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We’re back and today we are talking with Santiago Arana, who is ranked in the top ten of real estate agents in the US and we cover a lot of strategies that you can implement in order to promote and build your real estate business. There is also a lot of personal development strategies that you can swipe and start using in order to help you have the right mindset in your day to day.

Santiago is a partner with The Agency, a full service North American wide luxury real estate brokerage and lifestyle company that has closed more than 9 billion worth of real estate transactions in the United States. We discuss his early beginnings, how being driven and having tremendous ambition set him up for success, and getting to the point now where he is focused on building and scaling his business. After you have listened, be sure to check out our show with Jasmine Daya for more insight on entrepreneurship.

“I think you need to have a clear picture of who you are and where you want to be and a goal? Because I always tell people, if you don’t know where you’re going, that’s a very expensive waste of time, right? You get in an Uber and tell him, take me somewhere. You know, they wrote the somewhere next a place called nowhere and it’s a very expensive road. I always tell people, just make sure that you know what you want.” – Santiago Arana

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to get into the luxury real estate business
  • Why you need to understand the market you are in
  • How to make opportunities happen by creating your own luck
  • How to build credibility and why just having the correct mindset is not enough
  • How technology has changed the industry and how to stay ahead of the curve
  • How to take advantage of the mistakes you’ve made
  • Why proper communication with your clients is imperative
  • Why delegating is so important when your trying to build your business

References and Links Mentioned:

Think and Grow Rich – Napolean Hill

Tony Robbins

Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself – Dr. Joe Dispenza

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