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On today’s show we’re interviewing Eric Heras who is a real estate broker in the world capital of real estate, New York City. Eric started real estate in 1999 and has made a great success of his career. This episode will cover insights into real estate in the big apple, along with some fantastic tips to help real estate agents across the United States and Canada combined. Eric’s knowledge bombs are helpful in many regards, and he keeps us listening with his very entertaining anecdotes.


00:00:00 | Introduction

00:03:41 | Eric’s Background

00:04:40 | Life in New York

00:06:46 | Starting Real Estate

00:09:34 | Barbara Corcoran and The Corcoran Group

00:11:38 | New York Real Estate

00:14:08 | Popular NYC Neighbourhoods

00:16:25 | Veronica Mainetti and The Flat Iron Building

00:20:08 | Eric’s Business & Success

00:25:10 | Creating Leads in NYC

00:29:41 | David’s Networking Style

00:32:06 | Differentiating Yourself

00:37:00 | Staying Organized

00:43:19 | Eric’s Craziest Real Estate Story

00:46:54 | Eric’s Longevity in Real Estate

00:50:34 | Eric’s Tips for New Agents

00:53:59 | The Future of Eric Heras & New York City

00:59:20 | Getting to Know Eric

01:04:11 | Eric’s Book Recommendations

01:05:52 | Corey’s Book Recommendation

01:07:43 | Contacting Eric Heras

Books & Links

1) Never Split the Difference – Christopher Voss and Tahl Raz

2) The Millionaire Real Estate Agent – Gary W. Keller

3) The Ultimate Sales Machine – Chet Holmes

4) The Rise of Superman – Steven Kotler

Contact Eric Heras

Email –

Website –

Contact David Morrell:





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