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We’re back and today we are talking with Jasmine Daya, a lawyer with a very impressive resume. She is the managing principal of Daya and Co. She is also a published author, a blogger, a podcaster a public speaker, a real estate investor and a passionate entrepreneur, having appeared on television shows and radio programs. Her business is not only law, but her brand is expanding with her line of books, JD in the Kitchen, and Law Girl’s Bump in the Road.

In this episode, we listen to Jasmine’s story of how she began her law career, a funny anecdotal story of what made her decide to go into law and how she networks to scale and build her business.

Jasmine is a great storyteller and a brilliant businesswoman and you will fall in love with her dynamic personality. After you’ve listened to Jasmine’s story, be sure to check out our previous podcast with Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles star, James Harris on how to differentiate yourself in a noisy space.

“I will have an epiphany and I will figure out how to make that situation work for me. How to turn it around because I can’t, except as an adult in my career with all the projects that I am working on, I cannot accept the wasting time. I do not have time to waste. There are too many things I want to do. So when something happens that is just, it’s just not working. Some would call it a mistake, but I’m going to make lemonade.” – Jasmine Daya

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How a movie started Jasmine on her career path
  • How challenges have led to being more focused on the business
  • How to prioritize your time
  • Advice for driven college students or young entrepreneur’s
  • Why doing what you love is so important
  • Why it’s important to have time to recharge and reflect
  • The importance of being resilient and determined
  • How to have a work-life balance
  • How journaling turned into an engaging genuine book

References and Links Mentioned

1) To Kill A Mocking Bird

2) JD in the Kitchen

3) Law Girl’s Bump in the Road

4) Meditations – Marcus Aurelius

5) My Cousin Vinny

6) Ruth Bader Ginsburg 

7) Law Girl Podcast

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