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On today’s show, we are chatting with Weldon Long who gives us a total education on mindset and how to up your sales game. Weldon has an amazing story to tell. He was a ninth-grade high school dropout who spent 13 years of his life in a state penitentiary, that led to a homeless shelter and being completely broke by the age of 40, only to turn his life around completely and become unimaginably wealthy and successful.

Weldon Long has become ultra-successful as an entrepreneur, he’s a New York Times best selling author, motivational speaker and teacher of mindset philosophies that has catapulted him to his success today. You will definitely have some mind shifts and a-ha moments about selling, problem-solving, giving, and connecting with others that will help you take your sales to another level that you most likely thought not possible. Once you’re finished with this episode be sure to check out our second episode with Brad Lea for even more successful traits for being an amazing salesperson.

“I call these seemingly inconsequential decisions, cause they’re tiny decisions, but every time you make a decision, you reach in your box in your mind and you pull out a small component of your life and you do this over the course of thirty, forty, fifty years. And next thing you know, you know, you’ve built this life and your life will be a perfect reflection of whatever’s in your box.” – Weldon Long

Some Topics We Discussed:

  • How to effectively change your mindset
  • The power of seemingly inconsequential thinking
  • Why the confused mind says no
  • How to reverse engineer a process to make your goals
  • What are the most important things to focus on
  • How to focus on your process of execution
  • The influential author who changed Weldon’s life
  • And much much more…

References and Links Mentioned:

How to Outwit the Devil – Napoleon Hill
7 Habits Of Highly Effective People – Dr. Steven Covey
Author – James Allen

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