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Janine Driver – You Say A Lot More Than You Thought

This episode is an absolute gift to our audience and after listening you’ll totally get why we say this. Literally. Janine Driver is on the show today and she absolutely gives amazing information that will leave you wanting more. Janine is a body language expert who’s New York Times bestseller has been translated into 14 languages laying out her work after 16 years working at the Department of Justice.

Janine is a highly sought after keynote speaker and go-to expert in lie detection and body language for the media and numerous companies and agencies. We go deep into how to watch for signals on how to evaluate clients. After you’ve listened, check out our shows that we recorded with Brad Lea and Ryan Serhant for more tips on building and scaling your real estate business.

“Research shows the smaller, the words you use, the more influential and the more people will remember.” – Janine Driver

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How you can change the trajectory of your business and life
  • How to empower yourself and adjust negative thinking
  • What the seven universal emotions are
  • What three words to get what you want
  • Why open loops are so powerful
  • One word to listen for when talking with clients
  • What words in ending LY really mean
  • How to evaluate body language
  • What is blocking and how to identify it
  • How to understand emotional intelligence
  • How to understand body language
  • Where you should sit during a meeting or negotiation
  • What palms out means
  • And much much more…

References and Links Mentioned:

You Can’t Lie To Me – Janine Driver
You Say More To Me Than You Think – Janine Driver


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