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Ryan Serhant is the star of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing New York and the creator of one of the most-followed real estate brands in the world. He is now the CEO and founder of a new real estate brokerage ‘Serhant.’ Additionally, Ryan just released his newest book ‘Big Money Energy’ where he shares personal stories and actionable steps to help you adjust your mindset, achieve goals, and attract more success in 2021 and beyond.

The Topics Covered On This Episode:

•    How The Pandemic Affected The NYC Market
•    Why Ryan Started A New Company During The Pandemic
•    The Future Of The Traditional Box
•    What Is “Big Money Energy”?
•    Taking Back Control Of Your Routine
•    How Ryan Became An Actor When He Quit Acting
•    Killing Problems That Pollute
•    Closing A $130 Million Dollar Deal Using “The Power Of Positive Thinking”
•    How Tom Brady Won The Super Bowl
•    Real Estate PTSD
•    The 3 M’S Of Success
•    Why You Should Always Dress For Success
•    Why Ryan Wore A Suit On Zoom Meetings During The Pandemic
•    What Success Means To Ryan
•    The Most Important Thing For Sales Professionals To Focus On In 2021

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Our guest today does not need much of an introduction. Not only is Ryan. Serhant the star of Bravo’s million dollar listing, New York and creator. One of the most followed real estate brands in the world. He is now the CEO and founder of a new real estate brokerage, sir hand. Additionally, Ryan just released his newest book, big money, energy, where he shares personal stories and actionable steps to help you adjust your mindset, achieve goals and attract more success in 2021 and beyond Ryan.

Welcome back to the RUN GPG podcast. Thank you so much for having me, happy to have you. I don’t know if you know this well, obviously, you know this, but you’re a two time guest alumni, only a few people on that. Wow. Do we get it? Like, I was gonna say, did we get a party, but then parties are illegal still.

So I guess we just get the acknowledgement that’s okay. Or a plaque we’ll make a plaque, something like that. So good. I like blacks. I like certificates. You know, anything you can put up on the wall just to let everyone who knows when they show up. This guy really cares about himself. I think that that’s important.

Exactly. Can’t deposit that in the ATM though. So listen, a lot’s happened in the last year, in the real estate industry, as you know, and in your world as well. So it’s going to be good to get your perspective on things I’ve said this many, many times before on this show that you’ll see a difference between those who are successful in those who.

Aren’t successful a really quick coming out of the COVID situation because they’ve navigated the changes, real well or they’ve adapted quicker than anyone else. And I definitely put you in that category by a mile. First of all, the new brokerage, congrats on that. And secondly, the new book, big money, energy.

So. I’m looking forward to discussing those in a bit more detailed. But first, before we talk about the current state of things, we need to put things into perspective and look back at 2020. So the first question here, you’re in the heart of it right there in New York city for the pandemic. And from a business perspective, how was the real estate market and your personal production effected, last year?

Like how did your team cope with the pandemic? It was a massive 10,000 car pile up to beginning of 2020 was off to an incredible story. I can, you know, New York is a market in and of its own. It sits in a bubble when it’s hot, maybe the rest of the country, isn’t when it’s down, maybe the rest of the country.

Isn’t and it moves in different directions every day. Because the buyer base here is so scattered, right? There’s no, there’s no one singular type of buyer where, you know, one industry could be affected and that hurts the entire market, which you have. Everywhere else. Here, you know, it’s a domestic mostly, but internationally fueled, housing.

So it poses some unique benefits and a lot of unique challenges. So we’ve been in a tough market for the last five years. We’ve been in a buyer’s market since it’s almost say 2016, I think I’ll really say 2015. So at this point now almost six years, but definitely five. And. I finally felt like, wow, things are starting to turn at the beginning of last year.

We had great contracts that we had people saying, all right. You know what? We’re just, we’re we’re, we’re going to go by and let’s, let’s figure this out. We’ll get through the election. It’s all going to be. And then screeching halt in March the day, the city shut down. We basically lost every single deal that was on the table in bark because we were the epicenter, right?

Like we were on the news, New York had the bodies on the FDR. We had the tents in central park. We had the ship with the red cross coming to save our lives. Like people were, you know, banging pots. And I don’t even remember when that stopped, but like that, you know, 7:00 PM every day it was, it was.

Completely completely nuts. And so everything stopped. And I spent basically March, April, may, and June holding onto the deals that we could trying to close the ones that we could, everything got renegotiated, if they did close and really putting a hold on all new business, which, because I couldn’t show apartments either because we couldn’t go outside.

And I couldn’t film because filming got shut down and filming actually got shut down until September. We said, you know what? We better keep our routine. Keep busy, keep the work going. Even if we’re all stuck at home and let’s get to work and let’s, let’s, let’s shake things up and that’s really when, while everyone else is freaking out, I wrote my new book, big money, energy, and we built the new company, which we then took public in September.

Yeah. So. As mentioned you didn’t sit on your ass, you’re out there making things happen. Obviously, you know, like you just said, you opened the new brokerage called sir hands again. Congrats on that. A great look, a great looking brand. What was the catalyst behind that and why did you make that move during the pending.

Yeah, well, I’d kind of always known that I was either going to stay where I was and life would be great, or I would not do that and go and start my own thing. I would never go to another firm or just sit complacent. No, no, like I, I’m a firm believer that if you’re not growing, you’re dying, you’ve got to consistently pivot change, stay flexible, do new things.

If only to, to kind of not get bored. Right. And so I, I’d always been thinking like 2020, that sounds like a great year to do this. Right. It’s gonna be the beginning of a new decade, 20, 20 vision, all that stuff. It just felt like the stars would align to, create a great marketplace for me to launch a brand new business.

So I’d kind of gotten the wheels and motions a little bit towards the end of nineties. I was, we were just sorta like dragging our feet because we’re so busy in June and February. Like, just like, so just so many sales, it was insane. And then the market fell out the world shut down. It became complete insanity.

And I had like a day maybe where I was thinking about not moving forward and not doing it, but then I thought, you know what expectations. For me just got really low. I don’t have to launch a firm with a parade down fifth avenue anymore. I don’t have to come out with fireworks. That’s illegal. I can now slow down my business where I am, because it’s slow anyway.

And I can launch my new brokerage in the middle of a pandemic. And I don’t think anyone else is going to do that. So maybe I’ll be able to make a lot of noise and all people are going to care about is what. Why are you okay? That’s that’s awesome. Let’s let’s just do that. And then we just went guns blazing and full steam ahead.

It’s exactly what happened. No one else started a real estate firm in 2020, except for us. And every year before. Multiple new real estate brokerages and real estate development companies and you name it are started, right? Like every, every other week, in New York except for 2020. And it just proved to be a, a great example of when people’s Zig.

Yep. That’s a good way of putting it. I remember talking about this before in, it was, it was basically the topic was a death of the big box brand and more and more agents are asking the question these days, you know, what do I get from my company? What do I get from my brokerage? Okay. Pre pandemic, you could kind of see things slowly changing, You know, with the brokerage community and, and with everything that happened last year, we saw it speed up the inevitable right.

Agents realizing maybe they don’t need bricks and mortar, you know, clients, shopping behaviors obviously changed and so on. So. What are your thoughts on the changing landscape of the real estate industry? Particularly from a brokerage point of view. And I asked this because like what we found out, you know, we had a very high producing team, actually, multiple teams, five teams across the country.

And then when we flipped, we realized we were in, you know, kind of two businesses, you know, we were serving our clients, but we’re also serving the agents, you know? And we also discovered that. What we’ve been saying for awhile is that the brokerage community needed to shake up. So what’s your perspective on that now that you’re running a firm?

Oh yeah, for sure. I mean, that’s what I exist on and we’ve been very, very, very picky with who we bring in. Yeah. Almost. Building slowly because we have so much business and it’s, it’s not like I need to grow random agent counts in order to survive. So I really care about the quality, especially will always care about the quality, but especially now, We’re all here personally involved in who gets to come, who gets to work here because they are the risk takers with our baby, you know, and what they do is a direct reflection of our core goals and our culture.

I cannot take a risk with that. But I think traditional box brokerage does not last much longer. I think the overhead will crush you. It doesn’t make sense and there’s too much competition and no one needs to be at a desk. In 2020 really, really, really, really, really showed us that. And so I think that, you know, it is our place now where we have a physical, a physical footprint, but everything else is.

Right. And we exist in a space where real estate, media, and tech collide. So the media builds the stories and builds the brands for the agents and the properties to tech allows us to amplify it to the largest audience possible and allows the agents to be as productive as we can. And the brokerage gets it.

And round and round around, we go mixed in with some training, right? Because training is a huge part of our it’s like, oh, it’s all, it’s a big part of what we do here, is the education platform. And so our agent growth comes through the best trained people who come out of our program. Is there anything you wish you knew before it started real estate brokers?

Because it’s not for the faint of heart, right? It’s not, it’s all new stuff. All new problems. I mean, I don’t know. You know, we, we were pretty well educated getting into it. I think that costs compound. But we’re in a, such a very unique market here in New York. Right? We’re in we’re S no matter how soft the market is here, like everything is still obscene.

They have expensive, right? The, the, the rent is expensive. The stuff is, the food is expensive ever to costs. You know, the memberships, everything is just incredibly, incredibly expensive, you know, and. The margins for brokerage are very, very, very tight. And, You know, that’s, that’s a, it’s a learning process for us, but, but it’s okay.

There’s, there’s nothing else too much, that I wish someone would’ve told me like a surprise or was like, oh no, I didn’t know that. I think it’s great. To be honest. I like, I couldn’t be happier. Like I wake up. Excited more excited than ever before in part, because you know, you, do, you have a closing and you just like, see the wire that day.

It’s an amazing, then I’m like, and I do the math. Like, I, I, I, you know, if they’re listening great, but my bass brokerage, I do the math with every deal as to how much I don’t pay them. And it’s just the greatest thing. It’s like it’s reverse. Whereas before it used to be like, oh man, they better give me some good mailers for this, you know?

But at the same time, I keep that very, very much in mind for my agents. Right. I want to make sure that they understand with what they’re buying into and that they have, but they see great value. Like that’s, that’s very much top of my mind, because I don’t want to create another. You know, someone who’s really successful who then gets resentful of wired.

And they’re like, I don’t want that. I don’t want everyone to be excited. I want them to be happy on the crush. It, I want them to be like, dude, I just closed this. We’re all going to have an awesome time, you know, and really, really go through it. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it’s a, like we said, it’s not a. Different business in a way, you know, once you get into the, real estate brokerage space.

Okay. Let’s talk about the book again. Congrats. Big money, energy had a rule of work, dominated life and make millions. I read it. I read it really fast actually. I loved it a great time and great message. I think it’s so relevant right now, as we were just talking about, you know, the past years.

Challenging for so many. And I think a lot of people, you know, they’ve lost their jobs. They’re rethinking their careers. They’re tired of working from home. They want to make a change. They’re afraid to do it. Sales agents, especially, you know, they’ve lost control of the routine, lost their mojo. As we say, you know, their momentum.

I think the book does a good job of putting things in perspective and relieving a bit of anxiety through your. Personal experiences and actual steps that can be taken to improve mindset, to improve motivation and ultimately success. It’s also hilarious. Like I laughed out loud quite a few times. It’s a, it’s a, it’s an entertaining read.

So the question is why did you write the book and what exactly is big money in. Good questions. My first books out, like sir, hands I wrote over the course of like 10 years. I, you know, it was my sales Bible, everything that I learned about how to sell, about how to structure my day, about how to build a career, I would just write down and they would give to me.

You know, a lot of large sales team based in New York. And we had agents that were also in Los Angeles, in the Hamptons in Miami. And I really wanted them to know how, how I did everything I did so that they could be like me. And, you know, I thought that that was beneficial. And then it eventually morphed into a book about how to sell anything.

It was real estate focused, people know me for selling real estate. It’s what I do. And it really became kind of this tool kit for how to sell and how to build a sales career. Like if you’re getting into real estate or if you want to kind of ramp up your whole. Read salt lake surrogates. Because maybe there are some tips and tricks and strategies that I do as a broker in New York that you’ve never even thought of it.

And if all else fails, at least my, my pain that is throughout that book will make you laugh. And then I had a lot of people come to me and said, listen, book changed my life. I got into real estate because of it. You know, the Bravo show is so like star hands really, really helped me your online course.

You know, I know what to say, how to say. But I’ve got a pit in my stomach. I know what to do, but I’m 23. No, one’s going to believe me. Right. I, I just got out of school or, you know, like my palms are sweating. People have suffered. I think they count themselves out before they even get into the ring. And it’s, it’s classic.

Right. We see that in sports all the time. And I realized during quarantine, as I was talking to so many people on Instagram live and zooms, and so many people were connecting their self. Is there income. And I remember feeling that way. I remember being in New York in the early days of my career and really thinking I Tim’s a loser because I wasn’t closing anything and trying to quit over and over and over.

But if I quit, what else was I going to do? It was just gonna move home. And then I had to leave New York. And so that my back was kind of up against the wall. That way I had to figure things out, and big money, energy. It’s all about knowing what you want and going and getting it. I, it is my blueprint for confidence, and magnetic confidence so that you can build yourself up into a position, not in 10 years, but like, And next week, and this year where you will start to attract success and attract confidence, because low energy is low income.

And if you want to sell the most, do the most rights, you’ve got to be able to play it. Like you already had the money in your pocket, and that’s a skill that people can learn. And that’s why I put the book together and I put it together and. I was crazy and it’s crazy to me that it’s out less than a year before I even finished it.

So yeah, that’s why I did it. The it’s not a real estate book. Like it’s a book. Entrepreneur sales, but it’s really a book for anybody. And you know, what struck me too, is that the concept of changing your energy and your mindset with the codes and the steps you outlined in the book are actually backed by science, neurology and psychology.

So for example, I’m re it’s funny, cause I was reading a book at the same time, called Psycho-Cybernetics it’s the findings of Dr. Maxwell malts. I think it is. And he outlined. Scientific evidence that by using daily, daily visualization, process in a calculated way, you can steer your mind in the direction you want.

I think big money, big money, energy is a more down to earth version of that concept for entrepreneurs and salespeople. You know, as you say, I literally anyone can do what you did to achieve success. It’s all here step by step in the book, and you’re able to change the projection of your career by doing the things you talked about the book.

So, it’s actually scientific to, you know, when you think about it and another reason why the book needs to be read now, I think is that as we touched on, most of us have lost control of our routines, especially. In real estate or in sales. And you talk about that in the book, but what can the everyday sales agent sales professional do to take control again?

What can the everyday sales agents. Rational due to take control. Yeah, it’s to take control again and to take control back, right? The first thing I think you need to do, and I liked that you brought up the power of positive thinking, cause I’m a firm firm believer in that. Even if you have to have some sort of visualization, materialistic item, like I did with a fake Rolex on my wrist, you know, that, let me know that one day, this is going to be real.

Tomorrow, but it will be, and it just makes me feel a little bit better. But you need to define who the future you is, right? Yes. You need to write that person down. I think a lot of people just think, well, I’m going to be older or I’m definitely gonna be successful. Okay. Well, what does that look like?

Actually? Like what’s your commute? Like what kind of car are you driving? You can drive a car. What’s your house look like? Right? How much. All right. What do you look like? Do you give me exact crazy details? And I know it’s hard, but I’m telling you, if you write down who the future you is, and you don’t have to go 10 years out, right?

You can go two years out. That is now the person that you work for. Okay. Then you’re going to do an energy audit, and you’re going to ask a friend who you trust. You might have to ask a couple of friends and you’re going to ask them, please define me without using my name and see what they say. Their answers might surprise you and be prepared to be okay with constructive criticism.

You know, I didn’t know when I did this in 2009, like I didn’t know that I had a really, really weak handshake and I walked around the city with my eyes on the. I didn’t realize that I hadn’t gotten over that idea of being nervous with making eye contact with people. When I was in high school and college, and it was transcending into my real estate business, which made me look and feel unconfident.

So of course people weren’t gonna rent or buy with me. Right. I barely, I wouldn’t rent them by with myself. I’d go. But I didn’t know that I had a, I thought everything was fine. I’m Ryan. This is the guy that I am. Until I asked for that, And then you become an opportunist. I, you open yourself up to as many opportunities as possible, being well aware that you do not have to wait for opportunity to come to you.

And I think a lot of people wait, right. They wait and complain, wait and complain. But I think if you can open yourself up for different opportunities anywhere and say yes to as many of them as you can. You will find that energy as you work towards becoming future you for me personally, I think about Ryan 23.

Dharna a hundred times a day maybe. Right. Cause that’s the guy that I worked for because before I know it, I will be him and I want to make sure that he has a great life. Yeah. It’s interesting perspective. It’s science. The self-audit was really good in the book where you ask for feedback and actually take it.

I think that’s the hardest part for people is to actually. Listen and accept it instead of getting defensive about it. And unless it’s, I think w what did you call it in the book? The, you know, the, the annoying, the stuff that doesn’t matter, like, you know, if you don’t like my feet, foot hater, I actually laughed out loud.

When you said I laughed out loud. That was good. The other one I liked too is, the other one that made me, they cracked me up was when you were on, I think it was a second audition and. And you can’t, you know, you can take it or leave it because now, you know, you’re making money, you’re doing your thing.

And you’re like, I got a job now or something like that. And I just died. I thought that was funny. Yeah. Yeah. With, with Ben Stiller for, for, for while we’re young for that movie. Yeah, it was. It was the minute I quit trying to be an actor was the minute I became one. It’s just, it’s just so crazy. It’s like they, and they reached out to me.

I was like, I don’t have time for this. Sit down. You don’t care. You don’t lose desperation out of your pores. You walk in there confident about, you know, anything else, and you’re good to go. You give some codes and tips, to help, for the new year, like kill problems that pollute. Can you. Yes. A lot of people let others steal their minutes and they allow problems and they allow other people to pollute their entire day, which is bad.

Right. So if you think of yourself as, as kind of this moving body of water, a small problem could pollute the entire body of water and you don’t even realize it right. Or they could an entire deal. And so you want to. All problems right from the get-go no procrastinating. This is what successful people do.

Right? They’re they’re quick. They’re action takers. They’re not action thinkers. And it is all about making fast decisions and figuring it out. Right. Do not over contemplate, do not overthink. And remove any issues, whether they’re in your life or a deal you’re working on as quickly as you possibly can, before they pollute that amazing body of water you’ve been working on for so long.

Yeah, really good. And the other one is just say yes, even if you don’t feel ready, I like that. Can you break it down just from your. I mean, listen as an example. Okay. You’ll always figure things out. I got into real estate by saying yes to a friend who says you get your license. And I’m like, I do that.

I don’t know anything about real estate or brokerage. I don’t even know the streets in New York city. I know how to get to different auditions and things, but I got what I have to show Roy dude, just turn the lights on, but you figure it out right. Has as a very clear and extra large example, two weeks ago, a client that I was working with on the upper east side of New York city asked me if I did Florida.

I don’t really, I’m based in New York, typically I would refer. But in that moment, you know, and I’m thinking about the book, big money, energy. I had the book taped to my hand. If anyone follows me on social, it was taped my hands for like a month. And I said, yep, absolutely. All right. We’re gonna look at things in, in Palm beach.

No problem, quickly call up agents. I knew in Florida and said, listen, I need, I need options. I don’t know, send me things, but he’s a wealthy guy. So send me things that are 5 million, 20 million. They send me the options. So they did send to him. We then basically narrowed it down to Palm beach. It’s like, I want to go see things, on Thursday.

It’s like a, okay. But flight, we’re going to figure this out. We’re going down in my calendar that Wednesday night was a three-hour block that just said learn Palm beach, where I just studied and memorize everything I possibly could so that the. We got there. I would never be at a loss for words about the marketplace, the comps, the streets, the schools, the restaurants, anything that’s happening.

We got there and showed them a bunch of houses and we kept pushing our budget and pushing our budget and pushing our budget. And the next day he bought a house for just over 130 million. And it closed yesterday. It’s all over the press right now. It’s been completely insane is the most expensive home sale ever in the state of Florida.

And it’s the second, most expensive single family home in the history of the United States, because I said yes, when he was like, Hey, do you do. When typically I would have said, well, I have a team there. I’ve got people there. I’ve got this. Now, if he weren’t as wealthy as I knew he was what I have said.

Yes. I don’t know. If someone says, Hey, we’re looking for a $600,000 condo on the bay. No, probably not. I’ll refer you because of the value of my time. And I did not know that he was going to buy something. Just under $140 million, but I knew that if he’s serious, he’s going to buy something for 10 20, and that’s worth my time.

Little did I know that I could upsell him by an additional hundred, but do just the power of saying yes, putting yourself in, you know, the ability to make opportunities. Right. And I. Called big money, energy taped to my hand. It’s also about the power of positive thinking. I honestly, this is not a push for the book, but there is something about having done Matt.

Like, I didn’t know that. Three weeks ago, but no, I didn’t know. There’s something about how the stars align. It’s something bigger than me as I’m thinking about future you and carrying positive energy through your day so that you can attract success. And I do the biggest deal of my entire life.

There’s something real to that. And so, and you can manifest it. You don’t need to take a book to your hands, right? You can manifest it if you think about it. So if you read the book and you think about future, you and you understand that you are the best every day, You will be the best, right? Isn’t that what, you know, not to bring in sports, but it’s that what Tom Brady does, right?

Like that’s and we watched it in the super bowl, right? That guy beliefs, without a single bit of hesitation, since the day he started playing football, that he’s the absolute best and everyone should be worried. He just believes it super nice about it, but he believes it to the point where other players playing against him, get on the.

And their confidence is rattled because they’re like, holy shit, maybe he is. Maybe I’m not like the Kansas city chiefs played the worst game of their entire season because they were going up against the guy with the, in their mind. They weren’t thinking about playing good in their mind. I’m telling you, you know, one of them was do Tom Brady took the Buccaneers to the Superbowl instead of focusing on themselves and how great they were.

They came into that game on defense, right? Nervous about the other guy. And it works great bracelet. Chicken is such a good parallel. Like it, he was in their heads, you know, he’s using their heads, opportunities present themselves. I guess if you have to move from Washington after four years to Florida, I guess that would do it.

That would push up his budget maybe. Right. Sound like the president was moving 130. Yeah. I don’t know. People point homes for 130 mill, like yeah. Something like 9,000 a square. Jeez man. One of the things you talked about that I thought was really interesting is you talk about getting over past work PTSD, and I think all real estate agents have some form of PTSD.

Like I think for you, you were talking about how you’re on vacation. You were sitting on the beach and you got a call from a client, right. And you had to apologize for it or felt like you had to apologize for it. And then you kind of shifted your mindset and that’s PTSD in a way real estate. I mean, it’s natural.

You’re going to get some form of PTSD. You think you need to always be working. Yeah. And, and, and it’s okay to always be working. Right. But you also need to set expectations and be real with people. Like, I didn’t realize how easy would it be? To keep the same level of business, if not more, by telling people that they going forward, because I don’t get to see my baby, Monday through Friday, really.

Saturdays are for the baby, just FYI. I’ll do appointments. And then Saturday, Saturdays are for the baby. We’ll watch bubble guppies. We’re going to dance, but she’s a ballet dancer. Now she speaks zero words, but she, that’s our day. And I look forward to it every single week. And people just get it right.

Even the crazy clients who don’t get it. Hmm, I make them get it. And so you need to, you know, brush off past clients past jerks, past money, energy, and not let it pollute your amazing body of water. I can, people, people hold that stuff in and they hold grudges and they carry that negativity into their next appointed.

Right. And then they wonder why people don’t want to spend time with them. It’s because negative energy is not attractive and you don’t think you’re a negative person, but you’re allowing everybody else to push their negativity onto yourself, which then to you manifests itself in a bad attitude, right. A grumpy attitude, and you are not living the biggest life you possibly could.

When you do that, I let other things. Just move on. It doesn’t matter. What matters is you two years from today and what are you going to do to build that foundation to make sure her life is life is amazing. And so there’s a bunch of things that I go into the book about how to do that, but do I have work PTSD every day?

There’s terrible things that happen. No deal is easy, except for that one day, the Palm beach deal was the easiest, craziest deal I’ve ever done. Like it’s. I will never experience that ever. We basically just said, Hey, should we break the record? And I said, I think so. I think he did. And it was, it, it was just like, I’ve never did I do $800,000 deals that take two years and crushed my soul.

Okay. That’s why you want to get into the luxury market, you know, that’s because those people do not have the time to mess around not going to care. Right? Like they, they got in the middle of a deal now that I think gold on just signed. I think. I don’t know, a buyer buying an apartment for, we negotiate a lot, buying an apartment for 7 million, one 50 and in Soho and the it’s a developer who’s buying it from, right.

So my guys, regular developer seller, and the developer came back midway through. It was like, you know what, we think this apartment is being, let go for too little, we’re not gonna pay your closing costs. Cause that was part of. All right. The closing costs on that in New York city come out to about $350,000.

So all of a sudden, now we are $7.1 million, but now we’re three 50 way and the guy got really pissed off. But in the matter of two minutes, he was like, arbitrage. I don’t care. Just get the apartment. It’s worth it to me in the end. Right. Whereas like, To people that can’t afford that. Right. They wouldn’t act that way.

Yeah. That’s very interesting. You brought that up. We find that, you know, some of the biggest deals we do are some of the easiest as well. You know, just to the point you talked about it is not easy. No, no. Getting there to be able to have that level of confidence and experience so that those types of clients will gravitate towards you, which is what big money energy is all about is not easy.

And it shouldn’t be easy. No. No, it makes sense. It makes sense. You also talk about, achieving big money, energy using the three M’s the three M’s. Can you tell us what those are? Yeah, the three M’s it’s be magnetic shift your mindset and maintain motivation. Those are my three AMS, right? To, to success, to leading life with big money, energy with big magnetic energy.

If people are attracted to what you bring to the table, not attracted to you. Right, but what you bring to the table and if you shift your mindset to understand that that’s the way life works. Okay. And you stay motivated, anything is possible. It’ll take you a second, but absolutely anything is possible.

Yeah. I agree with that. A hundred percent. You also talk about dressing for success, which I agree with completely. Can you give us your thoughts on looking the part? Yeah, I think, I do talk about that a lot. I, I know appearances is such a unique topic, especially now when people aren’t in person, but I think that.

I’ve always felt that you have to dress in a way that is authentic to you, but it’s also respectful of the people you’re trying to meet with. Like you can’t, if you’re the most comfortable in gym shorts and sweatshirts, you don’t show up to a client meeting that way or go to work that way, because it’s not respectful to other people like getting put on regular clothes to come shopping and you didn’t.

So I’m not going to work. Right. Your first impression is your last impression. If you’re not careful, does that mean you have to wear a suit and tie like I do six days a week? No, you don’t. You have to. I do it because the majority of my clients do. And so I do it out of, out of respect for them. Most comfortable outfit for me is, you know, jeans.

I would do that all day long and maybe one day I’ll get to the point in my career where I get, I’ll never wear another suit in my life. But the suit also to this day still acts as a confidence costume for me. Like when I put on that suit and tie in the morning, even if I don’t want to it’s. Like that’s my racing outfit, right?

It’s like my astronauts suit. Like I am going to the moon today and I’m taking this pinstripe suit and blue tie with me. But you need to dress for success. And one of the codes that we have in there is you cannot be successful until you present an image of success. Okay. And that is only not true for the very few and the very lucky and so.

You are one of the very few and very lucky and awesome. And thank you for reading the book, but you really don’t have to for everybody else. I first impression is incredibly important. So make sure your clothes are clean. Make sure they fit nicely. Make sure you invest a little bit into them because that’s kind of your office.

Right. Your outfits, make sure you’re aware of what colors work well with you and what colors don’t right. Like I, gray is not so great on me because it washes me out. My hair is gray and I’ve got kind of like a super pale pink tone to my skin. So I wear a lot of Navy suits with pink ties. It’s if you see.

It’s where it got like four days out of the week, I wear kind of the same outfit combo because that’s like, my power is, are my power colors, you know? And I go into it a lot more in the books. I don’t want to bore everybody, but it’s, you know, kind of how I present myself has been a big part of my career.

Right. Even a million he was like, hi, he’s a sharp dresser. Do you sell. Well sure. It’s, it’s, you know, part of the calling card, it’s part of the it’s part of the costume. Yeah. I think I’m surprised how, you know, sales agents and sales professionals are showing up these days. Well, not, I shouldn’t say I sound like an old person, you know, but they’re just not paying attention

You know, I think you need to pay a little bit more attention. We’ve talked about it before I knew it was, it was interesting. It was about a year ago. We showed up at a conference and I, we had the suits on. And then I looked around and everybody was in hoodies. I could not believe it. It used to be like years ago that these conferences people were absolutely in suits.

So I think the standard is know, dropped a little bit as it relates to the, the business attire. But that’s, you know, like you said, yeah. Yeah. I mean, for sure. Yeah, because everything is different, but I do. Yeah, I won business during the pandemic during quarantine, because when everyone would do zooms and they turn their cameras on it, I was at home.

Everyone had, you know, they they’re, they’re inside, you know, a sweatshirt or, you know, buttoned down, but they kind of looked like they were just, you know, maybe not wearing pants. And then I would turn my camera on and I would be in the office and. And everyone was like, what, what, what I don’t understand.

Right? What are you doing? Like I I’m working. What are you doing? Like. I don’t have to now things are different. The world is different. I’m like, I, I totally get that. No problem. What are we talking about? And people were like, that is commitment. That’s who we want to have sell our building. Here’s 460 apartments to go, and that works right.

It works.

Yeah, lead by example, real quick in the time we have left, I can you touch on goal setting for a minute? Like just what’s the importance for business builders to set goals besides the. You want to set realistic goals and you then want to break it down to what you have to do every single day to get there.

Right? It’s not enough just to say, I want to sell X every year, or I want my company to get to why do the reverse math. And figure out what that means for you every month, every week and every day, so that you actually have an action plan, because I don’t do anything in a week. Right. I do everything in a minute, you know, things take minutes.

So I’m so focused on my thousand minute role. But you know, I know. That to hit my goals this year and to, to do them right. I want to do 60 million a month. I want to bring on a new agent who has at least five years experience once a week, amongst other things. And they are written on a whiteboard and they are in my peripherals.

They’re like, literally right there, you can actually cut. Can you see it? It’s like right there where you can’t see it, but it’s like right there. And as they change, I can adapt them. I can move them, but I’m moving towards a finish line. Right. And that’s what success is. It’s doing what you say. You’re going to do that.

Like, that’s my biggest flex. Like I do what I say I’m going to do. And I do not negotiate. What’s the most important thing for sales professionals and entrepreneurs to focus on in 2021. That’s a good question. I would say, I said, focus on the future. We are now in 2021, like every movie, right. That we grew, we grew up with watching.

It was set now, right? This is the future. How is your business going to change in the 2020s? And don’t just wait for it to happen. Adapt today so you can get ahead. Do not be the guy. Who said in 1994, when AOL started rolling out, dial up internet and everyone’s home computer, and it would take forever to log in that this will never really do anything, right?

Like, don’t be. Okay. Everyone wants to move faster. That’s what, that’s what all of the advantages are that we have now. So how is your business going to change and how can you pivot and start doing that today so that you in the future are successful? And I think a lot of us are very fortunate right now to be in markets that are busy.

So. Soak it up in 2021. Soak it up. Move. Make moves. Save money, build, grow, adapt. Do not slow down. Stay fast. Yeah. That’s good advice. That’s great advice actually. So, thanks for sharing that. What’s next for the ser hint. We just announced our permanent office space. So I’m actually headed there right now when we get off.

And we’re going to build that out, move in the spring and kind of do the first saran house concept for real estate tech and media. That’s was really, really exciting. And then from there to the most. From there to other markets to the moon. Okay. So here’s, here’s the final question. You’re opening a bottle of champagne and one year from now celebrating something you’ve accomplished, what would that be?

In February, 2022, celebrating something I’ve accomplished, would be, you know what, it’s a tough one. I know it’s a tough one. I know planting, planting the flag somehow some way in our next market, because that would be very fast. But if we could do that, that would be like, that would mean that the next 12 months go incredibly well.

Oh, well that. Yeah. Yeah. You’ll be surprised too. Like we thought the same thing, we quickly expanded to, you know, three provinces, which is like three states, you know, from your perspective, all with different rules, different laws, we were able to expand real quick because once you figure out the model, you know, then it’s easy to kind of like, and you know, with the name recognition you have in the brand, you have it, it’d be quite easy, I think for you to do that.

And from my perspective, I’ll have it here, but, so that’s cool. That’s, that’s really, really interesting what an awesome discussion. As we say, success leaves clues. I think big money, energy should be required. Reading for agents, sales, professionals, and entrepreneurs who have big plans for the year.

Again. Thanks Ryan much. Appreciate it. Can’t wait to see what’s next. For the ser hint brand. Thanks, man. We’ll talk to you soon.


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