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In this week’s episode, we are discussing building your real estate brand by using Instagram as we get into the science of Instagram with Ed Stulak AKA, The Millennial Realtor.

Even if you don’t have an Instagram account you’re definitely going to want to listen in as Ed will give you a step-by-step process to get you started and if you are already on Instagram this episode will sharpen your social media skills and help you use the platform to help you increase your real estate sales.

After you have taken all of this information in, be sure to check our episodes with Brad Lea for even more sales strategies to build and scale your real estate business

“I realized the problem, the problem was realtors don’t know how to use social media and they don’t know about personal branding to the point they should. So me being in it for so many years, let me try to input that, uh, that knowledge and that skillset into real estate to see if it works for me. And it did. So now I have a whole like different mentality as to why I’m in real estate today. So my answer from three years ago was what I just started off with. But my answer till today is because I see a problem and I’m bringing a solution.” Ed Stulak

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Ed’s morning routine
  • How and Why Ed got into real estate
  • The power of personal branding
  • The current state of Instagram and Facebook
  • The importance of setting up your Instagram profile correctly
  • (TOMA) Top Of Mind Association
  • The power of Instagram Stories
  • Ed’s favorite quotes and Mentors
  • How Ed uses Instagram to connect with influencers
  • How to build rapport with your followers

References and Links Mentioned:

Ryan Serhant

Grant Cardone

Gary Vaynerchuck

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Website –

Instagram –

Contact David Morrell:





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