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Jeff Staple is a creative genius! His creative vision has encompassed design, fashion, footwear, and brand marketing. Jeff is the founder of Staple Design Studio which has worked on creative projects with partners that include Adidas, Nike, Kia, Dr. Martin’s, Levis, Sony, Timberland, Microsoft and the famous streetwear brand, Pigeon. Jeff is also a well-regarded thought leader and host of the wildly successful podcast, Hype Beast.

Jeff’s story is simply incredible. He grew up in as an immigrant from China in a predominantly Italian, Jewish community. He tried to downplay his identity as being Chinese and didn’t want to use the race card when he started building his brand. He didn’t want to be identified as the coolest Chinese streetwear designer. He wanted to be the best streetwear brand regardless of color.

Listen in to Jeff’s compelling story and how he talks about his grassroots start that has turned into a gigantic global movement. Once you’ve listened to this episode be sure to check out our previous shows with Ryan Serhant and Bryan Casella for even more information on how to be relevant in today’s noisy real estate marketplace.

“Like it was really, the thing that I learned most was that like, you know, if you want to do something that you believe in, you really have to be able to sacrifice everything. And possibly even the support and validation of the people closest to you.” – Jeff Staple

Some Of The Topics We Discussed Include:

  •  Why you need to be yourself because you are already unique
  • How to be authentic and original
  • Why jumping in and figuring it out as you go is valuable
  • How to make your brand omnipresent
  • How to be creative and stand out in your industry
  • How to be confident in yourself
  • The ripple effect of your good work

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