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We’re still in lockdown, but we’re back today with another stellar guest. Today we have legendary real estate coach, Jon Cheplak. Jon’s training system has helped increase profits through the attraction, development, and retention of productive agents, and has helped add billions in sales volumes as a result.

What we enjoyed from having Jon on the podcast were the actionable strategies and tactics he discussed that you can implement into your business that is proven to work even in the current situation we are facing right now with the Coronavirus lockdown. You’ll get to hear how Jon went from being a successful real estate agent into being a world-renowned coach and how his experiences have helped transform many real estate agents’ personal and professional lives. Whether you’re a novice or a veteran, we guarantee there are things that Jon says that will you probably haven’t thought about, and we cover this in today’s show. When you’re done, get some more tactics and skills from our talks with Santiago Arana and Bryan Casella.

“Tension. Pro athletes make millions because of tension. And it’s a simple equation when you look at, you know, you need to get that knowledge from someone that’s been there, someone that’s gone before me, and I’m a product of certainly grit and commitment, but I’m a product of brilliance that’s been given to me.”– Jon Cheplak

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Jon’s story about working as an agent to becoming a top-performing real estate coach
  • Ways to ensure your mindset is in the right space
  • How Tension is the best form of accountability
  • How to have the proper message to market match
  • The importance of empathy in your business
  • How a tiny hinge can swing a large door
  • What making deposits in your emotional account means
  • Why it’s important to adapt to change in your business
  • The number one lesson you can learn from challenging times
  • Why the heart chooses and the mind justifies
  • The importance of making emotional bonds
  • What to do right now to make sure your real estate business is running the way it should

References and Links Mentioned:

1) Cheplak Live Mastermind 

2) Change or Die, The Three Keys To Change – Alan Deutschman

3) The Shadow Effect – Debbie Ford, Deepak Chopra

4) Heart Intelligence: Connecting with the Intuitive Guidance of the Heart – Howard Martin, Deborah Rozman

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