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On today’s show we have the founder and CEO of the Broke Agent LLC, a comedic media brand focused on the entertainment of real estate professionals. Today we’re happy to welcome Eric Simon.

Eric got into real estate roughly 6 years ago. Beforehand he was working at the Laugh Factory Comedy Club as a marketing intern and assistant. He would promote them on social media and try to get more people to the venue.

Eric’s endeavours have not resulted in the direct closing of any real estate deals. However, Eric’s Broke Agent endeavours have greatly increased his relationships with other agents. Eric hasn’t had to market himself as a REALTOR® to his friends and potential clients because they often know about the broke agent. Eric does so much marketing with The Broke Agent that he has very little time to do things like market updates or posting media of open houses.

“I mean when you’re, when you’re scrolling through Instagram, you know, even if you’re only following like 800 accounts, you’re seeing so many ads, so many realtors, so many influencers, so much stuff that you just kind of gloss over  it that you have to be unique to stand out for someone to actually pause on your Instagram, watch the video and engage with it. So if you’re not unique, people are just going to go right past you whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.” Eric Simon

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Eric’s daily routine
  • How he started in real estate
  • How the Broke Agent Started
  • Strategies agents so they can to start using Instagram for their business
  • Using Instagram Stories
  • Staying consistent
  • Being Unique
  • Which types of content you should be sharing
  • How many times a day you should be posting to social media
  • Tom Ferry
  • Gary Vaynerchuck

Books & Links

  1. Commission Impossible

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