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Elena Cardone is called an empire builder, businesswoman, lifestyle influencer, and visionary. Elena currently hosts her own 10X Women event showcasing powerful women. She is an entrepreneur and real estate investor, and together with her husband, they have created a real estate portfolio of almost 1 billion dollars.

In today’s show, we discuss her backstory, how she became the chief family officer of her empire, and how she truly inspired a legion of followers. We discuss how she balances family and how she can juggle raising two daughters, all the while working with her husband Grant in building a truly successful empire.

“In our empire, we’re both interested in the heightened success of each other. And because we work in a coordinated effort with each other, that’s what I believe attributed to our heightened success.” – Elena Cardone

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How Elena’s humble upbringing changed the course of her life
  • The funny story of how Grant was able to lock down a first date with Elena
  • How Elena makes decisions that ultimately optimize their business
  • What the true definition of power is
  • Huge takeaways from 10X Growth Conference
  • How to have the ability to prioritize and make necessary changes
  • How a goal could create an attainable target
  • Three individuals who have influenced Elena’s life

References and Links Mentioned:

1) Build an Empire – Elena Cardone 
2) The Hard Way Book

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