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John Malott is an American businessman, serial entrepreneur, and business strategist who’s companies have earned him over 1 billion dollars in sales. John has a fascinating backstory in early life which created a number of challenges and setbacks including being a high school dropout, being locked up in jail, drug addiction and having a heart attack at age 17 from smoking cocaine.

Today John is described as a world-changer collaboration expert and global keynote speaker. He is one of the cofounders of Build your empire an event media company focused on impacting the next generation of entrepreneurs.

We think you will really enjoy our conversation with John as he shares his wealth of knowledge of entrepreneurship, and the steps that he has taken that you can apply in your business to have great success.

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It’s just, those are simple errors and discipline that eventually lead you to failure. And I say, just change that up a little bit. Do some simple disciplines every single day and watch what happens in a year. Watch what happens in five, five, 10 years. People think I got lucky. I’m like, no. While you were at the beach, you know I was reading a book. Well, while you’re at the club, I was making calls, text, messaging, learning how to do some social media, building my brand, and that separated, you know, the income in a big way.” – John Malott

Some Of The Topics We Discuss Include:

  • Simple disciplines that lead you to success
  • Basic Fundamentals to get ahead
  • The fundamentals of entrepreneurship
  • How building a library of books is beneficial to your success
  • The importance of mentorship and coaching
  • The power of relationships and why they’re your biggest ambassadors
  • Reverse engineering your goal outcomes
  • Why many things are the same in today’s market and how to set yourself apart
  • And much much more!

References and Books mentioned

1) Chicken Soup For The Soul

2) How To Win Friends And Influence People

3) Rapid Funnel

4) Warren Buffet

5) Napolean Hill Outwitting the devil

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