the pattern interrupter. So you ask a, a question that they, they might not be ready for, to kind of interrupt.

Brush off and then just move into qualifying some more. Right. What areas are you interested in? When are you thinking of making a move? And then now you’re building rapport, right? Because you’re keeping the conversation going. You’re building rapport and then the close. Why don’t we sit down for a few minutes and I can give you some information about where the market has.

Been and where it’s expected to go, can also discuss some important things to know about mortgages in the legal side of buying a home or whatever you might want to tweak this to your own. Right. Let’s talk about that. Free blanket home warranty program. What works better for you, Tuesday or Thursday, right?

And then notice this avoid scheduling appointments more than 48 hours from booking. Why is that? Because they’re more likely to cancel. Right? Okay. Sometimes you can’t do it. I mean, you’re talking to them on a Wednesday and they’re only available on a Saturday. So what do you do between booking the appointment and the actual appointment?

Follow up with the miscellaneous reason to call better, have a touchpoint. Don’t just set it and forget it. Have a miscellaneous reason, to touch base with them. Notice here, I was preparing for a meeting and I wanted to double check some of your general criteria. I wanted to let you know that there are several new listings below market value that have come up, or have you heard about the new loan program with rates as low as 1.9, 5% and no money down, no payments for 90 days, whatever.

So again, it’s an offer. and then notice this one. Did I mention that you could get these homes through our system even before they hit the even before other agents know about them Off Market Properties, right? or a consumer report, whatever that is. Right. So remember. just to, just to review really quick, preventing.

Cancellations. Right. What do we want? We want the greeting, the offer, the appointment confirmation. If they try to brush you off, use a pattern interrupter and then close after report has been built for an appointment. And then of course, reiterate the offer yet again. Okay. If you wanna come a huge success.

It’s success with that sweetener. You, you mentioned it. Yeah. the blanket home warranty, but before for the agent, I know we, we just onboarded a bunch of new ones. There’s something really unique here that we have. And it’s a, it’s a program where, the buyers, whenever they buy a home, they can get a free blanket home warranty on their property at no cost to you.

No cost to the client. no matter how old the house is. Mm. No matter how old the house is. So even if it’s a wood. Right. Like they can get a free blanket home warranty on that property, which is, a super great sweetener when you’re booking an appointment, because you say, Hey, listen, David. when we meet together on Saturday, I’m gonna bring, A certificate for free home warranty that you can have no matter what property you buy.

And it, it’s a free blanket home warranty on the whole property. So I’ll bring that with me on Saturday. I’ll see you there. That Sweden is such a nice cherry because then, you know, like what will we do for a, for a free water bottle at a gym? Like we’ll do anything for a free beat, right?  we’ll give ’em our parents’ phone number.

Like, I’ll give you my mom’s actual address if you give me a free t-shirt and a water bottle. So, you know, they’re gonna, they’re gonna show up when you throw these sweeteners that Dave’s mentioning in there, but that’s one that’s unique to the GP G because it’s brokerage wide. I, I always liken it to, you know, when you go in a liquor store and you go to buy a bottle of, like rum and they got the pack of cards on, on the one.

Like attached to, and the one without you always grab the one with the pack of cards, right. Just with the stupid key chain. Right. You get the key chain. Yeah, exactly. Or the little shock glass that comes with it. Right. These sweetner work. That’s why the marketing works. That’s why they pay the money to put the pack cards on there anyways.

so that’s. a really simple, script, but a really effective one. I mean, this took years to actually perfect guys, just, just so you know, this isn’t something that was thrown together on a whim. This is actually put together, by the ISA department. Okay. So the inside sales agents that have been doing this for years and years, ha actually put this together and we refined it with the offers we have.

So keep that in mind. I know, the most effective. have scripts that are dog geared. They carry them with them everywhere. and again, universal can be used anywhere, right. But nothing replaces the phone, nothing replaces the phone. So, that’s a script that, if you want a copy of it, let me know.

But now what we wanna focus on in particular is what we call Off Market Properties Off Market Properties. So here here’s the offer. You guys have heard this before, but what are Off Market Properties? it’s one of the strongest offer. You can make to a buyer is mentioning that you have Off Market Properties or properties that are not available on the MLS in Toronto.

There are 50,000 agents, 50,000 in, you know, in Vancouver, we got what we got 20,000. But the point is there’s thousands of agents looking for that same number of transactions, you know, all trying to get, those same clients. Right. So what differentiates you? What makes you different? you want to be the agent with the listings?

And the properties that the other agents don’t have. That’s the key. Can you articulate that when you’re talking to a buyer? Hey, listen, I’m the agent with the listings and the properties that the average agent or the other agent, the, my competition does not have. Would you like to be on that list? Would you like priority access?

To proprietary information, which is Off Market Properties. Here’s what the offer typically looks like, Off Market Properties. In addition to currently listed inventory that matches your search, you will receive the best new listings that match your criteria. Before the average buyer knows about them, you can beat other buyers to all the hot new listings, all capitals hot new listings.

This list would include foreclosures bank owned properties, distress sales. And, for sale by owners, you can beat the buyers to all the hot new listings. again, as we said, this is very powerful offers. The question is where do you get Off Market Properties? Where do you get Off Market Properties? How do you find Off Market Properties?

Nathan, would you say, this is a question we get all the time, like where do I find an off market property? Yeah, this is, this is a really, really big question. and it, and it’s a simple one to answer, but, but we do get it all the time. Right. because. You know, I, I don’t think you can overemphasize the importance of this offer, especially for those of us who are getting, leads online.

We’re prospecting. you have to remember the background of a lead is somebody that does not want to talk to an agent like they are in a search site. Not because they can’t find a realtor  they’re in a search site because they don’t want to talk to a realtor. Right. Like, this is such a key perspective when you’re, when you’re calling these leads back.

cuz everyone knows a realtor. I mean, we literally have our faces on bus benches, right? So that’s not the, the scarcity situation here, but they’re in there because they don’t want to talk to a realtor. So if you call someone up and say, Hey, this is David from Greater Property Group, I’m a realtor. And I’m wondering if I can help you.

Like they literally don’t wanna talk. So, so that’s like the fastest route to a hangup that you can find is, Hey, I’m a realtor. I wanna help. Like they they’re trying to avoid that. so when we’re calling them back, this off market property offer becomes like extremely important because they still want houses.

Right. Like, that’s why they’re in the search because they’re looking for properties. So when we’re calling them back and we, we talk about this a lot. As you know, David mentioned on the, on the age of round table, we talk about this scripting a little bit about, Hey David, this is, Nathan calling with search Toronto home

we see that you set up a, a search in bond. Just wanna make sure you’re getting the right properties. So now you’re calling to help a little bit. Yeah, I am actually, I’m getting the right properties. Thanks for calling . But then the follow up question is the important one. let me ask you this really quick.

Are you doing all your searching online right now? Is that your primary way of searching as online? And I’ll say, yeah, of course, little defensive and then we’ll say, listen, would having access to properties that cannot be found. Online or the MLS be helpful because we do have a list of properties they’re called Off Market Properties.

and they can’t be found on the MLS or online would having those to look at as well, be helpful. And the answer of course is yes. Right? So this is huge because this offer creates a scarcity as, as Michael beautifully said a hidden inventory. Right? Well, now they want to talk to you and, and the interesting part about this, you.

Is, you know, when you’re trying to differentiate, if your name’s not Fahad, you got a real problem, right? Like maybe your name is Mike or Chris. , there’s a lot of those out there. so, so you wanna try and differentiate, and this is the cool thing about it. And I personally, this has happened to me before when making the off market offer, right?

Like, would you like access to properties that can’t be found online or on the MLS? They will wanna talk to me, even if their husband’s a realtor, even if their father’s a realtor, the brother’s a realtor. I’ve literally created clients that have realtors in their immediate family and done deals with them.

Because again, they don’t really care about the realtor. They just want the house. They want the best deal. And these properties that they can’t see could represent the best deal. So in terms of, of converting a lead or providing some value, it’s really the strongest offer that you can make to a buyer. So you wanna get super comfortable, with that dialogue.

But then of course, you know, the, the question in everyone’s mind as well, is it like a fake offer? Are. Are we pretending, you know, just to try and like bait and switch somebody, you know, this is a, this is the question that everyone has. and the answer’s absolutely not. and we’ll talk about it a little bit here.

I’m gonna, I’m gonna share my screen because if you’re ever wondering what an off market property is, it it’s never been better described than right on our website here. So let’s go. Let’s go to Greater Property, right? And then you go to the hamburger menu, which we call, cause it looks like a hamburger and then you scroll down and here it is, if you’re ever like, what the heck are these Off Market Properties?

Where do I find them? Where do I get them? This is it right here, guys. And this is really the script too, you know, when you’re talking to people, so get free access to Off Market Properties. Are not found online or on the MLS. Some of the best deals in real estate can be found online. And here’s the list.

Guys. These include private sales pocket listings, pre-listing distress sales, pre foreclosures. And notice this, this is a key point homes that have been removed from the market, but are still owned by motivated sellers. Right homes that have been removed from the market, but are still owned by motivated sellers.

Now in, in sales, all we have is our words guys. Right? All we have is our words. Now you can describe them as expireds. Or you can describe them the way we describe them there. Right. Which are homes that have been removed from the market, but are still owned by motivated sellers. So, you know, a lot of times we worry, like how do I, how do I come up with this list, right.

For these, these clients of mine, that’s the greatest starting point of. And remember that when people are, are asking about this or they’re interested in it, it’s not specifically that that’s what they want. They just want their dream home. Right. So you don’t have to get too caught up in this, but if you actually need to come up with a list, that’s the list you send.

or that’s the list you share, right? Because the real point is when they say yes, I would like access to those. Then you start getting into. Well, what kind of house do you need? Right. I’m not gonna send you Off Market Properties for $4 million. If you’re looking for a condo, right. Unless that condo’s in Toronto, and then it’s a $4 million condo

But with that, this is where we start. And this is a fantastic tool. you know, I’ve had great success with using withdrawns and, expireds. there’s a real Lynn will know this realtor in. In Calgary, Tarion Beijing. You, you gotta know her lens. She’s been around a minute. my client wanted a specific townhouse, that she had listed, it was expired.

It was off market and there was nothing for sale in this area. so like you have an option, right? You can go knock on the door  and, and ask the client. Or you can call the previous realtor. I chose to call the previous realtor cuz me and Terry Ann are good friends. we did a lot of business together and my question to her was, Hey Terry Ann, I see you got this listing expired.

How’s your relationship with the seller? Because if it’s her sister and I knock on the door, like this is not gonna go well. Right. but maybe they had a big blow. Right. Maybe they’re not on speaking terms, you know? So that was my question. believe it or not we got in there, we did the deal. It was perfect.

We had a, an absolutely great deal and it was created out of thin air. And imagine how happy that client was to get a property that was available to no one, it was exclusive to me. Right. I’m the only person that provided her with that property. And she got the house of her dreams in the place that she wanted it.

So that’s how this works. you know, Off Market Properties, they have kind of like this mystical, you know, kind of property to them.  in realtor’s minds, you know, like I don’t have them, but if you think about a guys, you really do, you have those, which you can pull up in 30 seconds, in our database that you have access.

Thousands of those leads. Say they have a house to sell thousands of them. They click house to sell. I’m a seller. So that’s a list of people that have homes they wanna sell. That are not available online to the public. Yeah, we, so we have that there. I was just gonna say, we call those sellers and waiting sellers and waiting sellers and waiting.

Yeah. Yeah. You’ve got that in your back pocket. Like just for being here at the G G we also have like, let’s not discount actual work. Like we’re in such an industry that, that, you know, we, it comes so easy, but actually knocking on doors is, is, a possibility, you know, and for anyone in Calgary, maybe, you know, the community Renfru, in Renfru there’s a, there’s a little circular park called reader park and, and that street is reader Crescent.

Steve knows it. so reader Crescent, like I had a client that was obsessed with getting a property on reader C. And those are generational properties. Like they, they don’t, they don’t come up for sale. So waiting online, he had 20 realtors, you know, waiting for a new listing and reader Cresent. but there was only one realtor that was gonna go ring doorbells.

And that was me. Like, I’ll go, I’ll go see if we got a property on reader, Crescent. And sure enough, we got him a property on reader, Crescent that never hit the market. It was never online. so you can do that. But make sure you offer that because when you’re talking to leads, there’s no offer more powerful than this cause they don’t want realtors.

So that’s a little bit of a, of a background. That’s the Cole’s notes version. we’ll do like a two hour workshop on this sometimes, but hopefully that , that comes across. Remember too, you know, so as Nathan was pointing out expired, withdrawn terminated. Every listing you get or you have is off market as well for a few days.

Remember that. Right. So how many of us have a buyer? You know, and we have a listing coming up in a certain area. Of course, we’re gonna do everything we can to get our buyer, to buy our own listing. Right. We’re gonna do that. So remember from the time we signed paperwork to the time it actually goes live.

It’s typically a few days by law, Chris, 48 hours. Yeah. I was just, yeah, I was doubling down on that, but anyways, it’s 28 hours, right? Yeah. But, for, for, unless there’s another specific reason for long that from the time you actually send the paperwork to the time it goes live on the MLS, that’s an off market property.

Yeah. Right. that’s a, that’s an off market property. Right. from the time you sign the listing to the time it actually goes live. So everyone here and again, you know, you know, we kind of got away from that, but we got the mastermind page or the G G you know, the closed group. If you got a listing coming up, put it on there, it’s an off market property, no matter way to generate interest for a listing, then getting, you know, your colleagues, you know, to get interested.

If they have buyers, that’s off market as well. Other places you can find Off Market Properties, agents have had some success with flyers and postcards, right? We buy homes for cash, or I have a buyer, right. That’s a typical offer that you would put on one of those, but remember, you know, just sending.

flyers one time doesn’t really do the trick. It needs to be a prolonged campaign in a certain area, especially if you’re looking in a certain area. I mean, you gotta do it month after month after month. Right. And then again, when they think they, you know, they need cash for their property or, you know, you’re the agent with the buyer.

That’s what they think of. But just, just blanketing an area once doesn’t really work. It’s the same as. Farming an area doesn’t work. Just doing it once you need to think long term, if you’re gonna use postcard campaigns, flyers, things like that. Other places you can find Off Market Properties sound interesting.

K, Gigi, Kaji. I said that, right? K Gigi. Believe it or not for sell by owners, they will throw their properties up on Kijiji. In fact, lots of them do that. Right. For sale owners, we don’t have time to go into it, like how to approach, you know, for sale by owners, which we’re very good. ATPG agents are the best.

Talking to for sale by owners, right? K Gigi, Facebook marketplace. These are all places where you can find, Off Market Properties. So like Nathan said, don’t discount the actual work right there. There could be some work in there, don’t discount it, but all of these places are, are, ways to find off market property.

So hopefully we’re taking notes on that. And if you’re worried about, if you’re worried about, tapping into K Gigi and for sale by owners, because you’re worried about your commission. You’re worried about getting paid enough, then, we’ll see you on the agent round table next week. Cause we get paid, we get paid full commission for every property and we don’t have to do that, that realtor dirty trick where we, we, we, we cut out properties that don’t have full commissions.

We can show our buyers every property, no matter what the commission offered is, and still make sure we get. Yeah, that’s a whole nother, webinar and it’s really, really, key to understanding how to approach for sale by owners or discounting commissions, which we’re seeing more of on the MLS. Are you seeing discounting commissions, especially in a hot market, right?

They push down the co broke. Right. Are you guys seeing that 500 bucks, 1500 bucks, you know, two and one? I don’t know. No box. No box no box. In fact, you know, what’s happening now and we’ve, we’ve brought this up before there’s there’s brokers and I’ve, I’ve heard of this happening in the states quite a bit.

Maybe Christina could enlighten us, but, you know, where they, they, they charge the 5% flat or the 6% and they put it on the MLS with $0 on a co-broke and it’s up to the buyer’s agent to go negotiate their own commission. Right. We’re gonna see more of that stuff. So you need to learn how to negotiate your own money.

I think that’s gonna be very important. We’ll be dealing with that in subsequent. Masterminds, but anyways, shout out to Nathan for that breakdown of how to find an off market property well done well done, and we didn’t go, you know, we didn’t go through the, how to find foreclosures bank, home properties.

there’s a whole other, webinar for that as well. How do we find those right? Stay tuned.